Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Teddy Bear Picnic and Some Sad News...

Eve and I went downtown tonight for a teddy bear picnic. It was SO cute. They did it at Foster Botanical Gardens (but I didn't get to visit the uber cool Cannon Ball tree this time). It was very well done. They had crafts and then a twilight concert geared totally toward the kids. The band played all teddy bear themed songs (who knew there was 45 minutes worth of teddy bear music out there?). There was even a teddy bear parade...very fun. Eve has now decided she either wants to play the flute or the harp. One of the harpist actually let the kids come up and touch the harp...she thought that was so cool.

I have forgotten to mention that there is a murderer among us here on the island. Someone murdered and mutilated one of the sea turtles on the Turtle Beach earlier this month. WHO DOES THAT? Apparently some jackass went out in the middle of the night and cut up one of the turtles that they suspect was sleeping under the full moon on the beach. BTW...did you guys know that those suckers weigh 200lbs?? He then left the shell half buried in the sand and threw some of the parts into the ocean. So, the fine is $10,000 and up to 5 years in jail for the criminal that committed this horrendous act...I hope they catch whoever did it...what an ass.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Holy Mother

Our stuff is FINALLY set to arrive on Friday. Eve and I have decided we will believe it when we see all 48 boxes in our furnished, 900 sq ft house. I have NO idea where all of this stuff is going. Thankfully, CRH will be in CA next week and I can sort it out with minimal "I told you not to bring so much stuff.".
What else is going on here?
Eve had a great 1st day of school! She really likes her teacher, Mrs. Taylor, a lot. She met some new friends and saw one old one from the condo...they go way back to May. After school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and some Thursdays, she goes to Nancy's house. She figured out yesterday that Nancy is Mormon. We were sitting around last night watching Jon and Kate and she says "Mom, did you know that Nancy is Mormon? Why would you send me to the Mormons?". I died laughing...then I explained that Mormons are very nice people with good family values...blah, blah, blah. She didn't question my sudden hypocrisy on the whole Mormon thing, thankfully! I do really believe that about Mormons though...they do have good family values and they stick together like nobody's business.
Eve and I are going to get our measurements today for the wedding. I have NOT lost 25 lbs yet, but I have lost 6lbs since we got our scale a week and a half that's good news! I think I have mostly sweat it off at work. I'm not sure why the aversion to AC here on the island...there are times when you really do need it. It's not often, but it would be nice to have sometimes! We were really busy this weekend with tour buses and just regular traffic.
CRH will be off island all next week in CA with his boss...should be fun for him! It's good exposure, but hopefully not too good...I never want to's like vacation ALL the time.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eve's 1st Day of School

Last night, we had a nice dinner, showered, and packed her book bag for school today. This morning, we all got up at 6:45am (!) and got ready for the big day! Eve had requested cinnamon rolls for breakfast, so I actually got up and made them. She was SO cute this morning! After breakfast, she put on her cute little dress and her book bag and we took a few (yeah, right!) pictures of her. Then, it was off to Ka'a'awa Elementary School! She walked right in with us to Mrs. Taylor's room and put her things away. CRH and I kissed her goodbye and went out into the school yard. I introduced him to Nancy, her after school sitter, and we watched the kids all gather around. Every morning they go outside and say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing America the Beautiful. The principal welcomed them back from summer break and off they went. She looked so small in the school yard with all those other kids!
I was able to wait until after I left the school yard to start crying. CRH was very wonderful and supportive (he didn't mock me once!). I then called my parents on the drive home and relayed the morning to them.

Monday, July 28, 2008

One Day Left!

