Saturday, May 31, 2008

One small step for Eve; one giant leap for Mommy

You all know what a neurotic nutjob I am about her, right? Today we went to the beach b/c we have actually had a little bit of a tough week (i hear the sympathy already!) here this week with shots, driver's license stuff, and car registration I decided I needed some relaxation at the beach. Plus on the weekends, there are usually families and other kids out. We went around the bay to Punalu'u and there was a little girl (probably around 7) playing in the surf. Eve is so desperate for playmates that we did not even set our stuff down before she was asking this kid to play...literally. They played very nicely in the sand for quite a while building castles and stuff and then the other kid wanted to get into the water. I had previously told Eve that if she had her life jacket on (which we put on immediately upon setting foot on the sand) that she could go in a little bit. My kid swam all over the surf with this little girl...there were periods were she was probably 20-30ft from me!! I was amazed as her comfort level with the ocean hasn't been great. Some of you are probably gasping at my lack of responsibility but 1)There are very few waves here in the summer, not like the Atlantic at all (ocean is more like a lake right now). and 2) This other kid was a good swimmer and her older brothers were also in the water.
I was so proud of us.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Apparently I should not be driving...

I failed my freaking written test today...I figured I better fess up before my ever so smug husband gloated to you all about it...damn it. Oh, I was so mad! One of the questions was if you are in an accident and someone is injured what do you do? Well, I picked leave them alone versus move them out of the way or go to them and give first aid. Now, I thought the latter answer was the correct moral one BUT I really don't want people that aren't trained in first aid to be applying their lack of skills on me. I go back in a week and my NC license is good until 2011 (if all else fails). In my defense, the rules are a little different here than at home AND I haven't taken a written driving test in 16 years...but I guess there are still things I should just know...damn it!

Shark Attacks and Coconuts

Interesting have a 1 in 65,000,000 chance of being attacked by a shark. This increases to a 1 in 10,000,000 chance if you are American...not b/c sharks like us better, but b/c we have better access to oceans...wonder what the odds are in Hawaii?? Now, the odds of being killed by a coconut are 1 in 250,000,000 which is probably also greater here in paradise. You know those suckers fall at a rate of 50mph?

I really need a job or a hobby! Speaking of jobs...I had what I feel like was a good interview today at The Crouching Lion for a bartender position! I'll keep you guys posted on whether or not I'm gainfully employed soon...they are opening June 21st. CRH would like to see this happen. He LOVES it when I work in bars, but mostly he LOVES it when I have employment.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time to Adjust My Mainland Thinking

Today Eve and I finished up some postcards to send to her friends and since postage just went up again...I needed to go to the post office in order to mail them. Off we go at 4:30pm to the local post office here in Kaaawa...which to my surprise was closed! The hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8am-12pm and 1pm-3:45pm and Sat. 9am-12pm. Seriously?? What post office in the universe 1)Closes for lunch and 2)Isn't open until 5pm? whatever...I can deal with this...then I take Eve to sunset. Now, we all know Amy went to Amsterdam for the death of her I am not judging when I relay this next story...I'm just saying I need to adjust my thinking. They say drug use is rampant on these here islands and I'm coming to find out that is very true. I think our local restaurant, Uncle BoBo's, has a strict policy in that they won't hire you unless you are high. I have yet to go in when the staff wasn't. So back to tonight, I am sitting on the beach with my kid, eating Subway, watching the sunset (our favorite evening thing to do) when I smell what is unmistakeably pot. There is a fairly large (10+) group behind us in the parking lot...smoking, listening to music, and watching the sunset. I mean all ages...probably 40-20 year olds...I have to say it was a little odd...made more so when Eve said "I smell a smell...what is it Mommy?". didn't see the 4 year old sitting like 20ft in front of you before you thought to light up...really? It probably never crossed his stoned mind.
Now, I'm not complaining (ok, I did complain some about the post office thing) and I'm not judging (ok,ok maybe I did a little about the people getting high in front of my kid)...but mainly just saying things are a little different here.

It's so hard being a Mom sometimes!

