Friday, November 28, 2008

Letter to Santa

Today at the mall they had a Letter to Santa station set up, we grabbed an envelope and Eve came home to write one. This is take two with spelling assistance by Mom because a reply is apparently forthcoming from the big guy...if he can decipher it. This is the first letter that she has written herself (and the only one ever mailed). I love it and will treasure it until I cute.

Black Friday

I love today...I don't know why...I rarely venture out to the stores. Today, I did decide to go out and get just a few things. I wanted to get some Christmas decorations mostly...we have a pitiful amount. So, Eve and I headed out to the stores. We were driving and she said to me "Mom, Do we need any doorbusters, really?". I almost wrecked the car...she thought doorbusters were an actual item the stores were selling. On that note, CRH just called to tell me that a poor Walmart employee got trampled (yep, I said trampled) to death this morning...seriously people...that's horribly sad...and I'm sure Walmart's fault in some way.

We left our shopping and went up to Sunset Beach to watch part of the Triple Crown of Surfing was awesome! OMG...the waves are amazing. The guys are actually taken out via jet ski and then they surf these immense waves. I am officially a fan of surfing. We are going back Sunday.

Usually I decorate the house today for's a project (typically) that takes ALL day...literally. Not so much this year...took about 20 minutes and that included fully decorating Eve's tiny tree for her room. I do enjoy the simplicity of 900 sq. ft. from time to time.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day

We had a good day today. We got up and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I love that freaking parade so's a staple. Now it officially feels like Thanksgiving...I've seen the parade and had pie. Then, I talked to my family on the web cam...oh, how I miss them today! I had not seen my brother since I to look at his gorgeous face today. I cried when we hung up...mostly b/c I miss them...also b/c Eve was being ugly about a Qtip and her ear and wouldn't talk to them. I felt sorry for her, but mostly for them. I'm not loving 5 btw (I had previously been living for 5...thought it would be MUCH easier...not looking forward to 8 or maybe 28)...but this is Thanksgiving and I'm only talking about what I'm thankful for...

Anyway, after this web cam chat we went to our friend's house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was great and I'm very pleased to report that my Nutella Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie are now beloved in multiple states. After dinner, we went for a walk on the beach...loved it. I had my toes in the water on Thanksgiving!! Now, I am home digesting massive amounts of food...reading the ads for the stores that I will not be visiting tomorrow (it's tradition) and I'm going to watch a movie...ahhhhhhh.

I am so very thankful today for my sweet husband, my mostly darling daughter, our family, our friends, the kindness of people here to welcome us into their home, the chance to live here, and all the wonderful things that we have been is good. We are very lucky.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hilarious Stuff

Our friend, Sarah, sent me this link a few weeks ago. I've been blog stalking it every since and think it's one of the funniest things I have ever read. I thought some of you might enjoy it as well.

The Hart Family is still in full on flu mode. I'm feeling a little better...weak, but better. CRH came home from work about 3 hours ago barfing again...seems to think he has the flu (Hmmmm, you don't say?). Eve is safely at Khristy's house (who had this on Sunday and seems to be over it). Lord, I don't know if the island has enough Clorox wipes to get rid of this.

PS I will try to refrain from any more barf's just gross.


I am writing this between sleeping and other unpleasant activities. It appears as if I am now sick too...leading me to believe that maybe I didn't poison the family but in fact...we all have/had the flu! (I know...who's excited about having the flu?!) I feel like I might die, but I feel sooooo much better now knowing that it wasn't my negligence that caused us all to be ill. (CRH says sometimes it takes up to 2 days for food poisoning to hit...still contends it's this...but he's wrong.)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why I Should Stick To Baking (or Oops! I Poisoned The Family)

Apparently, I should know my place in the kitchen and NEVER EVER venture away from it again. Last night, Eve decided that she wanted salmon and havarti pizza for dinner instead of the spaghetti I was planning to make. I thought that sounded good, so I agreed to make it. We actually had all the ingredients, but I wasn't sure when I had purchased that package of smoked salmon with no expiration date on it. (In the end, I realized that if that is ever the case again...I should throw it away!) I opened the fish and it smelled ok (fishy...but it's a fish after all). We continued on with the making of the pizza and eating of it. It tasted fine. CRH even came home from work and ate the leftovers. A few hours after CRH ate his portion, he started feeling bad. CRH has a "sensitive stomach" anyway, so it did not occur to me that anything was wrong. Then, I went to bed and about 5 seconds after I laid down...CRH came in to tell me that we had a problem. Eve had barfed ALL over her bed. This continued every 3 hours through the morning. I never got sick, but apparently I gave my family food poisoning.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

No News

There is NOTHING going on in the Hart House right now...I mean NOTHING. CRH is working and Eve and I are getting ready to watch a Christmas movie (yep, I know it's too early...but what the hell). It's rainy and a cold 73 here freaking news...really.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Fashion Police

I'm apparently raising a burgeoning fashionista. I got dressed for my first day at my new job yesterday and put on a green dress. I like it well enough, although I will admit it's a bold green color. I walked out of the bedroom and Eve said to me "Mom, I'm not sure about that shade of green.". Seriously?? I left in my dress.