My baby starts school in one day! Honestly this morning, I was ready...she was driving me a little nuts. It just feels so monumental!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hart Family Values

We have been working with Eve on independent play. CRH just came home and she announced to him that she's playing and is currently bartending. She asked us if we would like to see a menu (that she had created) and brought us beers. We are so proud...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Honey, She's Southern

I forgot to add this to the Foster Botanical Garden blog...but it's a funny one. Yesterday I took Eve to the gardens. We were walking around and passed this lady with her 3 kids (1 stroller age and the other 2 were pre-teens). They smiled and she said "Hello". I replied "Hi - How are y'all?" and kept walking. I heard one of the kids say something (couldn't hear what exactly) and then I heard the mom reply "Honey, she's Southern.". Lord, I laughed my ass off.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Olympics and Politics Should NOT Go Together!

Ok, I'm a little fired up about something...I hate sports...but I love the Olympics (well, some events anyway). I love the idea of them a lot! In my recent admittance that I cry over weird things...the Olympics do it for me. It's so amazing to see these people who have trained for years obtain their just gets me...probably because I don't have any goals that I would EVER work that hard for...EVER.
Here's why I'm pissed...the International Olympic Committee has banned Iraq. I DO NOT think that ANY country should be banned from the Olympics...EVER! I am also pretty ticked that people are using this event for political demonstration (which is essentially what this ban amounts to) in that people are calling for us to boycott because they are being held in China. I certainly don't agree with the politics of their nation but again, I say...the Olympics should NOT be political. I realize I have limited knowledge on this...I hardly EVER watch the news anymore since moving to's like the rest of the world doesn't exist sometimes...but that's my two cents on this one.

Foster Gardens, Open House, and a Small Fender Bender

Today started out great and ended great...but the middle was kind of iffy! Eve and I went to Foster Botanical Gardens for story time this morning. This place is gorgeous! We saw trees and plants that I have never, ever seen. The most spectacular was the CannonBall Tree. It's a tree with HUGE seed pods (I assume) on it and very fragrant, beautiful flowers. We are going back next Thursday night for a Teddy Bear Picnic and a Twilight Concert.
Then, we met CRH for lunch at this cute little place we love in Kailua. It went downhill after lunch. I was leaving the parking lot and this guy stops and waves me out...well, apparently he didn't fully check ONCOMING traffic because I sideswiped a car! I just blindly trusted this guy and went. Oops! So, my car has some minor front end damage and hers had some minor side damage. Now, here's where I felt really bad for her. First, she's a teacher and she had come out to get some lunch and was headed back to school to finish setting up her classroom and I hit her...totally my fault. The bad part is that her inspection was out of date and the cop wrote HER a ticket! Bless her heart, she was really very nice about the whole thing...lovely woman. (CRH also wants you guys to know that he was very nice too and didn't yell at me...the snide comments are starting to roll in though.)
After this, Eve and I continued onto our original destination of Kailua Beach Park. This beach rules! It is a very nice, huge, expansive area and not too crowded. The surf was nice (like I like it - not with big waves) and warm. Also, there were no rocks...which are abundant here along the beaches making those ugly water shoes a necessity.
Tonight, we went to Eve's school for her open house. I cannot believe she starts school on Tuesday!!! This was mostly a parent information meeting on what to expect. I expect to cry. I expect her to be great!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kids Really Do Say The Funniest Stuff

I got home from work today and played with Eve some. We then started watching Jon and Kate plus 8. I had seen that particular episode so I told Eve that I was going to update my food diary from the day.
Eve: What's a food diary?
Mom: It's a list of everything that I eat in a day to help Mommy eat healthier.
Eve: Ok, but hurry up.
Time lapsed 10 minutes
Eve: God, Mom how much food did you eat today?

*Please note that I had moved onto surfing AND was actually still not listing food...but it was freaking hilarious.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Girl Day!

Eve and I went to see "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Movie" was SO cute! We both loved it. Chris O'Donnell is in it and I have a huge crush on him. He's just so cute! Anyway, it was a great movie and a very positive movie at that...not like so much of the crap out there now geared at our word...Bratz. This was good, wholesome, family fun...I just said wholesome family fun...who am I???
Then, we went to Haleiwa for the art festival. I LOVE art festivals. We bought several prints and photographs. Eve got her face painted and made some art as well. It was a nice afternoon. Then we went out for an early dinner of pupus (Hawaiian word for appetizers) and dessert and Mama had some mango margaritas...all is right with the universe.
Guess what we did on the way to the art festival?? If you guessed, stalked the sea turtles... you were dead on! There was at least one out on the way, but none were there on the way back...sadly.