Today was the school check-up day. It sucked...the new Dr. (Dr. Smith) is a lovely woman...that part was great. She gave me some good advice on the eating thing and said that Eve looks healthy and great and we should stop freaking out so much at meal times. Same exact thing our other Dr. has said to me for years...but I still seem to fret over meal time...we need to chill. Ok, so we get through this part and we are told that Eve has to have 3 shots and a TB skin test! YIKES!! Eve already knew she would have to have the skin test and probably at least one shot...we were not counting on three! We get into the nurse's station and she's sitting on my lap and of course starts screaming before the 1st needle even comes close to her tiny, baby arm. I am trying to be encouraging, but I always cry when she gets shots too. I'm not sure why...I'm not being stuck...but it kills me to see her hurting...even for a good cause. She is just trying to fold herself into me and not give her arms and legs up to being stuck...oh, how I hate this part of being a parent. For some reason, I'm ALWAYS the one that goes too...I think CRH went to a shot appt. once and for the record...he was home this morning! Now in his slight defense, I had an appt. this morning too for a it didn't make sense for us all to go...I guess. We went to Cold Stone Creamery aferwards for some ice cream comfort...for both of us! I hope it is a long time before she needs more shots (I'm sure she feels much the same)!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm getting a sister wife

As some of you have heard, we are moving June 10th. We are moving to Laie, which is approximately 13 minutes north of Kaaawa. It is where ALL the Mormons live. Yep, they are all there in this little town. We are moving to what I will lovingly refer to as the compound across from the Polynesian Cultural Center. This center rocks by the way...we are annual pass members now...a few weeks ago we took Eve to see the World Fireknife Championship here. It was awesome! A kid that was like 17 won...very impressive stuff. Anyway, not the point of the story. The compound houses 3 structures...2 units that are duplexes and 1 ocean front house. We will be living in one of the duplexes, obviously. One of the duplex units is set up for long term rentals and the other three units are vacation rentals. I have decided to embrace the vacationers...we have met several very nice people that were here just I'm going with it. The compound is gated and we have a fenced in back yard on top of that...this will be great for Eve! There are many other pluses to this.
1. Cheaper rent!
2. Ocean front...we are 80 ft back in the compound from our beach...we are across the st. from the ocean now and about a mile from a good access point.
3. Larger living space (Kitchen and Dining Rm)
4. Garage for storage which I desperately need since I packed 48 boxes to live in a furnished house...this created a little marital discord as it added $2000 to our move...but he seems to be over it right now.
5. A/C - you apparently need it in the summer when the tradewinds cease!
6. I can screw with the Mormons!! :) No, seriously they tend to be really nice people.
The drawbacks are:
1. Lack of view from our house - you have to walk the 80 ft to see it...oh, well.
2. We don't have a pool anymore - drawback for Eve...not us...we have a very secluded beach access now!
3. It is 13 more minutes that my poor, sweet husband has to drive.
4. Because it is Mormon-town...I have to drive a mile to buy is NOT sold at my local Foodland...can you stand it??
5. One less bathroom and the guest room is now a sleeper sofa in the living room or Eve's bedroom.
For some of you that thought I may be jumping the gun by moving so soon, they have scheduled a home inspection Thursday on this place...someone must be pretty serious about buying it!
If you want to see the new place, check out the website.
We are Cottage 2 and our new address is as follows:
55-323 Kamehameha Hwy Unit 2
Laie, HI 96762

Monday, May 26, 2008

Lantern Floating

Today being Memorial Day and all...Eve and I went to the Lantern Floating Hawaii Memorial Day celebration. It was amazing! I have to tell you that I'm constantly amazed myself at what she gets...I mean really gets. I will explain the story behind this event, in case you are unaware as I was prior to hearing about it here...but first let me tell you about my kid. :)
We are standing on the beach watching the lanterns being released into the ocean and I'm explaining to her what it all means. For some reason, I always get a little teary at events such as this...I also cry on the 4th of July during fireworks...and I'm trying to not show a huge amount of emotion as I'm telling her this. I'm telling Eve what all the lanterns mean and why people are doing it and she looks up at me with those big blue eyes and pets my arm and says in the sweetest voice "Thanks for explaining all of that to me, Mom. It's so beautiful." Lord, let me tell you I almost melted into a puddle.
Ok, so the lantern floating...I will cut and paste now from the website...because truthfully I couldn't reword it any better if I tried.

