Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sharing Means Caring

For those of you that don't know the origin of this lovely phrase...years ago I worked at Sandhills Center for MH, DD, and SA in Randolph County and I had some co-workers that were a hoot. Crystal was this one chick that worked there that was a total nut and I heard her say that once and made it my own...I love it. I preach it to all kids. I've had three kids today...I've said this phrase about 7,000 times...no exaggeration. I have NO idea how people with multiple kids do it. I've made it today (sober I might add) because I know it's short term and overall the kids have been freaking adorable together...but just getting three kids into a car seat alone is like a Jane Fonda workout...holy mother!

So, we went to the Waikiki Aquarium today where they got to see cool fish and monk seals. Then, we went to Dave & Buster's for lunch and games. Tonight we are headed to Eve's hula class and then home to make pizzas for dinner before bed. It's a sleepover night!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Zinn Visit: Part 1

Eve's BFF, Ava, and her family are visiting this week. They came Wednesday and are here through this Saturday. The kids have had fun playing in the sand and CRH and I are starting to look tan...kind of like we live here. We have been to Waimea Falls, to see the sea turtles, to Haleiwa, to Keana Point (They did this with CRH while Eve and I sold the last of our Girl Scout cookies on Saturday morning), to Shark's Cove, and to Hanauma Bay. I love it when people come to visit...we actually get out and do stuff! Here's a cute picture of Eve and Ava today at Hanuama Bay. We saw lots of pretty fish and some really big ones too!

Here's a family shot of them at Waimea Falls...such a cute family!

We are looking forward to the rest of the week. Sea Life Park is on the agenda...swimming with the dolphins...Eve is living for it!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

I took my little princess to see the world's worst rendition of this ever...I mean ever. I was so excited. Eve got Sleeping Beauty for Christmas (from Santa b/c Mom said "No more DVDs!") and we watched it Thursday night. I had bought tickets to the Hawaii Theatre performance of Sleeping Beauty a few weeks ago. The problem was this...it was some weird retelling that attempted to be artsy and funny. I've seen better High School productions. The only good thing...it was short (an hour) and Eve loved it...so, I guess it was worth it. Before the "performance", we went to Zippy's for lunch. Here's Princess Eve enjoying her pudding.

Chun's Reef

Yesterday, CRH came home and we headed down to our beach. We had planned to meet up with his cousin, Ben, for dinner. Ben called and asked us to come hang out early with him at his Uncle Carl and Aunt Jesse's house. Uncle Carl was a Dr. before he retired. They have an awesome oceanfront house at Chun's Reef. This area is incidentally RIGHT beside the turtle beach. OMG...
We get there and Ben, Ben's girlfriend (who is here visiting with her sister this week), and girlfriend's brother (who lives here) are all out at the beach surfing and what not. So, we go down to the beach area right in front of Carl and Jesse's house and watch their turtles! These people have turtles in their front yard! I'm so jealous...seriously. There were 2 of them sunning (with NO ropes and more importantly no turtle protector volunteers). Then, CRH spotted 1 out in the water. We walked out to where he was swimming. He was swimming around right in front of us...it was so cool! I could have reached down and touched him, but I didn't. I didn't have as much restraint on land though.
Eve and I went back down later in the afternoon to watch the turtles some more. We saw one of the two on shore turn around and swim back out to sea. It was just the two of us down there and she made some comment about wanting to reach out and touch the turtle's shell. So, I let her...and then I let her touch it's flipper. We both did it and she looked at me and said "Mom, this should be our little secret, so you don't get in trouble.". I loved it. If the turtle volunteers read this and find me, it was worth it. The look on that kid's face was priceless. The turtle didn't care...all was well.
Right after our turtle touching, CRH yells down that we just missed seeing whales. Of course I did...I've lived here almost a year and I've yet to see a whale. Eve finally saw one last week at Khristy's. She said she saw it actually come out of the water! She was super excited. I went back up to the house to watch sunset and lo and behold...I did get to see the whales! I saw one's tail come up and several blow spouts. I can die happy now.
We had a great time last night with this extended family. Uncle Carl's house is full of animals. They have rescued most of them. They have 3 dogs, 2 cats, a bird, and 2 rats. I've got to tell you guys about these rats. They surf. I'm not freaking kidding. The family has a surfing magazine with pics of their son and these rats out in the water surfing. I swore it was photo shopped, but it wasn't. These rats actually surf on their own boards...seriously.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Amy 1, Flu 0

It has been a long, hard fought battle, but I think I can declare myself the victor. It was touch and go earlier in the week, but fortunately I didn't die. My poor child went into exile. My sweet, darling, precious, wonderful husband put up with a BUNCH this week. It appears that I'm not so nice when I'm sick...who knew? (This post was originally going to go very differently, feel free to ask him about his car at some point if you are curious as to the other direction which was funnier, but I decided to keep it nice...especially since it appears I've been a real bitch for the past many days.)
I did learn a few things this week.
1. The stomach flu really will help you lose weight! (If you can live through it.)
2. I was AMAZED after not watching Guiding Light for 10+ years to turn it on for less than 5 minutes one day this week and see 3 of the old actors...AMAZED.
3. I should never, ever leave the house without make-up. I rarely (never) do this, but today I just wasn't feeling it. I went to go pick up Eve from her sitter. The sitter looked at me and said "You look really, really pale.". Of course, I took this to mean "You look like ass!"...but she's Mormon and probably wouldn't say ass.
4. When you have the stomach flu, there really isn't a thing in the world the Dr. can do for you except give you anti-nausea meds. I had hoped for magic.
So, I'm better...thanks for all the get well wishes! Our friends, the Zinns, are coming on Wednesday for 10 days. There should be some fun posts coming about their trip and the stuff we get to do while they are here. Eve is so excited to see Ava and Cooper she can hardly stand it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Flu

