Friday, December 12, 2008

Mele Kalikimaka!

Merry, Merry Christmas! The blog is on hiatus until we get back from NC on 12/28/08. We are going to be home for 2 weeks for Sam's wedding and the holidays! I can't wait to see everyone!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Turn Around...Don't Drown

This is the official slogan of the day telling people to not drive through huge areas of standing water...I love it. Flood Update: the waters are receding. Here at the Hart house, the water receded from the doors! Lilo is back outside and very unhappy about it. Across the street though is still pretty wet! The Polynesian Cultural Center did not open today and a lot of the side streets are closed. The houses across the street are totally flooded...poor people. Major roads are still closed around the island it seems, but CRH is hell bent on going to work later...against my better judgement (just for the record). I hope he turns around if needed!

Martha Stewart I'm Not

Since I have some free time today, I'll fill you in on the great cookie f"@k up. It was bad...really bad. I have visions of being Martha Stewart (ONLY in the sense of baking)...but I'm not and I need to learn to accept this and just keep Pillsbury in business by purchasing the slice and bake cookies.
I decided that since Eve will be gone next week during the last week before Christmas break, we would take cookies this week for her class. I should have just gone to the store and bought some since kids really could give a rat's ass if the cookies are homemade or not. I got really excited about 1) being able to make homemade baked goods here and being allowed to take them into the school and 2) baking these super cute Christmas tree cookies with Eve. I found this cute recipe in our local paper and thought she would be able to decorate them nicely for her friends. Well, she might have been able to had Mom not screwed up the cookies. I made the recipe verbatim. One of my errors was that I did not have sufficient time and I put them in the freezer to chill instead of the fridge. I honestly didn't think it would matter, but it must. Then, I realized I did not bring my rolling pin and I was too cheap to buy a $10.39 wooden crappy one at Foodland, so I used Eve's micro rolling pin...meant for kids to play with...not cook. So, I finally get the sticky dough all rolled out and this is what

I went back to Foodland and returned the $20.87 worth of decorations for these and bought a $15.99 cookie basket.

We did manage to make's a cross between the Kwanzaa thing and a Menorah (We didn't have the right colored paper for the menorah and well, we aren't Jewish, or black, or religious even...but since we had the flu a few weeks ago we had plenty of tp rolls...I know TMI).

Holy Crap! It's a Flood!!

I woke up this morning to a sound that I have not heard since last summer in NC...thunder. It rarely ever thunders here...there's also very little lightening...except today. We got up to go to school and I learned that I should really watch the AM news or at least log onto the local news-weather station, but I wasn't prepared for this. Our back yard is flooded...Lilo's food was under water...seriously. I felt so bad for the poor soaked kitty that I let her in (finally). I couldn't take it anymore...poor kitty. Buddy has taken refuge under the neighbor's roof I think...that or he's swimming home from somewhere. Anyway, we leave for school and get around the curve from our house. There is a 6ft high fence right there that is almost totally under water. The SUVs and trucks in front of me were turning around on the very narrow one lane that was not totally submerged. We turned around...decided that the S40 just wasn't up to it. When we got home, our neighbor was coming in too and he told me that all the schools on this side of the island are closed (duh!) and that it is likely they will close our road soon...good times. The school is in fact closed (I called after getting back in). I'm not sure how or if CRH will get to work today or if we will be able to go tomorrow. Now, the largest crisis of the day is that I am going to have to cancel my hair appointment...omg! I have been holding off getting my hair done for weeks now so that it would look good for the I'm going to have to go next week when I get home...crap, crap, crap.
This is what our front yard looks like...we may have a pool by the end of the day!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Christmas Gift of Aloha

Ala Moana Center has the BEST Christmas experience. We went last night to see Santa and it rocked! First of all, we lucked out with the Santa line. We got there and walked right in. You are routed in through Santa's workshop (very cute...made us think of David Sedaris' Holidays on Ice) and then you see the big guy. This was one of the best Santas ever. He spent a lot of time with each kid and listened to what they wanted. Eve took a list...he very patiently went over it with her and then told her that he would try very hard to get those things but in a very nice manner told her that sometimes we don't get everything we ask was so nice...not all commercialized. Anyway, we loved Santa.
Then, we went up to see about the Candy Cane's this train that takes you around a wing of the mall. I waited in line for 30 minutes to get a ticket...and it was lame. I felt bad for Eve. This is a horrible story...but the kid beside her was "special" and he freaked her out on top of the train being kind of lame...but she got to go.
In between getting our ticket and waiting for our train departure time, we watched this show that is performed on the mall stage. It's called the "The Christmas Gift of Aloha". It's quite a production! CRH and I thought it was going to suck...being a mall production and all. We were so wrong. It was a very cute performance based on the book by the same name. The coolest snows at the end! The mall showers snow down upon you at 6:30pm daily (except Mondays). Awesome!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just Call Me Amy...Please

I love, love, love that people teach their children manners...really I do and I in NO way mean to undermine those manners...but for the love of god...I hate being called "Ma'am", "Auntie", or the worst "Mrs. Hart". Here in Hawaii the children call me "Auntie". In Hawaii, you call someone older than you "Auntie" or "Uncle". It's a nice feeling of aloha and provides a sense of ohana (family), but it makes me feel like I'm about 80 million years old. I'm only 32...

On that note, how happy am I that I went to Amsterdam for the death of my twenties? Have you guys heard the mayhem over there? They are closing all the "coffee shops" and brothels...good grief. Next time I guess I'll have to go for the flowers and the freaking cheese.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hula Girl

So, I put on my big girl panties and moved on with the day...still in a little funk...but getting out of it...mostly by eating chocolate chip cookies...must stop that NOW. I have a dress to fit into in a few very short weeks.

I picked Eve up from school and took her to the beach to take a few pics of her in her Hawaii Christmas dress...not be confused with her NC Christmas dress (literally...not to be confused or she will freeze). She looked so cute...even if I say so myself.

Then, we went to hula lessons tonight. I have found this goddess that does lessons for free (!). It's at the ranch and a lot of kids from her school go there, so she felt very comfortable. Connor goes too...which is awesome! (Connor is Nancy's oldest daughter...Nancy watches her after case you need the lineage there.) Hula is a lot of hard work, but she enjoyed it and she rocked it. This was her first class there, but she tried and overall did a great job of keeping up.

Bitch and Whine Day

Ok, I know...I live in do I have to bitch and whine about? Well for starters, I'm having to deal with moving company stuff again. We got our initial settlement was 1/5 of the amount I expect. What do I expect, you may ask? I expect them to replace the items they broke or damaged in the move!! How unreasonable of me...the mediator is working on it. I hate this.

Then, I decide to go to the beach. The waves are AWESOME today along the North Shore and I pack up to go...and it starts raining. It quit for a second...then started again. I wanted to go to Sunset Beach to watch the Triple Crown...but it was PACKED. So, I decided to come back here and go to the beach here...where it was not raining initially. By the time I get back, it's raining here! Now, it's sunny but I don't have time to go now since I have to go get Eve soon. Needless to say, I won't be coming home with a tan! I know...let the sympathy begin.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Letter to Santa

Today at the mall they had a Letter to Santa station set up, we grabbed an envelope and Eve came home to write one. This is take two with spelling assistance by Mom because a reply is apparently forthcoming from the big guy...if he can decipher it. This is the first letter that she has written herself (and the only one ever mailed). I love it and will treasure it until I cute.

Black Friday

I love today...I don't know why...I rarely venture out to the stores. Today, I did decide to go out and get just a few things. I wanted to get some Christmas decorations mostly...we have a pitiful amount. So, Eve and I headed out to the stores. We were driving and she said to me "Mom, Do we need any doorbusters, really?". I almost wrecked the car...she thought doorbusters were an actual item the stores were selling. On that note, CRH just called to tell me that a poor Walmart employee got trampled (yep, I said trampled) to death this morning...seriously people...that's horribly sad...and I'm sure Walmart's fault in some way.

We left our shopping and went up to Sunset Beach to watch part of the Triple Crown of Surfing was awesome! OMG...the waves are amazing. The guys are actually taken out via jet ski and then they surf these immense waves. I am officially a fan of surfing. We are going back Sunday.

Usually I decorate the house today for's a project (typically) that takes ALL day...literally. Not so much this year...took about 20 minutes and that included fully decorating Eve's tiny tree for her room. I do enjoy the simplicity of 900 sq. ft. from time to time.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day

We had a good day today. We got up and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I love that freaking parade so's a staple. Now it officially feels like Thanksgiving...I've seen the parade and had pie. Then, I talked to my family on the web cam...oh, how I miss them today! I had not seen my brother since I to look at his gorgeous face today. I cried when we hung up...mostly b/c I miss them...also b/c Eve was being ugly about a Qtip and her ear and wouldn't talk to them. I felt sorry for her, but mostly for them. I'm not loving 5 btw (I had previously been living for 5...thought it would be MUCH easier...not looking forward to 8 or maybe 28)...but this is Thanksgiving and I'm only talking about what I'm thankful for...

Anyway, after this web cam chat we went to our friend's house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was great and I'm very pleased to report that my Nutella Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie are now beloved in multiple states. After dinner, we went for a walk on the beach...loved it. I had my toes in the water on Thanksgiving!! Now, I am home digesting massive amounts of food...reading the ads for the stores that I will not be visiting tomorrow (it's tradition) and I'm going to watch a movie...ahhhhhhh.