Friday, July 18, 2008

It's official...I'm a stalker

OHMIGOD...I am OBSESSED with the sea turtles...totally obsessed. I have been three times to see them since we discovered them last week...three times! I'm not sure this is normal. I mean, if I'm going to see sunset, I may as well see the sea turtles too...right?? It's a 30 minute drive from our house...but so what? It's sea turtles! I even stalk them on the drive by too...I found myself holding up traffic on the Kamehameha Hwy (a two lane road) yesterday so I could see if there were any out (I saw one from the car). This doesn't even count toward my three actual visits to this particular beach where I got out of the car. I'm a little worried about myself...
Eve on the other hand announced her obsessions last night. I swear to God this is what she said "I am obsessed right now with mermaids, dolphins, butterflies, wands, and princesses". I'm not sure I got the order right...but the wording is dead on. She kills me sometimes.

In other funny news, my scale arrived today. I decided I needed one in the house to motivate count down is so in effect! I've lost another 1.5 lbs since I went to the Dr. in May which is sadly SO far from my goal of losing another 25 by December 20th...but hey, it's a very slow start. Amy emailed me the other day and said I need to have my measurements by August 2nd...shit!! I celebrated this very, very minor weight loss by making cookies with Eve at lunchtime and by taking myself to Ted's Bakery at Sunset Beach for a piece of the best freaking pie ever on the way home after my sea turtle stalking...I mean, I make some good pie...but this is some "smack your mama" good pie. I know, I know...don't reward yourself with food. My exercise ball came today too...the dessert binge was just a last hurrah before I truly get serious...really I mean it this time (on Monday, of course).

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mommy Meltdown #1

Today, Eve and I did some Back to School shopping...well, in this case...Going to School shopping. I've done fine with this...really I have. (I didn't cry when she went to Kindergarten I mistakenly thought I was ok.) We had already bought the book bag and some super cool Hello Kitty supplies and today we bought some clothes. Here's where the meltdown for Mommy happened...trying on the clothes. We got home from shopping about the same time as Daddy got home from work. Eve took her new clothes to her room and matched them up into little outfits. She then proceeded to try them all on...about half way through I lost it. She was so cute prancing around and deciding what day to wear what clothes...and I just started crying. I realized my baby is going to Kindergarten!!!
So, Eve realizes I'm crying and comes over to console me...she sits in my lap and is trying to be reassuring...which was all very cute. She gets right in my face and says to me "Mom, it's ok...I will always be your baby. It's normal for me to get bigger and go to school." Bless her heart! CRH's response was "Do you want to have another one?". This prompted me to immediately stop crying and ask him if he'd lost his freaking mind! No, I don't want another one...I just wanted more time with this one...which is funny...because I've not done a great job of always appreciating the time I've had with her as a baby...I've always been waiting for this stage and now that it's hear...I'm freaking out!
Here's the low down on school. Orientation is July 24th at 6pm. She starts July 29th for one half day. She returns on August 4th for full days every day...except they are out of school for holidays and/or teacher workdays on August 15th, August 29th, and September 1st. I find this funny...but it works out well. I was going to keep her out August 28th and 29th anyway when my parents come to this means one less day that counts against her absences.
I have not been homesick (no offense...but I LIVE in Hawaii) except tonight...I really wish my parents were here!! CRH is working and/or won't be here on her 1st days and he isn't really emotional about it anyway. I need my mom...she would cry with me on Eve's 1st day...damn 5000 least I can call her from the school parking lot where Mommy Meltdown #2 is sure to happen!

My Papaw would be SO proud!