Lantern floating is a time-honored Buddhist rite, originating in Japan, conducted in order to pay respects to our ancestors and to comfort the spirits of the deceased. During Toro-Nagashi, or "lantern offerings on the water," candle-lit lanterns are individually set afloat on the ocean and are said to ferry spirits "from the sea of delusion to the shore of salvation."
Moreover, the lanterns carry our heartfelt prayers for those who have sacrificed their lives in war, victims of water-related accidents, natural disasters, famine and disease, as well as loved ones and ancestors who have passed away. Through the lantern floating ceremony, the sincere prayers of everyone are united… prayers for a future in which harmony exists among all people regardless of one’s race, religion or culture.
Because of this sentiment and goal, Lantern Floating Hawai'i has become accepted as more than just a Buddhist tradition, more than something only related to Hawaii in nature. It is a human thing.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hula Lessons

I just realized in my excitement over the Wii I had missed updating you all on hula lessons. I called last week to enroll Eve since our car was officially here. I found three places that teach keiki (Hawaiian for child) I signed her up with one in Kaneohe. Kaneohe is the closest bigger town (grocery, restaurants, mall, movie theater, etc. are all here). A Japanese man runs this one and he informed me to bring her Saturday for a trial run to see how she liked it before enrolling her. I did just that and the jury is out.
Eve had visions of Lilo and Stitch running in her sweet little head and thought she would get a grass skirt upon entry to the class and would be swaying her hips side to side and waving her arms slowly...not how it goes in reality at all.
In future classes, if there are any, I will not be allowed to watch. I can wait outside or come back...but I did get to see the 1st one. It is very physical! They do a lot of stretching and exercising. She was paired with Mia, a little girl of about 8 years old. Mia is adorable and apparently pretty adept at Hula. She informed me that they exercise a lot and in the future I will want to bring water and maybe a snack for Eve. Who knew? I never took water and snack to ballet. So, Eve really hung in there. It was very physical and they all chanted some things in Hawaiian from notebooks and then from memory, which I think really intimidated her. I tried to explain that it was her 1st lesson and no one expected her to know this...but I'm not sure she wants to go back yet.

The Decline of Western Civilization

My mama thinks this is due to "The Simpsons". She hates Bart Simpson with an absolute passion...almost close to how much she hates the Democratic party. It's shocking actually how much she hates the little yellow guy. Well, I feel this way about home video game systems. I think that our kids are fat and lazy and never go outside because they are too busy sitting mouth wide opened on the couch playing a freaking Xbox. My ONE exception to this is the Wii. I think it's great because it actually gets your ass off the couch and some of the games are pretty physical (at least my fitness level). That being said...I have been lobbying for a Wii for about a year and a half.
CRH borrowed a Wii from a friend a while back. I thought it was stupid at first and went on some rant about the decline of our society and how we were not getting I better not come back from my girl's weekend to find the Hart family in ownership of said game console. Not to worry...CRH was not particularly enamored by it. Once I got home and saw it in action, I changed my opinion somewhat and had hoped he would want one so I could actually have a suitable idea for the next gift giving occasion. I thought working at Target where shipments are still limited and they are rarely in stock would push him to want one...nope. I thought when his best friend got one...that would be my ticket...nope. I finally gave up.
Yesterday I get a call around 12:45 from my dear husband inquiring about my location. I had taken Eve to Hula lessons and then we had gone to Starbucks and Kaneohe Bakery. He informed me he had a surprise for me. I assumed it was a new handbag or a clothing item since he works for Banana Republic, but wondered to myself if he was actually brave enough to buy me clothing at this point in my everlasting battle with my weight. (I have actually lost a lot...but it is still a subject he steers clear of at all cost and this week I have been on a chocolate frenzy!)
He refused to tell me what the surprise was...very uncharacteristic...he usually caves. I hurried home, as much as one can going 35mph everywhere! Into the house I walked and there on the coffee table was my brand new, shiny Wii! It seems CRH was worried about me getting bored and starting a blog....and then I did that and he freaked! :) BUT isn't that the sweetest thing ever?? Who knew I would get so excited over a video game?? We stayed up last night playing for hours! I freaking love it!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh how I hate a cubby...

