Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami Warning

So much for peace and started with chaos and mayhem. I woke up at 6am (after having only been asleep for 4 hours) to CRH telling me that a tsunami was on the way. I do not wake up well in general, but especially after such a short sleep and to such news. I kept asking questions about what to do, where it was, etc...and then he left for work. Now, I've got to give him props for his work ethic on this one, but seriously wtf?? You CANNOT tell me such news and then head out leaving me to figure out what to do with Eve and our stuff. I was super, extra pissed and conveyed this via text to him and to my mama. My mama got my text and no sooner was she calling me then he came back through the door. I do NOT do well in a crisis at first. I need processing time. All I could think about were the tsunamis in Thailand and Samoa and what devastation was coming our way!
CRH very calmly started packing and directing. I started packing the, makeup, camera, and my jewelry. CRH packed a suitcase full of canned goods. Eve woke up in the midst of this and when I told her what was happening, she started crying. Bless her heart! I was crying too on the inside, but I waited until we were in separate cars to start my own waterworks. People were calling and texting us like crazy checking in on us, as this had made national attention. I kind of lost it a little talking to my mom. I hate fear and I was definitely afraid this morning! We decided to go up Pupukea, which overlooks Waimea Bay, and is one of the highest points on this side. We were afraid that a lot of people would have this idea too, so we left around 7:45am. The roads were remarkably clear BUT the emergency personnel were out in full force instructing people to evacuate. The tsunami warning sirens were blaring every 30 minutes or was just surreal.
When we passed Foodland, there was a line out the door of people with shopping carts waiting to get in. Three police cars were pulling out, presumably crowd control. I was panicked that we did not have enough food (or wine!) should an actual catastrophe hit, but I wasn't about to stop for more at that point. We drove up Pupukea and parked. There is an ancient Hawaiian temple there and if you hike down from it, you can see over Waimea Bay and Shark's Cove. This is where I watched The Eddie in December. Several other people were up there by 8:45 and we decided to go get some provisions and stake our claim to some land. The first wave was expected to hit Oahu around 11:30. As 11:30 drew near, more and more people crowded out to watch the bay. Incidentally, the bay was deserted except for all the boats out in the water. I thought initially that some really stupid people were out boating and just oblivious to the warnings because the surfers were doing the same thing up the beach, but it seems that they actually sent the boats out to protect them...who knew?

A lone lifeguard was driving an ATV up and down the beach, which we found particularly odd. The police closed the road around 10am and everyone just waited. We waited and waited and waited. I mean there are many worse places in the world to spend your Saturday morning other than on the side of a mountain overlooking a world famous beach. As we waited, there were 2 pods of whales that were kind enough to provide some awesome entertainment. These guys kept spouting and breaching. It was so cool to watch! I haven't seen a full breach in the wild before today...just amazing. My mom kept texting me updates and people were sending CRH updates as well. Around noon I think, the first waves hit Hilo on the Big Island. We knew that we were about 30 minutes behind their predicted time, so all eyes were glued to the bay...nothing. It was supposed to hit our south shore the hardest, but promised to engulf all sides. Word kept coming that the Hilo tsunami waves were minimal...nothing like the ones of the 1960s. As it became clear that nothing was going to result from this, we headed back to the car for some AC. We sat there listening to the news that the waves in Hilo just weren't very bad. CRH decided that we should head back home and beat the traffic. We did, but when we got to the Kam Hwy we realized quickly that the road was closed until the tsunami warning was cleared...this took another half an hour.
It was a crazy experience today...terrifying at first and then immense relief in the end. The islands rarely experience craziness like this. We haven't had a tsunami since the 60s. We haven't had a hurricane since the early 90s...hoping it stays that way for a long, long time! I need a nap.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Conversations with Eve

The kid is freaking hilarious sometimes. We had a hysterical conversation watching the Olympics yesterday that I thought was funny enough to actually post on here. Last night, she was eating her Vegas M&Ms (of which we still have PLENTY). She put one in my mouth and instantly recoiled.
Eve: "I haaaattteeee to feed you!"
Me: (laughing) "What do you mean you hate to feed me? Hell, that's why I had a kid so that someone will feed me when I'm old! If not you, then who?"
Eve: "I don't know, but that is gross."
Me: "Seriously, who's going to feed me? I fed you for years...hello, payback?!"
Eve: (laughing to the point of hysterics)"I was a baby. You had to feed me, it's different. I'm going to get you a chair with a fork on it".
Here's what I have to look forward to people...I better adopt one of those cute little orphans pretty soon.