I am so very thankful today for my sweet husband, my mostly darling daughter, our family, our friends, the kindness of people here to welcome us into their home, the chance to live here, and all the wonderful things that we have been is good. We are very lucky.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hilarious Stuff

Our friend, Sarah, sent me this link a few weeks ago. I've been blog stalking it every since and think it's one of the funniest things I have ever read. I thought some of you might enjoy it as well.

The Hart Family is still in full on flu mode. I'm feeling a little better...weak, but better. CRH came home from work about 3 hours ago barfing again...seems to think he has the flu (Hmmmm, you don't say?). Eve is safely at Khristy's house (who had this on Sunday and seems to be over it). Lord, I don't know if the island has enough Clorox wipes to get rid of this.

PS I will try to refrain from any more barf's just gross.


I am writing this between sleeping and other unpleasant activities. It appears as if I am now sick too...leading me to believe that maybe I didn't poison the family but in fact...we all have/had the flu! (I know...who's excited about having the flu?!) I feel like I might die, but I feel sooooo much better now knowing that it wasn't my negligence that caused us all to be ill. (CRH says sometimes it takes up to 2 days for food poisoning to hit...still contends it's this...but he's wrong.)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why I Should Stick To Baking (or Oops! I Poisoned The Family)

Apparently, I should know my place in the kitchen and NEVER EVER venture away from it again. Last night, Eve decided that she wanted salmon and havarti pizza for dinner instead of the spaghetti I was planning to make. I thought that sounded good, so I agreed to make it. We actually had all the ingredients, but I wasn't sure when I had purchased that package of smoked salmon with no expiration date on it. (In the end, I realized that if that is ever the case again...I should throw it away!) I opened the fish and it smelled ok (fishy...but it's a fish after all). We continued on with the making of the pizza and eating of it. It tasted fine. CRH even came home from work and ate the leftovers. A few hours after CRH ate his portion, he started feeling bad. CRH has a "sensitive stomach" anyway, so it did not occur to me that anything was wrong. Then, I went to bed and about 5 seconds after I laid down...CRH came in to tell me that we had a problem. Eve had barfed ALL over her bed. This continued every 3 hours through the morning. I never got sick, but apparently I gave my family food poisoning.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

No News

There is NOTHING going on in the Hart House right now...I mean NOTHING. CRH is working and Eve and I are getting ready to watch a Christmas movie (yep, I know it's too early...but what the hell). It's rainy and a cold 73 here freaking news...really.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Fashion Police

I'm apparently raising a burgeoning fashionista. I got dressed for my first day at my new job yesterday and put on a green dress. I like it well enough, although I will admit it's a bold green color. I walked out of the bedroom and Eve said to me "Mom, I'm not sure about that shade of green.". Seriously?? I left in my dress.

This morning, I go to pick her up from Khristy's house where she had spent the night to go to school. I was dressed in a black short sleeve turtleneck and orange capris. The first thing out of her mouth was "Well, that's a better choice of clothes." I thought I had a few (6) years before she started in on my clothes...guess not.

Cat Fight

(Or the blog more appropriately titled "CRH Warned Me")

Buddy is a boy cat. Eve had never really accepted this. She likes for animals to be girls. Almost all of her stuffed animals are girls...but Santa gives what he gives and he gave her a boy cat. If you remember, she also wanted it to be white. Before we moved from NC, she bought him a purple collar...with sparkles. Kevin and Julie did not make him wear it until it was time to come here. He apparently is not so fond of the cat collar. Within days of being here, he had lost it (or hidden it).

Today, I bought him a new purple collar. CRH told me that he would get picked on by the other cats, but I ignored him. Tonight, there was a loud cat fight outside the window. (There are 2 neighbor cats that like to come into our yard and eat Lilo's food.) Buddy was going at it with another cat (not Lilo). CRH broke it up and Buddy came inside with some scratches...sans collar.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My New Job

I started a new job today. I am still bartending at The Crouching Lion, but I am also now working part-time as a Disability Coordinator for Job Corp. I really like my supervisor and co-workers and I think it will be fun. I plan to do both for now and see how it goes!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pipeline Sunset And The Big Waves

Eve and I went back to Pipeline tonight...well, I went back and took Eve this time. Here's a doesn't even come close to doing it justice. My SLR battery was dead, so this was with our point and shoot camera. I took a million (ok 500..seriously) pictures this morning of the waves. I promise NOT to send them unless you ask to see them and I hope that by the time I finish's down to a reasonable number...but I thought I would post this one from sunset. OMG I am so freaking lucky to live here.

Cool Hawaii Stuff

Yesterday, I went sightseeing with my friend, Wally. He used to work at Kualoa Ranch and he took me there to walk around and then do the Ocean Voyager Tour. We drove/walked around the grounds of the ranch. It's breathtaking up there! Then, we went to the Ocean Voyager site. On part of the ranch property, they are filming Lost. I got to see all the crew milling around (no cast, but I did see all their trailers...not that I would recognize anyone other than Matthew Fox and only him b/c of Party of Five). Anyhow, we drove through their setup and they are filming an episode with a submarine and we got to see the sub...kind of cool. Then, we took the catamaran tour out around Chinaman's Hat and then I got to see sea turtles swimming in the water!! rocked. There were about 6 or 7 out there swimming...babies. Wally said they were probably about 3 years old. Sadly, I didn't have the camera with me. Then we went across the fish pond. There are all these cool Hawaiian fish ponds on the island (approx. 22 on Oahu) that date back over 1000 years.
Today, CRH is closing so he got up this morning and we went to Waimea Bay and ate breakfast and watched these HUGE waves. My camera battery died as I was uploading, so I will try again in a little while. The waves were between 10-15ft today. We stopped at Pipeline on the way home and watched people surfing. I have finally found a sport I like to watch! It could be b/c surfers are hot...but's fun to watch!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


OMG...stop the press...Eve Hart put her face in the water! A very thankful shout out to Kevin and Julie for telling me the snorkel mask trick. We had tried goggles, but the mask did it! Yesterday, Eve and I went to Kmart and she got a snorkel set. We promptly went home and tested it in the shower to determine that water would in fact NOT get in her eyes and nose with this mask on...she did it in the shower. I was excited, but knew better than to get my hopes up. Today after school, she begged to come home and go out to the beach in front of our house (The Castle as she calls it.). This is my kid that could care freaking less about going to the beach. I jumped on it. We went out there and swam around and she saw fish and loved, loved, loved it. I was so proud of her!! She was proud too...she told me a little bit ago that she's so excited that she's getting to see all the things that she's been missing in the water.

After snorkeling, we went to Shark's Cove. I had not been there yet, but Eve had gone with Kevin and Julie last week. It's basically this awesome tide pool area. I suck for not taking those of you that have visited thus far because it rocks. It's like you are walking around in an aquarium...amazing. We saw sea urchins, a sea cucumber, Moorish Idols, Tangs, crabs, and Triggerfish. I cannot wait to go back.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Learning Manners From A 5 Year Old

Eve was out of school today for Veteran's Day. We spent the day shopping and having lunch with CRH who is working 12 hour days every freaking day...bless his heart. I have not seen the man since Saturday...almost literally. Anyway, we met him for lunch and went to this place called Big City Diner. From the name, I'm guessing you can gather that it isn't exactly an upscale eating establishment, but it's usually pretty tasty...not so much today. We got chicken sandwiches and while it was was not tasty. Here's a rough outline of how the conversation at lunch went.

Me:"This sandwich is not very good. I'm hungry so I'm going to eat it, but it's not the best."

Eve:"Mom, you shouldn't say that."

Me:"What...say what?"

Eve:"That your food is bad. We are sitting right beside the kitchen and they will hear you and it will hurt their feelings."

Me: (Cannot talk...laughing too hard)

Eve: "You guys are grown are supposed to have good manners."

Lord, she's funny and sadly she was right. We were right beside the kitchen and in her world it is rude to complain about the food.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bad Kitty Mama (or Grandma as Eve says)

Eve says that she is the Kitty Mama and I'm the Kitty Grandma...not loving that title attached to anything at the age of 32, but whatever. Anyway, Buddy has the runs so in an effort to home remedy him...we are not feeding him for 24 hours per the advice of several websites. This morning I fed Lilo and not was so sad...he totally doesn't understand and is swarming me for food! I feel like a bad kitty maternal figure...poor Buddy.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I Really Like Being Aunt Amy

Late this afternoon, we went wading in the ocean right in front of our sharks as it is protected by a reef and very shallow. It was so much fun showing them the fish and walking and talking with them through the water. We saw a school of Moorish Idols and a sea cucumber and another unidentified green fish. Then, Kevin went to the airport to get Julie and CRH was I took the kids to dinner and then we came home and made brownies and played games. When it was bedtime, we all piled on my bed and read a story...I freaking loved every second of it. There was NO whining, minimal arguing amongst one another in the back seat, and just an overall nice time. Both kids have said it seems like their trip flew by and they can't wait to come back! They go home tomorrow and I know it will be a little bit before I get to see them again, but I hope it's sooner than later.