So I went to this interview today...which I thought was going to be my answer to a guidance counselor job without having to actually go to school...well, it's not. I would sit in a cube farm all day and plan service projects for the kids involved in this program to do mainly on the, no thanks. I had high hopes of being in the school and actually doing career counseling, but alas Tony must not think I'm that qualified. I will know next week or the following week if I got the job...but I'm really not into it. He said the word "cubicle" and I was out.
I had 2 contacts yesterday regarding other jobs. One is for The Crouching esteemed restaurant position...hopefully bartender! I go to that one next Thursday. The other is for a company that provides outreach in the community educating people with info on Medicaid and the benefits that come with this. It's a time limited contract position from June 18th to about Sept. or Oct. and I could work from home when I'm not out in the community. It would also allow me day trips to the other islands! So, we shall see...that could be a good economic boost (albeit short term) for the Hart house, but I would so much rather bartend.
Eve told me last night that I can only work a little half a day...but Dad can work all he needs. The kid has apparently figured out where our money comes from.
We are going to Laie today to register her for school in what will be our new home community starting next month. I think I'm going to still try to have her go to Kaaawa Elementary School because they have a little better rating on the website, but there is something to be said for going to school where you live. Then, we are headed to the beach for the afternoon! Guess what? It's 82 and sunny today! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We've got 'em...even a baby one. CRH noticed the 1st one (Fred) shortly after moving in. Now, Fred seems to have moved in with the fam. We are all cool with this, as geckos serve a very important function...they eat bugs which we also have a lot of here in Hawaii. Eve is fascinated by the geckos. They make this little noise that I cannot describe, but they are pretty cool overall.

Another thing that we have that also eats bugs are cane spiders. I HATE these...I hate all spiders and feel that all spiders should die regardless of any bug eating favors that they may be doing for me but I really, really hate these monsters. I have killed one...CRH has killed 2 in the few short weeks that we have been here. OHMIGOD they are BIG (seriously) and NASTY looking, but apparently not harmful to humans except that they may send me into cardiac arrest. The one I killed was in Eve's bathroom...of course she spotted I had to act on it and not just vacate the premises until CRH returned from work. I killed it in a shrieking, cursing fit which I am sure was quite a sight- all the while with our front door wide open. Then I left the house and called my parents to talk to them about it for like 15 minutes each- it was that traumatic. A friend of ours said these are the same spiders that they used in you can imagine I did not catch this I have no idea the truthfulness of this claim...but they suck.

If only Fred and the fam liked to munch on cane spiders....we would be golden!

I have a job interview on Thursday!

I was totally not planning on working full time here at all (especially not until Eve starts school July 28th)...but you know how some things just come to be? This is something that has come to be. As part of my unemployment claim requirements (yep, i applied and am awaiting eligibility approval), I have to apply for 2 jobs per week. So, one of the jobs I applied for is a Program Specialist with Kamehameha Schools. This job (best I can tell) works with kids in grades 7-12 providing mentoring and career counseling....which is funny b/c I have NO idea what I want to be when I grow up....but Tony seems to think I could help others based upon my resume and charm and wit in our emails back and forth setting up this interview. So, why not? If I were ever to decide to go back to school (fat chance), I would want to get a masters degree that would allow me to be a guidance counselor...this is probably as close as I will get to this b/c I honestly have zero desire to go back after my initial 7 year stint. It would be a limited one year position (someone must be out on sabbatical or it's a grant position) and the pay would probably allow me to not work the next year (or at least work very comfortably at a part-time level). Of course, there is always the possibility that Tony will not be charmed by me in person...but what are the odds? :)

For an Eve Hart update...the child has learned to make her bed!! I told her this am to go in and make it...she has helped me once...and it looked perfect. I mean freaking I had done it. I was shocked...then I found out Nanna had helped her learn this skill when she stayed there last month...thanks Nanna!!
And in other news...she will be starting hula lessons on Saturday. She is so completely excited about this!

CRH appears to be hiring an Associate Manager very soon. He has his District Manager in town starting tomorrow...I will probably see him again Saturday afternoon...but once he gets someone hired, he may actually get a day off!

