Monday, March 7, 2011

Eve's Sunrise Shell

Today we have a guest blogger, Eve Hart. Yesterday she found her very first sunrise shell in Haleiwa. Here's her story.

Yesterday when I was practicing my swimming, I dug up some sand and found a sunrise shell. At first when a wave came, it was gone but when I looked for it I found a shell that looked nothing like a sunrise shell. After I looked for a while, I found my sunrise shell again. I came running and screaming up to my Mommy telling her I found a sunrise shell. She thought I'd been stung by a jellyfish. In the end, she took a picture and put it on Facebook.
Sunrise shells are the rarest type of shells in Hawaii. We found out about these cool shells at the farmer's market. There are blue and green ones and there are ones that are pink, yellow, and white. Mine is pink, yellow, and white. It's great because my favorite color is pink. On the back, it has a really dark color pink. This one looks like it was connected to another one before I found it. Well, that's all for today's story.

PS My Mom's birthday is in a month, if you need ideas. (Shameless plug by the author's mom!)

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