Yesterday, Christropher and Rowan had a swim lesson in Waikiki. They did great. I got some pics, but the photographer in the water took some really cool ones. As they were getting out, the instructor tells us that they (the lifeguards or the other surfers one) had just spotted a shark in the water and were posting signs. Oh and on a side note, I saw some cool stuff yesterday watching their lesson. In addition to seeing both of them get up and surf, I saw a guy surfing upside down. He was on the board on his head and his feet were straight up in the air and I saw a guy and a girl tandem surfing. He was holding her above his head while surfing. It was awesome!
So today, Kevin and I took Rowan and Sedona to Waimea Bay to go swimming (or so we thought!). We get there and posted on the beach are big 'Sharks Sighted' and 'No swimming' signs. We decided to just sit in the park area and eat our lunch and then go elsewhere. While we were sitting there eating, the lifeguard comes on his loud speaker and says something to the effect of 'The shark is actively feeding in the water right now and I wouldn't be in there if I were you.' Yes, there were still people swimming and yes, there was in fact a shark in the water! Rowan, Sedona, and I traipsed down to the shore to see if we could see it and there it was! A little shark was swimming in a school of fish (and by swimming, I mean eating) right near the shore! We could see him in there too. Some stupid kid was body boarding RIGHT in front of him too...idiots. That was my first Hawaii shark sighting.
On another side note, I was letting Eve do her homework unsupervised while I blogged...big mistake. She was doing a grocery store assignment and making different aisles of the food groups when I hear say "Hey Mom, what else goes on the wine aisle?" I made her start over...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Kids and The Cats

All are playing nicely! The kids have had fun together at the beach and doing stuff. Eve and Sedona took a hula lesson together and Rowan and CRH are taking a surfing lesson today. We went sailing yesterday with Wally. Buddy and Lilo are friends. Lilo likes to chase Buddy around...Buddy has been outside some. Eve keeps a tight leash on it though. She's at school now, so they are out romping free. Here's a pic of the kids...aren't they cute?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye

8 Horrible Years of the Bush Admin came to a close today...America has spoken and it's time for a change. I am on Cloud Freaking Nine!! History has been made and I had all my babies around me when it happened...what a day! As I type, 338 electoral votes to 156...omg!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is Halloween

We had a fun Halloween at the Hart house this year. Yesterday, Eve dressed up as a witch and went to school. It was so cute. Her school only has 150 kids and most of them were dressed up and they paraded around the flagpole square in a costume parade...adorable! Then, I went home and went to Hanauma Bay snorkeling with Kevin, Julie, Rowan, and Sedona. They are here this week...Buddy is also here. :)
Last night, we all came home and Eve and I carved her pumpkin. We got dressed up and went to Turtle Bay to the lamest Halloween party ever (very under attended)...then we took the kids trick or treating. The fun part of Turtle Bay was that Eve and Sedona won prizes in the costume contest. Eve was a lady bug ballerina last night. Sedona was a vampire bride and Rowan was a tourist. CRH was a Whoopie cushion and I was the beer girl. Pictures will follow. I'm actually home between shifts right now without time to fully commit to loading pics.
After trick or treating, we came back to the house and ate Halloween treats. CRH's boss was in town and she joined us and our neighbors dropped in. It was a festive day! I adore this holiday!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Best Field Trip Ever

Eve has apparently become a field trip connoisseur this week...she's been on two. Monday the entire school went to see Te Vaka at BYU. Yesterday, she went to the Pumpkin Patch. I picked her up from Nancy's after school and she informed me that the Pumpkin Patch was 'the best field trip ever'. Sometimes it's hard to get info out of her about things she did at school...not so with this one. I heard a blow by blow of the trip, how she selected her pumpkin, how she wanted a white one but they were gross, how the hay ride went, how two groups missed the hay ride but not her, what she ate for lunch and was hilarious. She loved riding the bus too...thought that was very cool.
After school, we came home and went to the North Shore to see some of the huge waves. CRH estimated that they are 10-15 feet right now. They were some of the biggest waves I've ever seen and they aren't even at their peak yet!!
Then, we went to a Halloween party at the Kahuku library. They had face painting, chicken skin stories, and snacks. Eve had fun...deemed it a much better time than the Haunted Hayride!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Haunted Hayride

I am typing this sitting in the living room with the AC on. It is so hot here right now...mostly because there are NO trade winds at the moment. It does NOT feel like Halloween. Don't get me not complaining...I'm just saying it's not what I'm used to with fall weather.
Anyway, we took Eve on a Haunted Hayride tonight with Knristy and Tracy. We thought it would be fun and she might enjoy it. I'm not sure why...take a 5 year old kid and put them out in the dark where things are jumping out and scaring them...I believe we had a lapse in judgement. Eve rode most of the ride with her face in her shirt begging to go home. After the ride, she said the scariest part was the lawn mower thingy...she was referring to the chainsaw. In our defense, there were other kids there...young ones too. CRH is sleeping in her room tonight to ward off any evil spirits. I hope we haven't done permanent damage.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

It Snowed in Hawaii Today

Seriously, it snowed an inch. Google it...not lying. Today, Mauna Kea on the Big Island got an inch of snow. It melted pretty fast, but still. It does not seem possible that it could snow here! It was a chilly 73 here on Oahu today and rained ALL day. It's still raining actually...I guess that's why they call this the rainy season.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Eve's 1st Report Card and The Hart Family Voted Today!

Eve was out of school yesterday and today for parent-teacher conferences...yes, I said out of school. We met with Ms. Taylor today to hear about her progress. She's doing great...talks too much (gets that from her Daddy)...but otherwise is doing very well. She's doing great in Math in the hell that happened is a mystery!

She goes to the Pumpkin Patch on Tuesday. I so wanted to go, but only one parent gets to go and since I waited until the last minute to speak wasn't me. I think she's ready after 5 years of preparations to pick out the perfect pumpkin. If you have ever once picked out a pumpkin (or a Christmas tree) with me, you know it's a tedious task and I have to look at every single one and make sure that it's the MOST perfect one...CRH hates it. He's probably thrilled that her class is going and he's off the hook this year.

After the conference, the Hart Family went to the mall and participated in early voting. Why stand in line on election day? Eve went in with me and we discussed who was on the ballot and I showed her where I voted. Any guesses on who we voted for?? :) I was watching CNN at work the other day and I was shocked to hear the number of people that are still undecided. How are you undecided this close to the election...seriously??

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why I Feel Bad About My Thoughts Sometimes...

Today I went to work at 10:30am and Eve went to Khristy's since she was out of school. We were busy at work for a little bit, but I was counting the minutes until I got off. CRH and I were going to meet and watch sunset along the North Shore. Bobby is usually right on time to relieve me at 4pm. At 3pm, I get this couple in that were waiting out a road closure. It was reported that THE road (There is ONE rd around the island from Kaneohe to Haleiwa and I live on it) was closed due to a wreck. I silently cursed the people that had caused this. I was told it would be at least 2 hours before it reopened. Then I got a call from Khristy, she knew the woman that had died in the head on collision between a van and a Marine Convoy and it had happened within a few blocks of her house. I instantly felt super sorry for my friend and even more horrible about my thoughts of inconvenience. The road finally opened up tonight around 8:30pm. On the news clip, you could see the pain of the very young soldier involved in the wreck. I went to see my friend and listened to her cry and I hope that this day has made me a nicer person.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Medical Hysteria

I have strep throat...again. I have had horrible allergies since birth I guess, but since moving here...nothing. I am no longer even taking ANY allergy medicine. This is quite remarkable for someone that has been on shots, pills, and sprays for years (literally). The flip side to this is that I keep getting other strep throat. I just had it a few weeks ago when my parents were here. Monday night I started feeling it again and was up a lot Monday night. It sucked last time and I didn't want to go through that pain again. So, I called yesterday and made an appt. to see the Dr. so that I didn't let it go like I did last time. I went yesterday afternoon to the Dr. and I get a list of bored questions. He's asking me things in a certain tone like "So, you just started feeling a sore throat last night?", "Are you coughing (or having ANY other symptoms)?", etc. He does the obligatory listening to my chest (which sounds fine). He then tells me he's going to look into my throat...all still sounding very bored. I open up and he goes "WHOA! You really have only been hurting since last night? It's so red in there!". I suddenly felt very vindicated and like maybe, just maybe I wasn't wasting his precious 10 minutes of time.
So, this morning I log onto my CNN homepage to see a headline claiming 'Strep throat leads to amputation of legs'...feeling even better about my decision to rush into the doctor. I'm tempted to send him this article.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

Princess Party

OMG...I just dropped my kid off at her 1st away from Mommy party! She was invited to Ruby's birthday party this evening (our next door neighbor) so she is there and I'm here...all of 20 ft away! I have never dropped her off at a party before. This must start the age of it, huh?
She has been very independent lately...wants to do it all by herself. She just upgraded her table and chair set to a real desk she thinks she's big stuff!
The desk is another story...I need to stop buying furniture that requires really ticks CRH off...big time. I'm sorry looks great and she super loves it!

Eve came home twice for crazy reasons all before 6:15pm and asked me to go back with her the 2nd time. She was having a great time, but apparently missed the parental presence. I was sort of happy on the inside...I know I shouldn't be...but I was.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Proud Parents

CRH and I picked Eve up today to learn that she has been selected for the Ka'a'awa Elementary School Ocean Warrior Citizenship Award for the 1st quarter of the school year. She earned this honor by utilizing exemplary efforts to follow the rules and by being her very best at all times. There is a ceremony on Monday very proud.

A Picture Is Worth a 1000 Words

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Like Saying Her Name

Christropher got home early yesterday, which was very nice. We actually had more than an hour to see each other! We even got to talk about things, like the upcoming election. I'm going to out him a little here and say that before me, CRH did not vote. He had an opinion, but did not vote. So, we are driving in the car yesterday to lunch and here's our conversation.

Me: "Who do you think you are going to vote for Mayor?"
CRH: "Kobayashi"
Me: "Why is that?" (Fully expecting some rational ideals on what she stands for...etc)
CRH: "Because I like saying her name."
Me: Well, what I said next wasn't very nice, so I won't repeat it...OMG, the scary thing was he was actually serious about it and the reason!!

