Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chicken Tamale Casserole

You guys are going to think I'm a total nut job after this post, but I feel compelled to share this yummy goodness with you. I couldn't be happier right now if it were Christmas morning and a huge diamond was under the tree...well, ok that would make me a little happier (although I'd be stressed about where in the HELL he got that kind of money). Anyway when I diet (as I have been for 8 months now and have lost 25lbs), I become obsessed with food...obsessed.
A few months ago (like March or April), I found this recipe in Cooking Light. I really wanted CRH to make it, but he hates casserole type things. I love them, of course. So he read over it...decided it would be ok to try...and made it. I freaking LOVED it...LOVED it. We both did. Then I lost the recipe...seriously. I could not remember what magazine I'd found it in or what exactly they called it. Then today, the most glorious of days, I was searching for chicken enchilada recipes when I thought of the chicken tamale thingy for about the gazillionth time...and lo and freaking behold I have found the recipe again. I also just found a dollar in the dryer...I tell you guys - today is MY day. So, here's the recipe...easy, yummy, and a keeper (I bookmarked it this time!).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Open House

Eve's open house was tonight. CRH had to work, but I went and had fun. I know some of the parents this year, which is nice. We met all the school teachers and staff, had a spaghetti dinner, and saw her classroom. She showed me all the stuff that she's been working on and proudly reported that she's never had her name on yellow or red...only green. Ka'a'awa is such a cute school! I really love her being there. Is she getting THE best education in the country...nope (no offense if you are from HI and reading this...but come on), but I think she's getting a lot. If nothing else, it's across the street from the ocean and in front of gorgeous mountains...that alone counts for something! Mrs. Paulette Taylor is her teacher this year...very nice woman...very no nonsense (even with the parents).

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Motorcross, Snorkeling, and Cookouts

Today was CRH's day off and we had the best Sunday. I freaking love Sundays...refer to earlier posts. It's total relaxation here at the Hart house and we participated in some less than normal for us events today.

This morning, our friend Tracy was racing his dirt bike and his girlfriend, Khristy, and I are great friends, so we went to the Kahuku Motorcross Track to watch him race. It was a blast! Eve has actually been many times with them before, but this was CRH's maiden voyage into the world of dirt bike riding and he enjoyed we want to go back kind of enjoyed it.

After watching the race, we took Eve to Shark's Cove to snorkel. I was kind of a brat about it because I just wanted to lay out, but the part of the cove where we went didn't have a great I snorkeled...and it was AWESOME. We saw several schools of fish...something that I really haven't seen here. We will see really cool fish together, but rarely entire schools. We saw like 4 or 5 schools today, which is apparently more common in this part of the reef. I also saw a gazillion (or 6) Humuhumu fish and a bunch of huge parrotfish. I saw a lot of fish today that I haven't seen here before (and they are NOT on my Hawaiian Reef Creature fish chart), so I cannot identify them (yet)! Eve wasn't feeling the snorkeling today so much, so CRH and I took turns swimming with her on our backs. It's really hard to swim with 35 extra pounds on your I got back to shore panting.

We had CRH's managers over for a cookout's so nice to have people over for dinner. Believe it or not, we don't do that very often here and we miss it. We are very social people...Hawaii is very ohana (family) oriented and less social than we are used's been an adjustment...but thankfully we enjoy the crap out of each other's company.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

No News is Good News

I guess, or probably boring news for those of you that follow this thing. Speaking of, I've been quite surprised lately by the number of people that say they read this (as in people I'm not related to). Kind of flattering...but I'll try to not let it go to my head. ;)

We have no news, which is why I haven't posted in a week. Last week was BORING. We worked and went to school and that was it. This week doesn't promise any more excitement, but the following week is gonna rock! Bourke, Amanda, and Jonah are coming to visit on the 31st for a week! I'll have lots of fun posts and pics from their trip. On Thursday of their visit, they are treating Eve Hart and I to a helicopter ride on the Big Island...cannot freaking wait for that! Last August, about this very same time, CRH and Dad went for Dad's birthday and they LOVED it.

Dad's birthday is Monday...yay, he's going to make it to 57! Today is my bff's birthday, but I won't reveal her would piss her off. Oddly though, I don't think she reads this. She doesn't seem so into computers and what not.

So it was rainy and crappy earlier when I tried to go to the beach, but now it's clearing I'm heading out. Stay tuned...excitement will come.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dolphin Hunting

Khristy, my wildlife friend, called me this morning to tell me to get in the car ASAP and head to Waimea Bay to see a pod of 30 dolphins. Eve and I flew around and got dressed...but sadly they had moved on by the time we got there. We drove along the coast (because there is one road and no other way to go), but never saw them. I dragged her to the turtle beach so it wasn't a totally wasted trip. It was early, so we just saw one swimming in the surf...still pretty cool. Eve says she doesn't like them. I asked her is she had any idea how lucky she is to live in a place where there are sea turtles?! She didn't seem to care.
Another Hurricane is brewing, but seems harmless to is with the hurricanes? One hasn't hit here in over a decade...we move here and wham! ;) Of course, if it's like Felicia we're all good. It rained a little...that was winds, no flooding.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mr. Gap Model

In case you didn't know, I'm married to a model. I tried to post the photo on here, but it's a pdf file so I can't. If you want to see him in the denim section of ALL GAP Outlet stores, go RIGHT NOW (or come visit us and I'll have him greet you at the airport wearing jeans).