My Papaw was a hoot...he LOVED to grocery stop. He would LIVE for Wednesdays when the new sales paper would come out and then he would go around and get the deals from all the stores. This was before $4 a gallon gas, obviously! So, I find it highly entertaining that Eve loves to read the sales papers. This started shortly after we moved here. We get this midweek paper, aptly titled "Midweek" and inside of it are the local grocery ads. Eve loves to read them and tell me how much everything we like is priced and then comparision shops with the other ads. She has even learned which ad is for which store...I love it. It's like a little part of my Papaw is still alive and shopping for the deals!
Oh...on a money saving friend Lori posted on her blog ( this week about It seems that her husband, Paul, is into searching these sites for himself and everyone he knows. He apparently didn't find us any...damn it. I checked on there too (just in case!)and we aren't listed...but I did find my Papaw's name!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Crabs, Mongoose, and the Leeward side of Oahu

Today we started off with a nice video chat with Ya-Ya and Daddy Roy. Then, we went back to Laie Point. It's so pretty there! Today, we saw the huge crabs. It was high tide and they were in little pools of water and/or clinging to the side of the rocks. Afterwards, we headed over to the Leeward side of Oahu. CRH and I were NOT fans on our initial's just not as pretty...but we have heard the beaches are we thought we would try it again. It ended up rainy and we decided to skip the beach experience altogether. That and it's really far from the house and a long way to drive home all gross and sandy/sticky. It was ok...there were some pretty areas (especially at the very tip) but overall it's just not that spectacular. At the very tip of the point though, we saw like 5 or 6 mongoose...I had not seen one was weird. They are too rodent-like for my liking...but kind of neat to see I guess.
So, we ate lunch at this really local that I mean...craphole. CRH refered to it as a bacteria infestation. He's vomiting up his lunch as I'm typing. It really wasn't great the 1st time around either (sorry!)...plate lunches (which the Hawaiian people seem to really, really like)...but with really fatty will not be on the tour when you guys come to visit!
After lunch, we went out to Ko'Olina Resort and drove around some. Don't think that $4.39 a gallon gas is going to deter us...and we saw black swans! I have never, ever in my life seen a black swan. I got a little too close to them when Eve and I went to check them out and take got out and started coming toward us...we retreated hastily. CRH was in the car laughing at us.

Friday, July 11, 2008

CRH's job

I cannot believe I've taken so long to report on this! CRH has been invited by his boss to travel around with her and HER boss next month. This is great news...except for the dates. He will be gone August 3rd-8th. The timing sucks because our 8th anniversary is August 5th and N8 and Cheri are coming out on the 6th...but you can't really turn something like this down. I'm very happy for him...just having mixed emotions about him being promoted (ever)...they seem pretty serious about him being a District Manager in the next year or two though. I just don't want to leave here (ever)!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I was wrong about something...

I rarely admit to being wrong...mostly because I rarely am...but I was totally wrong about JonBenet Ramsey's family. I would have bet the farm that either her mama had killed her and the family had covered it up OR the brother had done it and the family had covered it up. I even went so far as to think that karma had given Patsy Ramsey what she deserved when she died from cancer a few years ago...and now I feel REALLY bad about it. So, I am admitting that I was wrong and I was bad to pass judgement on a family in their time of horrific crisis. I cannot imagine in my worst nightmare how they felt...and I am further hoping that I was wrong about Madeleine McCann's parents too and I vow to stop assuming that people are killing their own children. I won't be shocked when I hear that it has happened...but I'm going to stop judging on that one until they are actually proven guilty by a court of law and not the media.

Sea Turtles at Sunset

It has been aquarium week here in Hawaii and it just keeps going! Tonight, we went to Laniakea Beach (aka Turtle Beach) for sunset. I hoped to maybe see a turtle swimming in the water or something. Oh, I got so much more than I hoped for!! We saw 2 turtles on the shore and several others playing out in the surf. I had not seen a sea turtle in the "wild" before...only in actual aquariums. I didn't see the one that CRH and Eve saw a few weeks ago out in the I was in awe! I took a billion pictures!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Seahorse!

