Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nanna's Visit

CRH's mom, The Nanna, was here last week. We had a delightful, relaxing visit and CRH was able to be off almost the entire time she was here. She arrived Wednesday night and we sat up and talked for a long time. Thursday we tried to go to the beach after they picked Eve up from school, but it was raining so we took her over to peek at the new house. Friday they had a beach day while I worked. Saturday, we all lounged at Papa'iloa beach for hours. We saw sea turtles playing in the surf, but not any beached. Sunday, we hiked to Ka'ena Point. For some reason, this is the only day I took my camera. It was a great hike! We saw albatross, baby albatross, 2 monk seals, and several whales. The seals were pretty active and playing around. It was a nice change since we usually just watch them sleep on the sand. This is what I love about this place. I mean seriously...how freaking awesome is that? I've lived here 2 years now and I still get like a kid in a candy store anytime I see sea life. I wonder if that ever subsides? Then, Monday they had lunch with Eve at school, did some shopping, and Nanna went back to Alaska to start her move back to SC. Thanks for visiting, Nanna!
Here are some pics from our hike! Our next guests, Ya-Ya and Daddy Roy, will be at the new place! Our official move date is April 10th.

"Baby" Albatross - still a pretty freaking huge bird!

Monk Seals - I actually took some better ones that day, but I love this one b/c they are "talking". According to the website about Oahu monk seals that I stalk, these guys are M&M and Ka'ena (n9 mark).

Whales - Loving the view those guys had, but would have hated (never made) the journey seeing as how I do NOT kayak.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bragging Rights

We had a proud parenting moment here yesterday that I feel compelled to share with the rest of the world (or at least those of you that read this). ;) Eve was promoted to a 3rd grade Reading group! I am also pleased to report that her homework now has fractions that she rocked (and I'd further like to add that I was able to check).
In other news, people are FINALLY starting to resume visiting! Nanna arrives tomorrow night and Ya-Ya and Daddy Roy are coming in April to the new house and will be here for Eve's hula performance on April 24th.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

Eve's spring break is officially over! The kids went back to school today for their typical school week, but this week is actually not a Furlough Friday. It's Prince Kuhio Day in Hawaii. I'm ticked that I don't get it off since it's a state holiday, but whatever. Gloria will be here Wednesday-Monday and CRH is off with her. Eve seemed to love Spring Break this year. Usually I'm very structured in her breaks with camps and stuff, but not this time. Monday and Tuesday she hung out with my friend, Khristy. She loved it! Wednesday, CRH took her to Makapuu Lighthouse to hike up and look for whales. They spotted some and had a very nice hike. Thursday, we signed the lease on the new place, took her to see the inside, and then she and I went shopping. Friday, CRH took her out on a boat with a friend of his cousin Ben's and they didn't see whales this time, but they saw sea turtles and dolphins. Saturday she had a class birthday party and yesterday I took her to the zoo. I think we crammed a lot in and she had a blast.
If only I knew what to do with her over the summer!! I don't have anything set up yet. It's been hard to plan with the move and whatnot, so I hope I haven't waited too long! I may have to ship her home to NC and shuffle her between family and friends. :) It would be cheaper than camp! I called the local YMCA near our new house to check on their summer camp...$450 a week. I almost hung up on the poor woman.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Haleiwa Bound

Changes are abounding at the Hart house. We are moving to Haleiwa next month! We found a house in Haleiwa that is less than what we pay now. It has 4 bedrooms, but the 4th bedroom will be our walk in closet, since there are NO closets in any of the bedrooms…very weird. The outside of the house is lavender, so Eve Hart loves it. There are 2 bathrooms, which I think will just be luxury style living again. We won’t be on the water anymore, but since I never go to this beach anyway and I’m always North Shore, that wasn’t a huge piece for me. This house is just off a main road, but more in a neighborhood type setting with some other kids around for Eve to play with! The downside is that because we are breaking our lease, we will essentially only get back ½ of our deposit. The new realtor won’t hold this place for us long enough to give a full 30 day notice…ugg. Also, it’s not furnished…so we have a house to furnish as well. My birthday is coming up though, so if anyone needs any gift ideas…HOUSE stuff please!
Here are a few more pics!
This is the huge semi wrap around porch where you can dine with us.

The Master Bedroom where guests will stay with their own private bathroom.

Obviously, the kitchen area where CRH will continue to prepare yummy goodness.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Waimea Falls and Sunset

I'm back...THE funk is over. Yesterday was a gorgeous day, as is today. Eve is officially on Spring Break and she and Mia have been spending every second (waking and not) together since Thursday afternoon. The girls were at Mia's yesterday morning, so I went to Rocky Point to lay out on the beach and to watch the surfers. I have a friend that is a surf photographer and he pointed Jack Johnson out to me in the water with his mega lens. He told me that we were sitting right in front of his house, so apparently he does actually live up here...a fact I was doubtful of since I've NEVER seen him before. I also saw whales up there too frolicking in the ocean.

When the girls came over here, I needed something to do with them. They are kind of played out of the toys here right now and needed a destination that wasn't the beach either. We decided to go to Waimea Falls. It's an easy walk and gorgeous with the flora and fauna. They took their baby dolls and pushed them along the walk. I'm sure the other people were highly displeased with this decision due to the noise of the baby strollers...yes, I was THAT parent. I apologize, but the girls loved it. On the way out, we saw one of the peacocks all fanned out. I'm sure there is a technical term for this, but I don't know it. Check him out!

After the falls, I took Mia to her Dad for the hand off and went to meet CRH and our friend Kevin at Papa'iloa to watch sunset. We haven't gone to see sunset in eons. It was a great day for it! There was a ton of photography going on out there at that time too. A wedding that we all swear was a shotgun wedding b/c the bride and groom looked like they were about 15, a pregnancy shoot, and a family photo shoot. It was entertaining to watch it all. The wedding shoot took place at the water's edge. I can't imagine doing that to a wedding dress, but you see it ALL the time here.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Now Something Is Happening Here

I told you guys I've been compulsively checking the mailbox for my UH admission letter...well today I opened the mailbox and there was a small envelope (gasp!). I was soooooo afraid to open it, but it was a GOOD letter. I GOT IN!!!! I start this fall semester! I literally cried I was so happy. I'm not much of a crier, but this got me. Fortunately, CRH and Eve were here to share this with me! I called my mom to tell her and she said the most wonderful thing about how many children's lives will be impacted by this very moment...made the water works start again! I swear she always knows just the right thing to say!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not Much Happening Here

I know that you guys must be bored to tears with me right now...hell, I'm bored with me right now. There has been NOTHING going on around here worth blogging about. It's been super windy, pretty rainy, and yes mock me...a little cold. I managed to squeeze a few hours of beach time out this past weekend, but not since. I'm hoping for a gorgeous weekend. We've just been living though...working, going to school, etc.
CRH and I looked at a new potential house in Haleiwa on Tuesday. We really liked it and are going to turn in our rental app tomorrow. The only snafu is that they will only hold a house for a week and we have to give a 30 day notice at our current location. We can't afford rent here for 2 places, so I'm hoping if we pay a deposit they will hold it. It's been vacant for a few months...so I'm betting they will. It's a 4bdrm house, but there are NO closets so we are going to turn the small 4th bedroom into a walk in closet. It's about the only way to get one here in Hawaii anyway.
I've laid off the stalking of the wildlife lately too since I haven't been on the beach, but I did see a monk seal on the beach in Kaaawa yesterday on the way home. Today I spotted whales off Shark's Cove. I was driving and almost wrecked the car I was so busy looking at them!