Moving on...we went sailing with Wally and Duke last night. It was a full moon and the sand bar was exposed enough to build a fire and roast marshmallows. We stood on a piece of sand in the middle of the bay and roasted freaking cool is that? We loved it. The only downside, it poured on the way out and on the way back in...but it stopped while we were actually out there. It was too cloudy to see the moon, but we didn't mind. Have I told you guys lately how much I LOVE it here??

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dolphin Encounter

Friday was THE culminating event of the Junior Trainer week at Sea Life Park, ending with a Dolphin Encounter. It was a little different than the one we did with her for her birthday, which was neat. She got to touch his back, belly, and tail. She got to feed him fish several times and they commanded Maui (the dolphin)to jump and dance. It was super cute...we video taped the whole thing and took a million photos, of course. Here is one of her petting his tail.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Break

Eve has been out of school all week for fall break, but don't think we have been lazing around the house! She has been at Sea Life Park every day as a Junior Trainer and she has LOVED it! She has met and talked to all the animal trainers, swam with and touched the stingrays twice, seen all of the shows, visited the touch pool like a trillion times, and today we get to go watch her have a Dolphin Encounter where she kisses, dances with, and touches a dolphin. She did this for her birthday, but we were in the water with this time we get to actually watch exciting!

I have killed much time this week hanging out on that side of the island as to not drive 4 hours a day. Today, I decided that I was exhausted though and needed to come home while she frolicked. I was going to the beach, but I laid out ALL day on Wednesday and burned the crap out of myself. Tuesday was a particularly fun day for me though, as I traveled around that side of the island taking some photos. I finally found the Halona Blowhole, which is so cool. Here's a photo of it.

Essentially (that's a shout out to Bourke), water comes into this lava tube when a wave rolls in and shoots up through this hole. It's so freaking cool. I'm taking Eve there today after her Dolphin Encounter experience.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hawaii Friends

Eve and I went sailing today to the Kaneohe Sand Bar with Wally and Duke the Wonderdog. It was awesome. I love being out there. A lot of people go out there on the weekends and drop anchor. They float around, grill (seriously), fish, play volleyball (saw it for myself), and just hang out...all in the middle of the bay on a strip of exposed sand. We saw a pirate today, or rather this lady dressed in a pirate costume kayaking around in the bay. We saw a guy catch a stingray and a baby hammerhead shark today in the boat next to us (and yes, I still got in!). Tonight we went to dinner with Khristy and Tracey...Eve adores them...she actually adores all of our friends here and gets ticked if I see any of them when she's in school.

It is so nice to have people around that you know care about you and your family. I had that in abundance at home and I think I took it for granted...I just assumed that y'all would love us. Now that we are here on this island separated by land and sea from you guys, it's nice to start building it here too.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Glove Finally Fits and Other Randomness

It looks like 13 years after he was acquitted for a crime that he clearly committed, a jury has convicted OJ! Hot Damn! I hope this gives the Goldman family some MUCH needed peace. get what you give. I think we all knew his time would come.

Onto happy news and news that actually concerns my life...Eve and I had a fun "touristy" day. We went to lunch at Turtle Bay with Wally and then Eve and I toured the North Shore some. We took lots of pictures for a current project of mine. I have no idea if, where, or when this project will culminate into something, but I'm working on it.

We stalked the sea turtles, watched one go back into the sea, watched surfers and kite surfers, had shave ice, and finished with sunset. It was spectacular tonight, but then again I think they all are.

On a note about the shave ice, there is a place in Haleiwa that ALWAYS has a line out of the door and around the building...every single time I go by there. People apparently come from around the globe for shave ice at a place that begins with Matsu and ends in moto. Today there was NO line, so we stopped. I don't see what all the fuss is not my fave. I got pineapple and it was blue. I have not seen the blue pineapple yet, maybe I'm missing something. I am a big fan of the Haleiwa General Store's shave ice which is ridiculously inexpensive and/or free with a purchase. Their pineapple is yellow, as it should be.

Kitty is still here...I guess that happens when you continue to feed an animal...duh.

I talked to CRH today on his way to visit his Grandma Collins in Florida. Incidentally, she is one of my favorite relatives on his side. That woman will tell you just like it is...whether you want to know it or not. I love people like that. He said that his Aunt Sandy has called his Aunt Betty to report that Jamie (CRH's cousin and Betty's daughter) is holding Grandma hostage. I suspect some funny stories will come from this visit. Grandma Collins moved in with Jamie not too long ago. We think this is a great idea due to health concerns and her living alone previously, but apparently Sandy disagrees.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I did not grow up as a cat person. We always had parents are not overly fond of the cat. When I moved out at 18, my mom found one for me (Baby Kitty). He and I got along well and a few months later I felt bad about how much I was working and not home and so I went to the shelter and got him a friend, my beloved Buddy Kitty. We lived in harmony for years.
One night stumbling home drunk from The Paisley Pineapple with CRH, I found a kitty. He was tore up (as the kids say). So, I felt sorry for him at 2am and got CRH's neighbor to agree to keep him if I would take him for an initial vet visit. Off we went to the emergency vet because this kitty was in quite a state...where the vet proceeded to tell me that the cat was going to die and charged me like $150. I have not ventured forward again to "rescue" anything.
Then, CRH and I moved in together...into a 900 square ft. house (much the same as we live in now) and the sheer volume of his 2 cats and my 2 were enough to drive me batshit. Slowly, we farmed them out and then Buddy died when I was pregnant. We lived in a blissful pet-free (by this I mean fur free) home until last Christmas.
Last year, I finally decided that it would be ok if Santa brought a kitten. Eve was really starting to ask for a pet and our house was big enough that I felt I could handle a kitty...and we had a cleaning lady. We are all very allergic, but we decided that we thought we could handle one. Then, we moved to Hawaii...900 square ft house and NO cleaning lady...but Buddy is coming at the end of this month and we are all happy for his arrival. He's an awesome cat, much as his predecessor was before him.
This saga is going somewhere...I promise.
Last night, I came home from the after hours clinic with Eve and heard a meowing sound in the bushes. It was rainy and I couldn't see anything and quite frankly I was done at that point anyway. This morning I still heard it and got worried that maybe a cat was stuck back against the wall or something. So, my stupid self goes looking for it...and I found it. It's the cutest grey kitty. He did not want to come out to me this morning at all. I thought he did and I spent for freaking ever trying to coax him out with milk and water. I was finally able to reach in and get him out of the tangle of bushes and he darted right back in. I was worried that he was starving, but I didn't have anything to feed him. I left a thing of water out and went on about the day. Tonight, I get home and he's out. He's running around the yard, happily. My friend, Khristy, had given me a can of cat food just in case and he sucked up his evening portion quickly and has yet to leave. He has meowed EVERY single second since then. He started in the front yard and I finally opened the door and let him in for a second (until I started worrying that he might pee in the house)...huge mistake. He has stalked us since then. The cat even scaled the fence around the back yard, came around to the screen door, meowed and meowed, and climbed the screen door at one point in an attempt to get back inside. I think Buddy may have a friend when he gets here...damn it.
Did I mention that I also think he has fleas??

School Pictures

I got them back yesterday...I was so excited about them...her very 1st school picture...I hate them. She missed the 1st photo day when we were on the Big Island, which means she's not in the class photo, but when I booked the trip I didn't know about picture day. So, they had make up day a few weeks ago and she went looking very cute and then I got these pictures back. She still looks cute (although she's making sort of an odd face) but her hair is all over the place. Of course, you prepay for them...NOT loving it. I'm sure I'll look back on them fondly one day...just not today.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Pink is NOT our favorite color...

when it's in our eye!! Eve and I woke up today with a little stuff in our eyes. They were also a little swollen. I thought it was allergy, dosed us up on allergy meds, and went on with the day. I sent her to school and I went to work. My eye cleared up and the swelling went away.
I picked Eve up from Nancy's after I got off from work and she had major, icky eye crap...huge hunks of stuff in the poor kid's eyes...both of them. So, Nancy tells me that she's been complaining about them this afternoon (no freaking wonder!) and that she'd been to the school nurse twice today. She went once for her ear, which apparently was feeling better at this time. The 2nd visit was for her eyes...seriously, no one thought to call me at either of these locations?? I'm a's not like I can't leave work. I get home and I'm freaking out and call the Dr. and decide to take her to the after hours clinic downtown, where sure enough they confirm it's Pink Eye. They also told me it's likely that I have it too and that we can share drops (really??). On top of that, she has another ear infection...I love Hawaii, but I think it may be trying to kill us...we have NEVER been to the Dr. this much...ever.
I came home tonight with said drops and an antibiotic for the ear infection and I thought I was going to meet major opposition with the drops. I got out the candy for a bribe and my kid let me put those drops in each eye like a champ...I was super proud of her. I still can't let people touch my eyes and I'm 32! She ROCKS!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A New Baby!

Our friends, Paul and Lori, had their 4th (!) child this morning. It is a boy...their 1st! His name is Jacob Charles Potter...isn't that cute. We can't wait to meet him!

Friday, September 26, 2008


In my excitement over forgotten food and other people's blogs, I forgot to tell you guys about the waterfalls. The Hart family was headed to the airport today to drop off the Hart husband for his journey to Florida when lo and behold there were waterfalls coming down the side of the mountain range. It was spectacular. We were just driving on the highway and then there they were. CRH spotted them of course...Eve said later it's because Daddy has smart eyes. Sadly, I did NOT have my camera...but rest assured I'll be going back. I think the rainy season is starting...which is why they are now visible. It has rained like crazy here this week...every day...prolonged showers.
PS The Doodlebop concert was fun...didn't kill me. I feel like a slightly better parent at the yelling tonight.