So, that's the latest and greatest in the Hart Family update. Oh, I got a new Digital SLR 10MP camera for my birthday/Mother's Day and it came a few days ago! It rocks!! Pictures will be coming soon!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I knew the minute I rented a car that mine would worked. Oh Lord, I have missed the Volvo! You see I'm pretty cheap with regards to certain when I rent a car I always pick economy class and I always get a Kia. God, I hate the Kia. I even got a free upgrade this time and I still got a Kia. There are rarely interior lights (thought this was a pretty standard feature!) and in this particular takes me like 15 tries to get the stupid key out of the stupid ignition. The Ken and Barbie mobiles are reunited at last. (My former boss found our cars pretty hilarious and donned them with this nickname. )

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Beginning

So, I have mixed emotions about blogs...but I have decided to create one based on this amazing adventure we are embarking upon. This will help me stay in touch with all of you and you can read the latest goings on of the Hart family. This is in no way shape or form meant to replace phone calls and all know I love communication...but is simply a way for us to tell you guys all the amazing things that we see and do and the cute stuff Eve Hart is doing.

As you all know, we moved to Hawaii last month. Christropher left Target and is now the store manager for the Banana Republic Factory Store in Waipahu at the Waikele Outlets. We live in Ka'a'awa for now on the Windward Side of Oahu. It is considered the country by the locals. We find this hilarious! It takes us 30-45 minutes to get to work or into town (Honolulu). People think we are freaking nuts. Well, we what of it? :) We love the drive, even with gas at a whopping $3.77. CRH's daily commute takes him along the coast and through the mountains on the H3. What more could you ask for?? It beats the hell out of I40!!

How did this all come to be? Most of you know...but we shall start from the beginning with the reader's digest version of the story.

CRH worked for Target...hated big box...hated Durham,NC (but loved our family and friends!)...applied for job online at BR...within an hour a Gap recruiter called him and we were on the way to Hawaii. We listed our house and it's contents on Craig's List - sold it all in a week and here we are.

CRH moved on April 6th and I followed for the week on April 7th to locate housing. I scoured the internet and found a fantastic condo in Ka'a'awa. It's a lovely 2bdrm with a loft (guest room) that looks out over the mountains and the ocean! The best of all worlds...except it's for sale. More on this at another post...we are moving next month to Laie.

Eve and I finished packing up the house, closed on it, said many wonderful farewells, and moved on April 30th. We have spent a lot of time at the pool (her preference). Finally today, I was going bat we rented a car after 2 weeks of being here. My car should arrive next week...but I just couldn't take it anymore. I tried to figure out the city bus...but alas after 32 years of never using public appears that I am not smart enough to start now much to Eve's dismay who would LOVE to ride The Bus. I hear it's a great source of transportation around the island...but I swear I tried for hours (literally) to figure out how to use it based on their website and I finally gave up. I made some snide remarks about less intelligent individuals being able to figure it surely I could...well, it appears surely not. CRH has reminded me of these remarks several everytime he sees the freaking bus. So moving on, there is much to see and do and car rentals are pretty cheap I found out.

What have we done so far you ask? Well, let me tell you...
We have gone to the lovely beaches.
We have gone on a family hike up the mtn. behind our condo...I went too...I even have pics to prove it! We are trying new things here in Hawaii...even me. I was sore for 2 days...but I went.
We have gone to the North Shore Soap Factory where Eve learned about soap and got to stamp her own.
We have shopped!
We have been to the Waikiki Aquarium.
We have seen coffee and cocoa growing and learned some about this process.
We have driven around the island. I love the town of Haleiwa. It rocks! I love to venture over there...CRH says it's too touristy to live in...but we like to visit.
We have seen amazing experience.
We have had shave ice...a delicious treat!
We have had shrimp plate lunches from the shrimp trucks. These are trucks along the North Shore that have the best shrimp ever. They look like the taco trucks back home, but they are real life I would NEVER ingest anything that came from a parked graffiti filled truck...but this rocks!

So, there is a brief synopsis of the beginning 2 weeks. I feel like I'm on permanent vacation. CRH is down a manager (2 really) and is working day and night...bless his heart...but we live in Hawaii and have vowed to not complain...he could be working his tail off in Durham.

Future posts will be MUCH shorter...I promise. I really don't have the much to say (yeah, right!)....but I will try to keep it to a minimal. Love and Miss you all!