CRH was off we all went to the beach. We drove about a mile from our house to this state park and swam there today...little change of scenery. CRH took his new surfboard and we just hung out. While we were hanging out in the water, CRH spotted a seahorse swimming by...he was huge! This seahorse was like 5" was so cool!!! We watched him for a while trying to decide if it was alive...our clue that he was...he was swimming against the current. It was amazing! Then, my kid got up on CRH's surfboard! She stood up and CRH pushed her and she actually surfed some!! I was a proud mama!!!

We went to see Kung Fu Panda tonight (very cute and funny) and then went out to eat. Eve's meal came with all know where this is going, huh? CRH and I have had the pronunciation discussion on this word for YEARS. I pronounce it does the rest of the free world. He always asks where in the word is this extra "r". I always feel compelled to start a survey and ask others around us how they pronounce it too. I asked the bus boy and learned why HI is last in education. He pronounced it correctly (my version of correct) and then CRH asked him to spell it. Bless his heart this is how it went... s-e-r-b...trails off. We must work on our educational appears to be broken.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CRH: Husband, Dad, Son, Manager, Surfer

CRH comes home today with this in his hand. He has been wanting one since we set foot on the, today he bought his "learning" board. He and Eve went out to the side yard (aka the ocean) to paddle on it some. He's working on building up his arm muscles so that he will be ready for those 30ft waves...just kidding!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fish Heads and Octopus

Today Eve and I went to the beach in front of our house. There were huge fish heads and fish tails in the someone had filleted the fish and then thrown the leftover parts into the ocean...gross. We walked down the beach some, needless to say.

It worked out though because there was a family fishing and playing in the water. Eve, having never met a stranger in the form of a kid, walks down to play with them. One of the kids caught an octopus like right near where we were and brought it over for us to see. I touched it...Eve refused. I couldn't help myself...curiosity and all. It felt case you were wondering. It was a small, reddish-brown night octopus according to my web search. They also caught/collected a small puffer fish, an urchin, a hermit crab, and a turkey fish. It was all very cool.
There is a portion of the basin here that has a lava rock wall and inside this today Eve and I saw these cute little black and yellow striped fish and some big, black crabs. It's like we live inside an aquarium! I'm still waiting to see "Honey Girl", our local Hawaiian monk seal.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jesus Can You Hear Me?

Before we left NC, my mom took Eve to church. It was a farewell service of sorts for Eve...she loves going to Rehobeth Methodist with my mom and they apparently adore her there as well. So, the minister (Susan) was holding her in front of the church (I think) and said something along the lines of everyday you can wake up and ask Jesus if he's there and he'll answer you.
My conversation with Eve today...
Eve: "Mama, I wake up everyday like Susan said to do and I ask Jesus if he's there?"
Me: "Susan?"
Eve: "Susan from Nonni's church ( are stupid voice) And he has not answered me yet and I've asked God, but he doesn't answer either."
Me: "Hmm" (wishing my mom and I were in the same time zone)
Now I suppose I should have said something like "Jesus answers us in mysterious ways." but I didn't and she dropped it. I am not sure what to do in these situations...suggestions that won't seem hypocritical coming from me?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th!

I love the 4th of July! Despite my total lack of support for our current leader, I still love our country a lot and truly appreciate the freedom I have here! I feel this even more so today following the hostage release this week. I just cannot imagine...

On a lighter note, I also LOVE fireworks...very much. The Hart Family is going to Turtle Bay tonight for their July 4th celebration to include fireworks and I will get to play with the fireworks setting on my new excited!

Hope you all have a wonderful, happy day!

UPDATE: We went to Turtle was fun. I need a tripod...fireworks photos might have come out better with one...I loaded one below for your viewing pleasure. Those of you that have celebrated July 4th with me in the recent past know that I get a little nuts about seeing the fireworks...well, tonight about 5 minutes before they were scheduled to start...a downpour started. We all got soaked! Unlike NC rain, it passes very quickly they just started a little late...thankfully!