Forgotten Foods

In my free time this week, I have been reading a lot of other people's blogs...I don't know why but I find it slightly entertaining...something akin to reading someone else's diary...but with permission. Anyway, I stumbled upon one tonight that I thought was funny about the Forgotten Foods of our childhood...things that we ate then that we have not touched in our adult lives. I think this guy was British, so some of his were weird. He was also a product of the 1960s and quite frankly those of you that were around then ate some weird shit...seriously. So, my list is as follows and I'm oddly curious about your own...feel free to comment.

1. Spam (although as I mentioned before the Hawaiians LOVE it's possible it may come back around...who knows...but I strongly doubt it)
2. Potted Meat - you know the white container with the devil on it
3. Vienna Sausages - the very thought makes me now throw up a they are packed in that gooey stuff...ick.
4. "Tuna Casserole" - my mom made this by making a box of mac and cheese and stirring in a can of tuna...oh god, I hope she doesn't get mad that I published her recipe!
5. Beefaroni - There is actually a can currently in my cabinet though because I thought Eve might possibly consider eating it.
6. Fruit Roll ups - Again, those are in my cabinet since Eve WILL actually eat them...but I can't seem to stomach one.
7. Those orange candy grandfather triple loved them...I used them for crafts in school...but also as a snack...the very fact that they are craft material should make them inedible...really.
8. Bologna - what is it anyway?? Stop...don't tell me...I REALLY don't want to know.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I realized tonight that I have been watching this show for 14 years. It started the year I graduated from high school...holy shit. All of my adult life has revolved around Thursday nights...NBC. I have an odd emotional attachment to it. Now, it's the last season and I'm so sad. I watch ENTIRELY too much TV...I know this. This is the ONLY TV show that can and has for many years made me cry. I was crying like a baby tonight watching the freaking season premiere. I won't say who died, just in case you recorded it and haven't watched it yet, but I'm hating it. They do death scenes really well...I remember sobbing when Dr. Marc Greene died and when Dr. Carter's baby died and when...well, you get the point.

Eve Hart Update

Eve is moving along nicely in Kindergarten...the friend issue is MUCH better and she comes home daily talking about kids she DID play with instead of those that were mean. Although, her relationship with Meghan is horribly inconsistent and one day they are BFFs and the next they hate each other...I think Eve may be a teenager trapped in a small body.

Ok, so here is the EXCITING news! I, without her knowledge, scheduled her for a Junior Trainer week at Sea Life Park (where we went for her birthday) the week of Fall break. There were only 40 spaces and I wasn't sure she would get in. I still haven't received anything in writing yet, BUT they charged our card today...I'm assuming that means she got in!!! She is going to be so freaking excited! I'm waiting until I actually have something in writing about it to tell her. It will be a LOT of driving for Mommy, but somethings are worth it and really...what else am I doing?

CRH leaves Friday for 11 days to go to Florida! He has a Gap conference and then he's going to visit Grandma Collins for a few days. We are taking him to the airport and then I am taking Eve to the Doodlebops Concert. She hears things from her friends now, that's how this got started. She came home one day aghast that they were coming and I had not mentioned it...truthfully I was intentionally NOT mentioning it, because I didn't want to go...but I have felt kind of bad lately because we seem to be yelling a lot at her and thought this might divert her some from CRH leaving.

In dance news, she went to a Progression/Jazz dance class yesterday and loved that's where she's going to stay for a while. I would like for her to move into Tap at a later date, because I think it would be fun, but she's shown very little interest in it. I'd be all over those shoes if I were 5.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Great Tennis Shoe Debacle

It's official...we have an island girl on our hands. Eve has officially decided that close toed shoes suck...I'm pretty much with her...always have been. (Don't ask me to explain the 6 million pairs of them that I own though...I guess I'm always in search of a pair that doesn't suck.) She came home last week and announced that she really does need a pair of tennis shoes for PE. So being the efficient mother that I am, I promptly went online and got her a pair. They are and white with little charms on them. Tomorrow is PE, but she got them on Saturday in the mail and decided she wanted to wear them today. A decision she promptly regretted about 5 minutes after we should have already been out the door for school. She whined the entire ride about those stupid shoes. I anticipate she's driving poor Ms. Taylor mad right about now. They fit perfectly mind you...she just keeps saying they feel weird. Of course they do, she hasn't had a pair of close toed shoes on since April! I don't know what I'm going to do in December when we come home to 40 degree weather!
I hear it's fall in other places of the world. In honor of this, I'm changing the blog design to a fall themed one. It's still 80 degrees here with a nice breeze.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pipeline and Eagle Rays

We woke up today and went to the beach. I love my life...really. We went to Ehukai Beach, better known as the Banzai Pipeline. It's a nice beach but the waves were pretty big. I understand that this is the mecca for surfers, but I wasn't expecting them to be quite so big so soon...I was expecting bigger waves next month. Anyway, it was nice...CRH had fun playing in the waves...which meant I could stay at the beach for a long time (which always makes me happy). We are sitting there and a crowd gathered down from us a ways. There were a lot of guys surfing, so we thought maybe some big name surfer was out...not that we would know any of them...but CRH went to check it out. No big name surfers to our knowledge, but there were 2 HUGE Eagle Rays swimming a few feet out. I didn't have my new lens...damn it...but here's a picture. It was pretty cool! After the beach, we got to talk to my parents on the web cam and then our friends Khristy and Tracy came over for dinner. Sundays rule!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Honolulu Zoo and the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a

Earlier this week I decided it was time to go to the zoo, so I booked us on the Twilight Tour. Eve wanted CRH to go and CRH wasn't so keen on just going. I apparently had to organize an event. Anyway, we learned a lot and got to see some of the more nocturnal animals and had a tour guide, Ray, that fed the hippos and the elephants. There are tiger cubs at the zoo too...born this week. We didn't get to see them, but they will be on exhibit around Thanksgiving. Overall, we enjoyed the experience.

I have to say that one of the coolest parts of the whole evening was before the tour. We got to Honolulu early because it's Friday and there is always an astonishing amount of traffic downtown. To kill time before the tour started, we walked along the beach in Waikiki on this sort of beach walk area. We are walking along and CRH announces that he sees a Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (only he shortens it like everyone else to Humuhumu). Sure enough, there in the water is in fact a Humuhumu. He has amazing eyes and can spot things that I would never in a million years see for myself. It was so freaking exciting. We had only seen one before at the Waikiki Aquarium. So, we stalked him a little and took some pictures. Then we are walking back and there is an area that juts out into the water (sort of like a pier, but not really). We were able to spot 2 more from this viewpoint and some reef fish. The Humuhumu is the official state fish of Hawaii. It's name translates to "triggerfish with a snout like a pig", according to Wikipedia. Anyway, here are a few pictures of it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friends with Lice

In Durham, we never worried about lice. African Americans don't get lice and most of Eve's pre-school classmates were in fact black. Here on the's a whole other story. Tuesday we get a note from school saying that lice was found on a child in the class. Yuck. Yesterday, I asked Eve who was absent today and the only child absent is one of the little girls that she talks about all the time. Damn it...her friend has lice! I truly fought the instinct to tell her not to play with her anymore...I know that the very fact that I thought it makes me a horrible human being...but yuck. I didn't actually say it, so I hope it's not a reoccurring problem. My work experience with lice is that it typically is a reoccurring issue. I remember in 1st grade one of my friends had lice...but I don't remember what my parents said about it. I'm sure they didn't tell me to never play with her again, but I don't think she ever got to come back to the house. :)

In other slow news, I went to the beach yesterday for 6 hours! It was awesome...drank wine and ate crab legs right out on the beach. Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE it here?? (Well, except for the lice...but I guess that can happen anywhere.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

Only 49 days left in this many people are paying attention this year...thankfully...they have seemingly been asleep for the last 8 years! I don't pray, but if I did it would be for CHANGE in the administration and the current state of our country. What a freaking mess...AIG is the latest bail out. How far is it going before we hit bottom? I loved the Charlie Gibson interview with Sarah...just You Tubed it along with the Tina Fey skit...good stuff. What was John thinking on this one? I'm sure I would have hated anyone that he picked because I'm a bleeding heart Liberal (or a Communist as my mother says). It does tick me off that people question her ability to be VP and have a family. Come's the year 2008. Is that really the area where we want to question her ability??
Ok, enough of my soap box on that one...for today anyway. I could go on for days. BTW, I love the current Ipod commercial where it starts with the girl asking the guy what's on his play list and it ends with them old and in bed and he's still reading off titles...hilarious!

Eve is currently writing a story, actually I think she's plagiarising one from school, but it's occupying whatever.

I love, love, love my Wii Fit! I have used it every day this week, for 30 minutes or more each day! I'm sure it will dwindle, but for now it's getting me moving. It's SO addictive. I try to beat myself all the time from the previous day's activities...I can do yoga, hula hoop, step, stretching, and roll myself down a river. It rocks! Wii made exercise fun...who freaking knew that was possible.

Going to sunset tonight with Eve (and to see my turtles)...I love it. I promise not to take 1,000,000 pictures (or at least share all 1,000,000). I have asked CRH for one of the turtle pictures to be blown up onto a canvas for over our bed for Christmas. I love that idea, he's sort of lukewarm on it. Kodak has them VERY reasonably priced he may warm up to it. The first time I gave him a figure, it was admittedly a little high.

Eve just came in and took the stapler...should 5 year olds staple things? I guess we will find out.

As you can tell, still not much going on and no immediate plans for anything to go on. We are just settling in, working, and going to school these days. I did find a course at Windward Community College that is a 2 day course to teach me more of the functions that my camera can perform...very interested in's in October.