The Past Week

So, my mother pointed out (again) this week, that I've been a very slack blogger. She said it nicer, but that's what she meant. I got a little out of it while at home I guess...but here it goes. Last week, CRH and I celebrated 9 years of marriage. I went back to work and am now starting to see a light at the end of the should occur next Wednesday if all goes as planned.
Our friends, Sarah and Penelope, came to visit last week, which was awesome. I wish they had stayed longer. Tuesday I was off and we went to Sunset Beach, ate at Ted's Bakery (yum, pie!), saw sea turtles, and had shave ice. The sea turtles were out en mass, but mostly in the water. I stood in the ocean up to my ankles and several of them kept swimming right by us. I was literally inches from them (and no, since there were a million volunteers out...I didn't touch).
Wednesday, I had to work but CRH was off. He took Sarah and P snorkeling while Eve was in school...she's wasn't so into the water since the jellyfish sting. While they were out, they saw a huge mama and a baby Eagle Ray. Then, they picked Eve up and went to another beach. We had dinner that night at Turtle Bay and then I had to take the Reiters back to the airport, bound for Maui. What a fun time!
The rest of the week was fairly ho-hum. Sunday we went to Shark's Cove and Eve would not get OUT Of the water. We told her that there are no jellyfish at Shark's Cove and she stayed in the entire time. She and CRH snorkeled all around. He actually went outside the cove and swam the entire way around it...if you've been then you know that this was impressive of him. I sunned on the beach and read my book (reading the True Blood series books - we both are and loving them).
Hurricane Felicia rained a little here today...seriously just a little.
No other real news...we saw this rainbow over Sunset Beach Saturday on the way to CRH's dental was just gorgeous.

Monday, August 3, 2009

1st Day of 1st Grade

It was a HUGE success. Eve was very nervous about starting 1st grade and she was scared of the teacher. She had heard that Mrs. Taylor was mean and yelled. I explained she probably only yells if you are doing naughty things, but this did not seem to appease her. Anyway, she had a great day...all positive things to report! I I am pleased to report there were no tears this morning. (Last year, I cried like a baby when we took her to her 1st day of Kindergarten.) She even said she likes it better than Kindergarten and she LOVES Mrs. White.
Our friend, Sarah, and her daughter, Penelope, are coming tomorrow. We can't wait to see them!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Monk Seal Sightings

I've seen three of them in the past 2 days...loving it! CRH spotted the 1st one at Hanauma Bay yesterday...I didn't have a camera with me. Then last night, Khristy called and told me that 2 of them were on the beach in Hauula. I grabbed the camera and Eve and I headed over to check them battery was dead. Eve realized at 7:15am today that I was actually awake and just laying in the bed and begged me to take her back to see if they were still there. They were and I had my camera with me with a fully charged battery. Welcome Home to me! Eve took the one of the seal alone...she said I'm not fast enough to catch them when they pick their heads up.

Respiratory Therapists Wear Black (or What I Learned On Summer Break)

There is a funny story in here...there were very few funny stories this month, but here's one for you. My friend from High School came to visit me at the hospital one day when Dad was still on the vent. She was telling me about her father being in the same position just a few years ago and how well he'd ended up doing. Then she proceeds to tell us about this tale. Her father is a colorful man like Johnny...I could just picture him telling this. At Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro, the Respiratory Therapists wear black scrubs. (I find this unfortunate...if you work in a hospital there should be NO black scrubs and here's why.) Mr. Simpson woke up one night in the middle of the night with one of these therapists standing over him trying to give him a breathing treatment. It startled him (being the middle of the night and all) and he thought the grim reaper had come for him...seriously.

On that note, here's what I learned this summer.
Hospital staff will wake you up in the middle of the night for the stupidest stuff. (See the story above...also, they woke Dad up one night about 4am to see if he wanted a sleeping pill to help him sleep...I don't make this stuff up people.)

We have the MOST amazing family and friends. I cannot thank them enough for their love, support, hearts, ears, food, etc. that they shared with us this month.

I learned how the heart works (and was reminded of the names of the 4 chambers umpteen billion times) and how pacemakers work...just ask me.

Hospitals DO NOT limit ICU visitors...the Humble family does...but the ICU not so much.

I learned what alcohol does to our bodies and it ain't pretty folks (that being said...I'm not quitting but just keeping things in check...moderation, moderation, moderation)

My brother is all grown up...goodness gracious he's impressed me so many times this month. His wife is AMAZING too. They are going to make such awesome parents.

Chloe eats dead frogs off the side of the road...important to know if you are walking her.

Doctors DO NOT know it all (or even all that much in my humble opinion).

Airlines rarely offer compassion fares. AA offered me one for the week following Dad's heart attack...gee f*#king thanks.

The Clerk of Courts office in the Guilford County Courthouse has moved.

I am an expert on all current celeb gossip and btw the News & Record is now a whopping 75 cents...which is NUTS b/c it sucks.

Southern food in moderation doesn't make my ass fat...I lost .2 lbs and ate all kinds of fried and sugary goodness this month. CRH said it was the stress...go stress...just now in this form ever, ever again.

A higher power just may exist. Dad died for at least 8-10 minutes and has not suffered any major repercussions from this. He walked out of the hospital. I need to reconsider my previous belief system.

Just because you have a heart attack, you may not be on a low sodium diet.

How to read a vent and heart monitors

ICU nurse to patient ratios, schedules, and almost ALL of their protocols

It's really good to catch the Dr. in the hallway...lots of info flows this way.

Having a SW background is slightly useful at when the Hospital SW sucks.

My mom is super strong...probably one of the strongest people I've ever met...ever.

My daughter is an amazing little is my husband who has come to my side when I needed him most and fended for himself all month.

It was an educational education I never wanted, but it's all ended up well. I love you Daddy and I'm so glad you are take care of yourself.