It has kicked my butt. I mean seriously kicked it. I have been in bed with it since Friday. I'm finally able to sit up for longer than 10 minutes and according to the Dr I'm on the tail end of it. So, that's why no blogging...will be back soon. If not, the flu won.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Holy Crap...the parents are in trouble. Eve is learning to spell. Tonight I was calling someone stupid, but I didn't want it ever repeated to that person, so I spelled the word to CRH. Eve looked at me very smugly and said "I know what that spells". CRH said "No, you don't...". Eve said "Yes, I do...but it's a bad word and I can't say it". We granted immunity for her to say it and she whips out with "Stupid...it spells stupid" and then grins from ear to ear. Then having NOT learned the first time, CRH was talking about a relative and said "Maybe she was D-R-U-N-K...". Eve pipes up again and says "I know what that spells too...drunk". She proceeded to sit there very pleased with herself. OMG...she's 5...we are soooooo screwed. Of course, maybe we should stop talking about people...but since that isn't going to happen, I may have to learn Russian...until she catches onto that.


Eve and I were watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 after school today and if you follow the show, then you know the Gosselin family just moved into a big new house, got 2 German Sheppard puppies, and Kate has a weird freakish orange tan in the middle of PA winter. If you don't follow the show, consider yourself up to speed.
Eve and I were sitting on the couch talking about animals and she asked a question about Buddy. I answered her and told her that I'm really sorry that both of her kitties ran away. She then asked me if she could get a turtle. We saw these really cute little ones in a pet store a few weeks ago. She said she would let it go when it got really big (I think she thinks they are baby sea turtles...but they aren't...they are regular box turtles or something). I asked "Why do you want a turtle?". She replied "Mostly for you Mom, I know you like turtles, and I want a pet that won't run away." (or at least one that she could catch if it tried...bless her heart).

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Next Trip Home

Just a FYI for everyone, I promised Eve that we would come home for her birthday this year. It looks like we will be back in NC June 6th-14th ish. I'm still working on dates, times, and selling a kidney to afford it, but I'll keep you posted. We are missing you guys!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


When Eve was about 2 1/2 or so, Hello Kitty came to the Barnes & Noble store at Southpointe Mall in Durham. I assumed she would LOVE to go and see Hello Kitty...I assumed wrong. She was TERRIFIED of Hello Kitty's gigantic head. We sat and listened to a story and then HK came out for photos. Eve wanted a photo, but it is of her and I with HK and she's on the opposite of HK curled into my neck. She hated it...but she remembers it and has asked to go back to see HK countless times...and countless times I've explained that HK was a one time thing...sorry she was scared and missed it.
Well lo and freaking behold, I open Midweek on Thursday and it's the 2nd Anniversary of the Sanrio store opening at Windward Mall today...and guess what?? Hello Kitty is making a special appearance! So, she got a HK do-over. She loved it. :) We went to IHOP afterwards for chocolate chip pancakes...yum!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Expect More, Pay Less

That's right folks...I went to Target today!!! OMG! It was like heaven...seriously right here in Hawaii. It was bright and clean and shiny and the prices were pretty much the same as they are at home. I will be there LOTS! :) Woo hoo!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Make New Friends

Today was our 1st Daisy Scout meeting! I have to say it was a roaring success and the girls had a great time. We are a small little troop (although I think we may end up with a total of 4). They were so eager to learn and do...it was fun to watch.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Miss Eco-Conscious

After my kid went to church today with the neighbors, she came home and went to the beach with Mom and Dad...this is our form of church. We were laying cheek to cheek on the beach mat enjoying the sunny day when she made the statement "Hey Mom, let's pick up the glass on the beach so I don't cut my feet." I actually responded with "No, I'd rather just lay here...watch where you walk.". I instantly felt horrible...so when she persisted with "Mom, you don't want me to cut my feet do you???"...there was NOTHING to do but get up and say "Of course not dear..." and proceed to pick up glass...the Hawaiians sure are litter bugs. We (I) picked up a HUGE handful of glass off the stretch of beach in front of our house today. That was our good deed of the day...although I really shouldn't get to claim it...it was HER good deed.

Give and Get

It's that time again at Gap, Inc. CRH just gave me a bunch of 30% off coupons for Gap Inc...which of course includes Banana Republic, BR Factory Store, Gap, Gap Outlet, and Old Navy. So, I emailed a bunch out, but I also have paper coupons that I can mail. Let me know if you want one. The Give and Get event is March 12-15th.
Hope you guys are staying warm! CRH and I are headed out to snorkel in the front yard. :)