UPDATED Random Thoughts: Totally thought Brandon was Sammy's father on 90210...did not expect Dylan...yep, I know I'm too old to be watching this...but I loved the 1st one! I hope Luke Perry will guest star...wonder if he's still so yummy.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Mornings

I have ALWAYS loved Sunday mornings. Until the ripe old age of 27, I loved to lay in bed with a cup of coffee and read the Sunday paper...a great pleasure in life. Now, I love to lay in bed with Eve Hart. She will come into our room some mornings and CRH has sadly usually already left for work, but she will climb into bed and we just lay there and talk and talk. I love those times!

Not much else going on here...she went to the dentist last week and has 2 small almost cavities...bad parents. We still let her drink chocolate milk before bed (after teeth brushing), but that promptly ended. CRH went the next day and had 2 as well...the Hart family needs better dental hygiene it appears. I had something they are watching, but aren't sure what it is...what exactly that means...I don't have a clue!

Oh, she's also going to start dance lessons again. We are trying out Progression Jazz, Hip Hop, and Tap to see which one she likes the best.

Today I have the exciting task of cleaning the house, but my reward at the end is going to the beach! Slow news week again...

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I completely forgot to mention this week's BIG news on this side of the island...a shark attack. Tuesday afternoon at approximately 5pm a surfer was attacked by a shark out in the water in Kaaawa. I think it happened in Kahana Bay, but reports are sketchy. They closed the beaches for 24 hours around there, but I think I'll just stay out for a while. There was another shark siting in Kailua this week too and several were spotted on the Big Island...must be shark season. (Insert "Jaws" music) As reported earlier in the blog, your chances of being attacked are 1 in 10,000,000 if you are American. There was another attack on Oahu in July where a woman was bit on the forearm while she didn't see that one coming...I don't know. It seems the odds may be a little higher here. I think I'll hang around the beach for a while though, just in case my number comes up.

Christmas Visit

Apparently I do not appreciate this month nearly enough (as evidenced by the recent blog titles)'s sort of a sad month since 2001 anyway. So, I use it to look forward to the other, happier months following like October through December...not to gloss over 9/11, but to move on from it. Ok, all that being said...I arranged all of our flights home yesterday. It took an hour and a half with the Delta ticket agent, but we are coming and thanks to CRH's brilliance over buying and using our miles, it will be for much less than originally anticipated!
Eve and I arrive the morning of December 14th and leave the afternoon of December 28th. CRH arrives the morning of the 18th and leaves at noon on the 21st. If you want to see us, you may need to consult my mother who has vowed not to let us out of her sight except for the 1st Monday after we arrive when she has to work. :) I think she misses us...that and she wants me to be on time to the wedding.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Girl Scouts and How Mommy Got Involved

This should be interesting...I called last week to see if there is a Daisy troop here in our area. There is not. In learning that there is not, I was asked to volunteer as a troop leader. I am always one to say "No, thanks" to this sort of thing, but I guess with all this free time on my hands lately it's gone to my head...I said "Ok". I then received a 5 page (!) volunteer application! I'll keep you guys posted on how that turns out. I was a Brownie and a Junior for several years growing up and I enjoyed it. At least I won't have to hunt for the Girl Scout cookies next year!

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Blog Look

I found free templates today and applied a new one to the Hart Family Hawaii Chronicles...didn't want you guys to get bored. The site for the free templates (in case you are interested or want your own) is She has some really cute stuff on there! This new look is called "Aloha"...couldn't resist. Incidentally, it appears as if she's Mormon...are they secretly taking over the universe?

Sunday, September 7, 2008


It's September and I'm already planning...I LOVE Halloween. I was certain this year would result in us schlepping the kids (Kevin and Julie will be here with the kids!) to Honolulu to locate said festivities. I was certain that the Mormons don't do Halloween. I was incorrect in this assumption. I was sitting at the bar last night (a decision I have regretted ALL day) talking to Auntie Rose and several of my co-workers where I learned that Hawaiians go all out for this holiday...even here in Laie! I'm extra super excited now!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Big C

So, let me preface this blog entry by saying that I am PMSing like crazy today. I have eaten everything in sight and finished a book while sobbing on the beach...seriously. BTW, the book is entitled The Friday Night Knitting Club...highly recommend it if you are chick book...also relevant to the issue at hand here as well. That's all I will say as to not give away any plot info.
As if this was not enough, I took Eve to sunset tonight at Waimea Bay. She has been wanting to go there we went tonight. It was beautiful and amazing as Hawaiian sunsets are and I was thankful in those moments to have the opportunity to live here. Sunset usually makes me a little emotional too...even without the PMS.
Then I came home and watched the Stand Up to Cancer special simultaneously broadcast on the three major networks (!) and cried some more (especially when they showed the kids), what a show. I then hauled my butt off the couch and went to their website and made a donation. I hope you will all do the same...seriously. I also hope that you will all seek regular medical care and participate in early detection by utilizing fun filled tools like mammograms and colonoscopies...seriously. Go get a prostate exam if you are male. We lost my uncle to cancer a few years ago. My grandfather survived multiple types of cancer over the years (and this was in the 1960s!). My mom's cousin was just diagnosed with prostate cancer last week. I bet each of you can say similar things. We all know someone that has been diagnosed it seems. It is a major epidemic and I was thrilled to see this special received such amazing coverage! Now, go donate...the website is 4000 people are diagnosed every day in this country. If your day comes, don't you want to know that money is being donated to research and that a cure is being worked on? I do.

Wii Fit

I finally broke down and overpaid for one on ebay. It's such a ripoff since I'm pretty sure it "fell" off a truck, but I really have wanted one since we got the damn Wii and the stores just don't have them in stock (probably because they keep falling off trucks). I feel like I got a deal though on my presumably stolen goods because the ones on Amazon are selling for $15 more than I paid AND I got free shipping.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dophlins, Ice Cream, and A Little Barfing

Yep, that's how my day went. I picked Eve up from school today (she gets out at 12:30pm on Wednesdays) and we met Wally to go sight seeing. He informed me yesterday at work that we really ought to get out more. Everything he asked me if I had seen on the island resulted in a "No" reply. So, he deemed today Kahala Resort Day for the dolphins and lunch on the beach. The Kahala Resort is one of the most opulent places...lord, it was pretty. They have a website that you can check out if you are curious. The resort has Dolphin Quest there, so we got to see some spinner dolphins in their lagoons feeding and such...very cool. Duke the Wonderdog came too...that dog is so good...he can really go anywhere...amazing.

After this excursion, I needed to run some errands and had told Eve that we would stop at Cold Stone Creamery. She LOVES Cold Stone. I attribute this to the mounds of it that I ate when I was pregnant. Anyway, we go in and she orders chocolate ice cream (as usual). We finished and she got up and said "Mom, I need to go to the bathroom." I informed her that I did not see one. She told me that she felt sick, so I sent her to the trashcan holding my empty container...within seconds every bit the child had eaten was right back into the empty container. It was so gross. She then skipped (literally) out of the shop and proclaimed it time to go to Long's. I was laughing my ass off.

Why would I laugh after my child just puked? Well, first off the series of events was kind of funny. I don't do barf and she was nice enough to contain it right in the cup and then right into the trash and then skip on out...sorry for the details. The second reason it was funny was because when I was a kid my dad took me to a Greensboro Hornets baseball game. We were on a limited income at that time, but he still managed to buy me an ice cream cone in a plastic ball cap. I was super excited and turned around and promptly dropped said ice cream on the ground. Well, Dad felt that there was nothing to be done but to pick it up and put it back into the hat and give it back to me. I am sure that I bitched some, but I ate it anyway. We have laughed about this many times over the years...all I could think about leaving Cold Stone was I wonder what he would have done today?

Monday, September 1, 2008

My Anniversary Gift

My new camera lens arrived today! I am so freaking excited! My parents left this afternoon and Eve was sort of glum (as expected), so I decided that we would go home via the turtle beach and she could take some pictures. Eve has decided that my "old" camera is now hers...I am questioning this decision, but so far she's taking really good care of it and is taking some mighty fine pictures I might add and this also provides some interest for her at the turtle beach. Previously, she was losing interest in the turtles if you can this has renewed her minimal enthusiasm over them again...fortunately for me...small price to pay really.

SO, we get to the turtle beach and I expect today to be the day when they are all out to sea, but I was very wrong. I was rewarded with 6 turtles on the beach...6 of them!!! Five of them were all together in one area (which is super rare) and the other was off about 20 ft from them. It was AWESOME! As promised, here is a VERY close photo of the turtle's nose. I LOVE MY NEW LENS!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Big Island

It's a really big one...seriously. We just got back late last night and my fellow travelers are all still snoozing this am. I think I wore them out. Wednesday when we got there, we went to the Seahorse Farm (learned a lot about, fed, and HELD seahorses). It was so freaking cool! From there, we ventured to the Kona Brewing Company and then on a sunset sail along the Kona coast.