Completely unrelated note: Yesterday I was at Papa'iloa beach and actually saw them filming Lost. Apparently they were just rehearsing when I saw them a few weeks ago, because yesterday it was taped off with a guard. I started to break through and run for it, but I thought since I was the only parent on the island...maybe I shouldn't get arrested.

Monday, February 22, 2010

CRH LA Celeb Experience

CRH left HI today for LA. Apparently Chris Brown had been in Waikiki last week and flew back to LA on the same flight. As CRH was leaving LAX, he heard someone call "Chris", so he looks up...which is funny b/c he has a complete fit if you call him that and NOT Christropher. Anyway, the flash bulbs starting going off and he has told me that he's sure he'll be in next week's People because he was RIGHT behind Chris during this paparazzi operation. The funniest part was when he texted me to tell me that Chris had gotten into a huge black SUV, while he waited for the rental car van. Now I was personally amazed and impressed that CRH even knows who Chris Brown is, but as I type this I think we saw him on Punked one day, otherwise I have no idea how he even knows of him.
Back here on Oahu, they are filming Bethany's Story (aka Soul Surfer) with Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid, and Carrie Underwood. I saw them filming all weekend up here, including several driving scenes...which is really a large flatbed truck pulling the vehicle that is in the movie while the camera guys hang off and get the shots. It's pretty much a pain in the ass here though because we have ONE road and the truck is big, so it creates mad traffic. It took me almost 45 minutes to go 15 minutes down the road on Saturday...not loving that part.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Peace and Quiet

It's been a pretty quiet week here at the Hart homestead. CRH leaves tomorrow for LA for the week. It was super cold here last week from Wed-Fri, but this weekend was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! We took advantage of it by hanging out on the beach ALL weekend. CRH went jet skiing today with a friend of ours and surfed down the 12ft waves on said jet ski...such a male thing to do. I sat on the beach and read my book. We went to Papa'iloa yesterday and CRH tried to convince me that Josh Holloway (Sawyer) was out walking the beach. It wasn't him, but I swear I almost broke my neck trying to see this guy (who did slightly resemble him...slightly).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sacred Falls

Happy Valentine's Day to all!
The Hart family woke up today, chatted with some of our family, and hit the trails. Sacred Falls is a waterfall about 5 minutes from our house. On Mother's Day in 1999, sadly 8 people died during a rock slide. The City and County closed the falls after this to public access and technically the only way you can get to it is if you take a helicopter tour over it...whatever. Even though the trail is closed and the gates are locked and there are numerous signs saying "Keep out", "Park is Closed", "Falling Rocks", we decided to scale the fence and go up. Well, I actually had a total panic attack while trying to scale said fence and walked wayyyy around it with CRH to get in...but I digress.
The hike to Sacred Falls is gorgeous! It's a 4 mile round trip hike and it's totally worth it. It's long (took us 4 hours), but one of the easier ones to get to on the know if you don't mind the potential for rock slides and all. When we arrived, we were the only people at the falls. It provided some excellent photo ops and CRH and our friend, Kevin, got into the falls for a swim. Apparently, the water is FRIGID. I stayed warmly sitting on a rock (presumably one of the ones that slid in 99). Eve finally got up the courage to go in, so the men folk swam her over and they sat in this little cave above the pool. She did not want to go under the falls...I can't say that I blame her....brrrrr.
As we were hiking down, a woman stopped us and told us that a few rocks had fallen near them in this one area. Hmmmmm, there might be something to all of those signs after all, but I'm pleased to report we did not witness any of this.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Eve and I just got back from a great trip home to NC to see our family and friends. It was SUPER cold though and snowed like 7" while we were there. It was just nasty weather, but I did get to visit some and ate like crazy (all my favorite things!). After NC, we stopped in Vegas for the night. I took her to M&M World and to see the Bellagio water show. We stayed at Circus Circus and rode rides and saw a circus act. She LOVED it. She wants it to be tradition now when we head back from NC. On that note, we will be back in September for a wedding!
I'm happy to be back home in Hawaii though. Today was a teacher workday (don't get me started!), so Eve, her friend, and I hit Shark's Cove for a delightful day of sun and fun. I needed some warm weather and sunshine!! Things seem normal again.