This morning, I go to pick her up from Khristy's house where she had spent the night to go to school. I was dressed in a black short sleeve turtleneck and orange capris. The first thing out of her mouth was "Well, that's a better choice of clothes." I thought I had a few (6) years before she started in on my clothes...guess not.

Cat Fight

(Or the blog more appropriately titled "CRH Warned Me")

Buddy is a boy cat. Eve had never really accepted this. She likes for animals to be girls. Almost all of her stuffed animals are girls...but Santa gives what he gives and he gave her a boy cat. If you remember, she also wanted it to be white. Before we moved from NC, she bought him a purple collar...with sparkles. Kevin and Julie did not make him wear it until it was time to come here. He apparently is not so fond of the cat collar. Within days of being here, he had lost it (or hidden it).

Today, I bought him a new purple collar. CRH told me that he would get picked on by the other cats, but I ignored him. Tonight, there was a loud cat fight outside the window. (There are 2 neighbor cats that like to come into our yard and eat Lilo's food.) Buddy was going at it with another cat (not Lilo). CRH broke it up and Buddy came inside with some scratches...sans collar.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My New Job

I started a new job today. I am still bartending at The Crouching Lion, but I am also now working part-time as a Disability Coordinator for Job Corp. I really like my supervisor and co-workers and I think it will be fun. I plan to do both for now and see how it goes!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pipeline Sunset And The Big Waves

Eve and I went back to Pipeline tonight...well, I went back and took Eve this time. Here's a doesn't even come close to doing it justice. My SLR battery was dead, so this was with our point and shoot camera. I took a million (ok 500..seriously) pictures this morning of the waves. I promise NOT to send them unless you ask to see them and I hope that by the time I finish's down to a reasonable number...but I thought I would post this one from sunset. OMG I am so freaking lucky to live here.

Cool Hawaii Stuff

Yesterday, I went sightseeing with my friend, Wally. He used to work at Kualoa Ranch and he took me there to walk around and then do the Ocean Voyager Tour. We drove/walked around the grounds of the ranch. It's breathtaking up there! Then, we went to the Ocean Voyager site. On part of the ranch property, they are filming Lost. I got to see all the crew milling around (no cast, but I did see all their trailers...not that I would recognize anyone other than Matthew Fox and only him b/c of Party of Five). Anyhow, we drove through their setup and they are filming an episode with a submarine and we got to see the sub...kind of cool. Then, we took the catamaran tour out around Chinaman's Hat and then I got to see sea turtles swimming in the water!! rocked. There were about 6 or 7 out there swimming...babies. Wally said they were probably about 3 years old. Sadly, I didn't have the camera with me. Then we went across the fish pond. There are all these cool Hawaiian fish ponds on the island (approx. 22 on Oahu) that date back over 1000 years.
Today, CRH is closing so he got up this morning and we went to Waimea Bay and ate breakfast and watched these HUGE waves. My camera battery died as I was uploading, so I will try again in a little while. The waves were between 10-15ft today. We stopped at Pipeline on the way home and watched people surfing. I have finally found a sport I like to watch! It could be b/c surfers are hot...but's fun to watch!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


OMG...stop the press...Eve Hart put her face in the water! A very thankful shout out to Kevin and Julie for telling me the snorkel mask trick. We had tried goggles, but the mask did it! Yesterday, Eve and I went to Kmart and she got a snorkel set. We promptly went home and tested it in the shower to determine that water would in fact NOT get in her eyes and nose with this mask on...she did it in the shower. I was excited, but knew better than to get my hopes up. Today after school, she begged to come home and go out to the beach in front of our house (The Castle as she calls it.). This is my kid that could care freaking less about going to the beach. I jumped on it. We went out there and swam around and she saw fish and loved, loved, loved it. I was so proud of her!! She was proud too...she told me a little bit ago that she's so excited that she's getting to see all the things that she's been missing in the water.

After snorkeling, we went to Shark's Cove. I had not been there yet, but Eve had gone with Kevin and Julie last week. It's basically this awesome tide pool area. I suck for not taking those of you that have visited thus far because it rocks. It's like you are walking around in an aquarium...amazing. We saw sea urchins, a sea cucumber, Moorish Idols, Tangs, crabs, and Triggerfish. I cannot wait to go back.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Learning Manners From A 5 Year Old

Eve was out of school today for Veteran's Day. We spent the day shopping and having lunch with CRH who is working 12 hour days every freaking day...bless his heart. I have not seen the man since Saturday...almost literally. Anyway, we met him for lunch and went to this place called Big City Diner. From the name, I'm guessing you can gather that it isn't exactly an upscale eating establishment, but it's usually pretty tasty...not so much today. We got chicken sandwiches and while it was was not tasty. Here's a rough outline of how the conversation at lunch went.