Thursday we got up and spent 13 hours (!) driving around the WHOLE island and doing fun things. We started at our place in Waikoloa (obviously) and drove to Hilo first. CRH and Dad went on a Circle of Fire Helicopter tour from there over Mauna Loa (one of two active volcanoes on the island). The video looks like it was an awesome trip! The picture above is from this trip too. Kathy, Eve, and I went shoe shopping and got Strawberry Mochi from Two Ladies Kitchen. CRH says that I have become obsessed with mochi and he's decided to wrap me in it when I die...lovely. We also saw a lot of waterfalls that morning, to include Rainbow Falls in Hilo. From there, we drove to Volcano National Park to see Kilauea. All I had heard about was how hot it is up there...well, it was rainy and about 70 degrees. We froze in the was kind of funny. (Incidentally, we did not need the closed toes shoes that we had brought and/or just shopped for.) We actually skipped the lava tube it was so chilly, but we did get to see lots of steam vents and saw into the caldera and one of the craters. As we were leaving the Jagger Museum, a rainbow was going across the was fantastic! You guys know how much I love a rainbow. Sadly, most of Crater Rim Drive was closed due to sulfuric acid seeping from the we left. We took Dad and Kathy to see a black sand beach which was fun and then we went to THE Southernmost Point in the US. The Southernmost Point in Key West is the Southernmost Point in the Continental US...not the whole US. I was expecting a similar monument to stand beside and snap photos...not happening. We drove 12 miles (much to my parents horror) down this tiny, mostly paved road to a blinking light on the edge of a cliff. Now, I will say it was sunset time and the waves were huge and pretty...but not a very climatic end to said journey that I was expecting. Oh well...been there...done it the photos to prove it (if you know what you are looking at). Then it was a trip back to Kailua-Kona for Margaritas and Mexican food at Pancho & Lefty's before literally falling into the bed.

Yesterday, we rested...ALL day. We got up and checked out at noon from our lovely condo at Hali'i Kai and sat at the pool until after sunset (gorgeous btw). Our flight didn't leave Kona until 10:30pm and we came home and fell back into bed late last night.

CRH and I have decided that we will definitely go back there...lots to see and going to the top of Mauna Kea (the tallest mtn. in the world when measured from the bottom of the sea where it starts AND the only place where you can see snow in Hawaii!) and to see the lava flowing into the ocean at parents liked it but much prefer Oahu.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dad Turns 56!

We had a lovely day Dad's birthday happened to occur while my parents are visiting. Dad chose to spend his day at Pearl Harbor, which is a really amazing place. Yesterday, there was a survivor there to sign awesome is that? I figured he has to be in his 90s. After Pearl Harbor, we went downtown for lunch and then came home and watched the end of the 2008 Olympics. That closing ceremony was spectacular...hate now that I missed the opening one. CRH made Dad a pineapple upside down cake with a chocolate chardonnay sauce that was fantastic...good job, honey! (It was his 1st ever.)
We are having a great time with them here! Today we are going to have lunch with Eve at school (Ah, the culinary delights from the Ka'a'a'wa Elementary School Cafeteria) and then go to the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Slow News Week

There isn't much going on here at the Hart house until tomorrow afternoon when my parents arrive!! It's been a slow news week...I worked, got my hair done, and went to the dentist (no cavities!)...see what I mean? We have missed N8 and Cheri and have sort of been in a funk about CRH has been working a lot this week so he can be off next week with relative ease and his annual inventory is tomorrow.
We are going to the Big Island next week...super excited about that...more to follow with a few pictures I'm sure. Oh, I ordered a new telephoto lens for my camera as my anniversary gift!! I hope it comes before we go to the Big Island! CRH got himself a new GPS since I took Sylvia from him...8 must be a VERY romantic thing you know we will be giving each other kitchen appliances and vacuum damn.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head

We had been waiting to do each of these things until people came to visit and N8 and Cheri were just here, yesterday we went to both locations.
Pearl Harbor was's such a nice tribute and a very well organized and put together national monument. It spans the ages...even my little Eve was touched. She kept saying "Mommy, thank goodness you weren't on that boat". Yeah, it was a little before my time, kid.
After Pearl Harbor, we went over to Diamond Head and hiked up. It kicked my ass...seriously. The climb down was easy as pie, but the climb up almost got me. So, I huffed and puffed my out of shape self up the trail and the 8 million steps (ok, there were less than 200) and then I get to the spiral steps. I have a phobia of spiral a panic attack inducing phobia. I almost went back down...seriously...but I didn't...I thought 'Damn, I made it this far...are two sets of steps going to stop me?' So, I pressed on and it was well worth it, but now I have the pics and don't feel compelled to do it again...ever. When you come, I will gladly go to Pearl Harbor with you, but CRH will be doing the Diamond Head portion of the tour if you are so inclined to hike up...or you are welcome to just look at my pictures instead.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hawaiian Monk Seal Spotted!

N8 and Cheri are here! We went sightseeing today up the North Shore, headed for the turtles...which we saw...BUT first we stopped at Sunset Beach and there was a huge Hawaiian Monk Seal sunning himself right there on the beach...ohmigod!!! It was AWESOME to see it...but boring after about a minute because all it did was lay there. I got excited enough that we picked Eve up and took her up there to see it. I was infinitely more excited than she was...she looked at it and then proceeded to play with the rope surrounding him and looking for smooth shells for her smooth shell collection. She said she wished it did tricks...what do you do with that? I guess we need to take her back to Sea Life Park.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Duke The Wonder Dog vs The Chicken

Duke came to see me at work yesterday. He was sitting at the bar with his owner, Wally, just visiting nicely when all of a sudden he tears off the bar stool and out into the yard. We have chickens in the yard and he had spotted one. Down he goes and through the yard...down the hill...into the parking lot. The tourists are looking on with mixed amusement and horror...when Duke catches the chicken. Wally and I are laughing our asses off in the bar. One of the owners went to rescue the chicken. Duke is biting and feathers are flying. As it turns out, the chicken was actually playing dead and minus some feathers lost...he seemed ok. So, no actual chickens were harmed in the making of this story...but I think Duke may have lost his nomination for bar mascot...bad dog.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Current Airfare Prices to Paradise

Just in case you were thinking about planning your own trip out to see us here in sunny from Charlotte are listed on for $518.40...a real bargain these days.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Sometimes I am such a bitch...I have been waiting for CRH to complain about how cluttered the house is. It's really not...I think our 47 boxes fit in rather seamlessly...but CRH would have one piece of furniture (and only if it were functional furniture) in each room and nothing on the walls if he lived alone. So, tonight he comes home and is walking around doing his 'I just came home thing' and he comes into the living room where I am and says the nicest thing about how I really know how to make a house feel like a home...isn't that sweet???

The Move is Almost Complete

I spent ALL weekend finishing the house. I had a really hard time being motivated last week, but with N8 and Cheri coming back on Wed. I felt like I ought to get it into gear. Tonight, CRH is assembling the TV and stuff in the new cabinet that I finished this weekend and I am hanging pictures tonight too...then I am finished.
No other big news going on here right is good for both of us. CRH's trip to CA was good...made even better by the discussion of how we will likely be here for two years or so! :)
I am sad to report that I have not had an Obama siting yet...I could have gone downtown to the free rally but that seemed a bit much. I'm hoping for him to just come knock on my door to say "Hi". I'll be sure to report if that happens.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's Like Christmas

Today was a glorious can see from my other blog that Eve and I had some much needed independent socialization from one another...which was great. It then lead to us having a very nice evening...but other than seeing our friends (which was the true highlight of the day)...

I have always had an unnatural attachment to my pillow. All the Humbles do...we carry them with us everywhere like freaking security blankets. It's not always the same pillow year after year but whichever one we are on, we love it fiercely. It's hilarious. I was so packed to the max coming out here, that I decided to ship it instead of lugging it through a bunch of airports...a decision I have regretted daily. Well, I was 100% sure that the movers had in their suckiest fashion ever...lost my pillows. I am EXTREMELY happy (and a little manic about it) to report that I found them today buried in the bottom of a box of clothes...Hallelujah!

Speaking of security blankets, I did not mention this Friday, but as I was crying in the garage unpacking all of my crushed and destroyed boxes...I found my security blanket. This blanket has always had a way of turning up at the most opportune moments. You would think at 32 that I would be over it, but I was SO happy to see it that day. Thanks Dad and Kathy for hanging onto it all those years (My parents hate to keep stuff around...unless my Dad thinks it will be worth something one day). I am happy to report it was worth 100 times it's weight in gold to me that day.

New Friends and Old Friends Too

I am pleased to report that Eve Hart came home today talking about friends she played with at school...thank goodness I didn't go and make an ass out of myself (as was my initial reaction). Whew...I feel sooooo much better (am I'm sure she does too). :)

We had a great time sailing yesterday with Wally and Duke the Wonder Dog. We also met some new friends. Turtle (aka Wendy) is going to teach Eve to swim in some private lessons...we just need a location...if only there was some water nearby. No, seriously we need to find a pool, but for now I think the ocean at low tide will work.

Onto old friends (old as in I've known them literally half my life...not they are old), I had the pleasure of spending the day with N8 and Cheri! It was AWESOME to see them!!! We had lunch at Chai Island Bistro and then toured the island from Hawaii Kai to Chinaman's Hat. They leave tomorrow for Kauai and come back on the 13th until the 18th! Then, my parents come on the 22nd thru Sept. 1st. You guys better all plan to call me on or around September 2nd or so...I'm going to be in visitor withdrawal...or better yet plan your own trips out!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Socialization Issues, Sailing, and Duke the Wonder Dog

It appears that we are having some socialization issues at school...this is new for us. Eve has always socialized very well, but she is coming home now saying that the other kids won't play with her. I don't know if this is Eve being her overly dramatic self...or if they really won't play with her. She is the "new kid in town" in a very small town and the school is only 150 kids...which I thought was a good thing. I am trying REALLY hard to not freak out about it. She is getting along well with Nancy's kids...but they are older and she has already learned it's not cool for them to talk to her at school. Ah, the pecking order poor baby Kindergartner...low man on the totem pole. So, any extra phone calls and/or letters from home to her would be great right now...just want to boost her up as much as possible when she's home.

In fun news, Eve and I are going sailing tomorrow after school. She gets out of school at 12:30pm on Wednesdays and I am picking her up and meeting one of my regular customers and his dog (Duke) to go sailing out to the sand bar in the Kaneohe Bay. He's a tour guide for the Kualoa Ranch (2nd career) and his wife is a 6th grade school teacher...very nice people.

Let me tell you about Duke. Duke is the coolest dog ever. He's named after the famous surfer and swimmer, Duke Kahanamoku. Duke came to visit me at the bar yesterday...he's so cute and friendly. One time he was sailing with his owner and fell off (like 2 miles out in choppy seas). Wally searched and searched for him to no avail and finally had to give up and come in. He put up signs just in case Duke surfaced. Two days later, he got a call that someone had Duke. The dog had swum to awesome is that?? He's a wonder dog.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stuff Update

Well it's been a weekend alright...good grief. Every box I open seems to produce something else broken. I have a page and a half list already and still have a lot of boxes to go. Eve's room is totally done...down to the pictures on the wall. That's the biggest undertaking. Oh, miraculously the TV works!! The kitchen is on the agenda tonight. It's funny how I am usually the one to organize this room, yet so rarely use it. I guess after 8 years, I know where he likes things. Next weekend when CRH gets back, we will work on our claim for the moving company...fortunately we had insurance on everything.
No other big news...CRH left this morning for his trip. Eve goes to school next week ALL week. I am working my normal schedule Monday and Tuesday, but seem to now be working Friday and Saturday nights too...which is a nice change of pace.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Elections, Fires, and the Oil Industry

Ok, admittedly I rarely watch the news anymore. I hate this in some regards because I was a news junkie at home. If there was a major event (like earthquakes, fires, and I don't know...a Presidential election)...I was glued. Here, I don't really care so much. I know...awful right. My poor mother just cringed in her seat.
What I have read and I am pissed about though is this...I paid $4.41 a gallon yesterday for gas and Exxon posted a record $11.68 BILLION profit...are you freaking kidding me? Yes, I read the whole article about how they buy more crude oil than they refine...blah, blah, blah...I don't care. Gas SHOULD NOT be this high and they SHOULD NOT be profitting so much off the public...period. I hope Obama does something to change this.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Teddy Bear Picnic and Some Sad News...

Eve and I went downtown tonight for a teddy bear picnic. It was SO cute. They did it at Foster Botanical Gardens (but I didn't get to visit the uber cool Cannon Ball tree this time). It was very well done. They had crafts and then a twilight concert geared totally toward the kids. The band played all teddy bear themed songs (who knew there was 45 minutes worth of teddy bear music out there?). There was even a teddy bear parade...very fun. Eve has now decided she either wants to play the flute or the harp. One of the harpist actually let the kids come up and touch the harp...she thought that was so cool.

I have forgotten to mention that there is a murderer among us here on the island. Someone murdered and mutilated one of the sea turtles on the Turtle Beach earlier this month. WHO DOES THAT? Apparently some jackass went out in the middle of the night and cut up one of the turtles that they suspect was sleeping under the full moon on the beach. BTW...did you guys know that those suckers weigh 200lbs?? He then left the shell half buried in the sand and threw some of the parts into the ocean. So, the fine is $10,000 and up to 5 years in jail for the criminal that committed this horrendous act...I hope they catch whoever did it...what an ass.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Holy Mother

Our stuff is FINALLY set to arrive on Friday. Eve and I have decided we will believe it when we see all 48 boxes in our furnished, 900 sq ft house. I have NO idea where all of this stuff is going. Thankfully, CRH will be in CA next week and I can sort it out with minimal "I told you not to bring so much stuff.".
What else is going on here?
Eve had a great 1st day of school! She really likes her teacher, Mrs. Taylor, a lot. She met some new friends and saw one old one from the condo...they go way back to May. After school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and some Thursdays, she goes to Nancy's house. She figured out yesterday that Nancy is Mormon. We were sitting around last night watching Jon and Kate and she says "Mom, did you know that Nancy is Mormon? Why would you send me to the Mormons?". I died laughing...then I explained that Mormons are very nice people with good family values...blah, blah, blah. She didn't question my sudden hypocrisy on the whole Mormon thing, thankfully! I do really believe that about Mormons though...they do have good family values and they stick together like nobody's business.
Eve and I are going to get our measurements today for the wedding. I have NOT lost 25 lbs yet, but I have lost 6lbs since we got our scale a week and a half that's good news! I think I have mostly sweat it off at work. I'm not sure why the aversion to AC here on the island...there are times when you really do need it. It's not often, but it would be nice to have sometimes! We were really busy this weekend with tour buses and just regular traffic.
CRH will be off island all next week in CA with his boss...should be fun for him! It's good exposure, but hopefully not too good...I never want to's like vacation ALL the time.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eve's 1st Day of School

Last night, we had a nice dinner, showered, and packed her book bag for school today. This morning, we all got up at 6:45am (!) and got ready for the big day! Eve had requested cinnamon rolls for breakfast, so I actually got up and made them. She was SO cute this morning! After breakfast, she put on her cute little dress and her book bag and we took a few (yeah, right!) pictures of her. Then, it was off to Ka'a'awa Elementary School! She walked right in with us to Mrs. Taylor's room and put her things away. CRH and I kissed her goodbye and went out into the school yard. I introduced him to Nancy, her after school sitter, and we watched the kids all gather around. Every morning they go outside and say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing America the Beautiful. The principal welcomed them back from summer break and off they went. She looked so small in the school yard with all those other kids!
I was able to wait until after I left the school yard to start crying. CRH was very wonderful and supportive (he didn't mock me once!). I then called my parents on the drive home and relayed the morning to them.

Monday, July 28, 2008

One Day Left!

My baby starts school in one day! Honestly this morning, I was ready...she was driving me a little nuts. It just feels so monumental!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hart Family Values

We have been working with Eve on independent play. CRH just came home and she announced to him that she's playing and is currently bartending. She asked us if we would like to see a menu (that she had created) and brought us beers. We are so proud...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Honey, She's Southern

I forgot to add this to the Foster Botanical Garden blog...but it's a funny one. Yesterday I took Eve to the gardens. We were walking around and passed this lady with her 3 kids (1 stroller age and the other 2 were pre-teens). They smiled and she said "Hello". I replied "Hi - How are y'all?" and kept walking. I heard one of the kids say something (couldn't hear what exactly) and then I heard the mom reply "Honey, she's Southern.". Lord, I laughed my ass off.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Olympics and Politics Should NOT Go Together!

Ok, I'm a little fired up about something...I hate sports...but I love the Olympics (well, some events anyway). I love the idea of them a lot! In my recent admittance that I cry over weird things...the Olympics do it for me. It's so amazing to see these people who have trained for years obtain their just gets me...probably because I don't have any goals that I would EVER work that hard for...EVER.
Here's why I'm pissed...the International Olympic Committee has banned Iraq. I DO NOT think that ANY country should be banned from the Olympics...EVER! I am also pretty ticked that people are using this event for political demonstration (which is essentially what this ban amounts to) in that people are calling for us to boycott because they are being held in China. I certainly don't agree with the politics of their nation but again, I say...the Olympics should NOT be political. I realize I have limited knowledge on this...I hardly EVER watch the news anymore since moving to's like the rest of the world doesn't exist sometimes...but that's my two cents on this one.

Foster Gardens, Open House, and a Small Fender Bender

Today started out great and ended great...but the middle was kind of iffy! Eve and I went to Foster Botanical Gardens for story time this morning. This place is gorgeous! We saw trees and plants that I have never, ever seen. The most spectacular was the CannonBall Tree. It's a tree with HUGE seed pods (I assume) on it and very fragrant, beautiful flowers. We are going back next Thursday night for a Teddy Bear Picnic and a Twilight Concert.
Then, we met CRH for lunch at this cute little place we love in Kailua. It went downhill after lunch. I was leaving the parking lot and this guy stops and waves me out...well, apparently he didn't fully check ONCOMING traffic because I sideswiped a car! I just blindly trusted this guy and went. Oops! So, my car has some minor front end damage and hers had some minor side damage. Now, here's where I felt really bad for her. First, she's a teacher and she had come out to get some lunch and was headed back to school to finish setting up her classroom and I hit her...totally my fault. The bad part is that her inspection was out of date and the cop wrote HER a ticket! Bless her heart, she was really very nice about the whole thing...lovely woman. (CRH also wants you guys to know that he was very nice too and didn't yell at me...the snide comments are starting to roll in though.)
After this, Eve and I continued onto our original destination of Kailua Beach Park. This beach rules! It is a very nice, huge, expansive area and not too crowded. The surf was nice (like I like it - not with big waves) and warm. Also, there were no rocks...which are abundant here along the beaches making those ugly water shoes a necessity.
Tonight, we went to Eve's school for her open house. I cannot believe she starts school on Tuesday!!! This was mostly a parent information meeting on what to expect. I expect to cry. I expect her to be great!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kids Really Do Say The Funniest Stuff

I got home from work today and played with Eve some. We then started watching Jon and Kate plus 8. I had seen that particular episode so I told Eve that I was going to update my food diary from the day.
Eve: What's a food diary?
Mom: It's a list of everything that I eat in a day to help Mommy eat healthier.
Eve: Ok, but hurry up.
Time lapsed 10 minutes
Eve: God, Mom how much food did you eat today?

*Please note that I had moved onto surfing AND was actually still not listing food...but it was freaking hilarious.