Me:"This sandwich is not very good. I'm hungry so I'm going to eat it, but it's not the best."

Eve:"Mom, you shouldn't say that."

Me:"What...say what?"

Eve:"That your food is bad. We are sitting right beside the kitchen and they will hear you and it will hurt their feelings."

Me: (Cannot talk...laughing too hard)

Eve: "You guys are grown are supposed to have good manners."

Lord, she's funny and sadly she was right. We were right beside the kitchen and in her world it is rude to complain about the food.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bad Kitty Mama (or Grandma as Eve says)

Eve says that she is the Kitty Mama and I'm the Kitty Grandma...not loving that title attached to anything at the age of 32, but whatever. Anyway, Buddy has the runs so in an effort to home remedy him...we are not feeding him for 24 hours per the advice of several websites. This morning I fed Lilo and not was so sad...he totally doesn't understand and is swarming me for food! I feel like a bad kitty maternal figure...poor Buddy.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I Really Like Being Aunt Amy

Late this afternoon, we went wading in the ocean right in front of our sharks as it is protected by a reef and very shallow. It was so much fun showing them the fish and walking and talking with them through the water. We saw a school of Moorish Idols and a sea cucumber and another unidentified green fish. Then, Kevin went to the airport to get Julie and CRH was I took the kids to dinner and then we came home and made brownies and played games. When it was bedtime, we all piled on my bed and read a story...I freaking loved every second of it. There was NO whining, minimal arguing amongst one another in the back seat, and just an overall nice time. Both kids have said it seems like their trip flew by and they can't wait to come back! They go home tomorrow and I know it will be a little bit before I get to see them again, but I hope it's sooner than later.


Yesterday, Christropher and Rowan had a swim lesson in Waikiki. They did great. I got some pics, but the photographer in the water took some really cool ones. As they were getting out, the instructor tells us that they (the lifeguards or the other surfers one) had just spotted a shark in the water and were posting signs. Oh and on a side note, I saw some cool stuff yesterday watching their lesson. In addition to seeing both of them get up and surf, I saw a guy surfing upside down. He was on the board on his head and his feet were straight up in the air and I saw a guy and a girl tandem surfing. He was holding her above his head while surfing. It was awesome!
So today, Kevin and I took Rowan and Sedona to Waimea Bay to go swimming (or so we thought!). We get there and posted on the beach are big 'Sharks Sighted' and 'No swimming' signs. We decided to just sit in the park area and eat our lunch and then go elsewhere. While we were sitting there eating, the lifeguard comes on his loud speaker and says something to the effect of 'The shark is actively feeding in the water right now and I wouldn't be in there if I were you.' Yes, there were still people swimming and yes, there was in fact a shark in the water! Rowan, Sedona, and I traipsed down to the shore to see if we could see it and there it was! A little shark was swimming in a school of fish (and by swimming, I mean eating) right near the shore! We could see him in there too. Some stupid kid was body boarding RIGHT in front of him too...idiots. That was my first Hawaii shark sighting.
On another side note, I was letting Eve do her homework unsupervised while I blogged...big mistake. She was doing a grocery store assignment and making different aisles of the food groups when I hear say "Hey Mom, what else goes on the wine aisle?" I made her start over...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Kids and The Cats

All are playing nicely! The kids have had fun together at the beach and doing stuff. Eve and Sedona took a hula lesson together and Rowan and CRH are taking a surfing lesson today. We went sailing yesterday with Wally. Buddy and Lilo are friends. Lilo likes to chase Buddy around...Buddy has been outside some. Eve keeps a tight leash on it though. She's at school now, so they are out romping free. Here's a pic of the kids...aren't they cute?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye

8 Horrible Years of the Bush Admin came to a close today...America has spoken and it's time for a change. I am on Cloud Freaking Nine!! History has been made and I had all my babies around me when it happened...what a day! As I type, 338 electoral votes to 156...omg!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is Halloween

We had a fun Halloween at the Hart house this year. Yesterday, Eve dressed up as a witch and went to school. It was so cute. Her school only has 150 kids and most of them were dressed up and they paraded around the flagpole square in a costume parade...adorable! Then, I went home and went to Hanauma Bay snorkeling with Kevin, Julie, Rowan, and Sedona. They are here this week...Buddy is also here. :)
Last night, we all came home and Eve and I carved her pumpkin. We got dressed up and went to Turtle Bay to the lamest Halloween party ever (very under attended)...then we took the kids trick or treating. The fun part of Turtle Bay was that Eve and Sedona won prizes in the costume contest. Eve was a lady bug ballerina last night. Sedona was a vampire bride and Rowan was a tourist. CRH was a Whoopie cushion and I was the beer girl. Pictures will follow. I'm actually home between shifts right now without time to fully commit to loading pics.
After trick or treating, we came back to the house and ate Halloween treats. CRH's boss was in town and she joined us and our neighbors dropped in. It was a festive day! I adore this holiday!!