Monday, June 30, 2008

My first official day of work...

it did not go well. Well, it actually went quite fine until 11:30am (I went in at 10am). So, I get to The Crouching Lion for my first official shift...the private party was just that...not open to "regular customers" it doesn't really count. Now, we don't have a liquor license until I'm not sure why I was scheduled anyway...other than to make smoothies and sodas. I am in the middle of trying to open a bottle of grenadine with a paring knife, while talking to one of the see where this is going? I was not looking at said bottle and knife and cut into my finger. I sliced into the top of it and it started gushing blood. The manager applied some 1st Aid, but we determined I may need stitches. I drove myself to Kaneohe to the Dr. (where I'm a frequent customer these days) and "Skippy" my Dr. (who was maybe all of 23 years of age) said it just needed to be taped up and it should heal fine...should?? They taped me up, gave me a Tetanus shot (just to be on the safe side), and sent me on my way. I tried to go back to work, but I hit my finger on something about 5 minutes after returning and it started leaking they sent me home. It was quite a day...great impression for my manager and the owners, huh? :)
PS It's also really hard to type without use of my middle finger!

The Road to Hana

What a weekend! Saturday morning, the Hart family caught the Super Ferry to Maui...we boarded at 5am!! Yikes! I highly enjoyed this method of transport because we sailed by some of the other islands (Molokai and Lanai). We arrived in Maui at 9:30am and drove off to our hotel. CRH wasn't feeling great, so it was an uneventful day. We had lunch at a restaurant on the beach and then CRH napped and Eve and I went to the pool for the afternoon. That evening we went to a luau at the hotel...touristy, but fun. Eve enjoyed it. Eve and I hula danced on stage and ate pig while watching the show.

The next day was amazing!! Yesterday, we got up and drove the Hana Hwy. to...yep, Hana. It is a white knuckled ride! There are many places along the 34 mile stretch where 2 cars cannot go by one another at the same time. You must yield to oncoming traffic...some people do...others not so much. The beauty is like no other though...seriously! Eve and CRH swam in a waterfall. We saw a black sand beach along the way...all while driving in lush tropical vegetation.

Then, after arriving in Hana, we found the red sand beach!! This is the most beautiful spot in Hawaii that I've seen to date...maybe the world. It is a hidden piece of land on private property with No Trespassing signs abound...but no one seems to be enforcing them. You hike (literally hike) to the beach along jagged coastline and lava...not an easy place to find. Fortunately, it was Sunday and there was enough foot traffic to guide us in the right direction. We asked several people for help to no avail. The hotel guy denied that this beach even exists. The dread locked dude at the tree was so freaking high that he could not even speak a coherent word, much less tell CRH where to go. It was an adventure...but totally worth it. I will be emailing pics and uploading a few on here later today. Here is a link also...check it out.

After this experience, we left Hana for the journey back. We stopped at this roadside stand and had some of the best tacos ever...finished with a lemon shortbread cookie (the baker lives up the road and raises her own chickens for the eggs used in her recipes). YUM! Once arriving back, we drove around a bit before boarding the Super Ferry for home. We arrived back in Laie last night at 12:30am...exhausted...but it was so fun!

Funny tale from CRH...we are waiting at the dock for the ferry and it's not there yet. An older Asian woman approaches CRH to discuss the fact that said ferry is not here 15 minutes after supposed boarding time. This woman had NO sense of humor...very deadpan...anyway, CRH replies to her inquiry of where the ferry might be with a "I hope it didn't sink." Her face was priceless...needless to say she walked away. CRH overheard her later recanting the story to one of her travel partners saying "And then that man over there in the green shirt said he hoped it hadn't sunk". The lack of humor on her end made CRH and I giggle like schoolgirls...maybe we are just mean...but we sure are funny about it!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Monkey Munch

I damn near forgot to tell you guys about Monkey Munch. Eve and I are ADDICTED to Jon and Kate Plus 8 on TLC. It makes me feel rational and sane. Anyway, she (Kate) makes this for her kids...if you are from the South I've heard it called Puppy Chow. Eve and I prefer the name Monkey Munch...for obvious reasons. We made some tonight to take with us on the SuperFerry-Maui excursion. Here's the rocks!
I will have you guys know that I'm becoming freaking Martha Stewart out here...I marinated our pork chops the other day (left the actual grilling to CRH) AND I made a Curry Chicken Salad for dinner one night...which not only did CRH eat the 1st time...he also ate the leftovers...unheard of here at the Hart house!
Ok, so here's the recipe...Eve loved helping...and it's sooooo easy!

9 cups Chex (or Crispix worked for us)
1 cup chocolate chips
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup butter
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1 1/2 cup powdered sugar

Put cereal in large bowl. Melt chocolate chips, peanut butter, and butter. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla.
Pour over Chex cereal, put into a large plastic bag with powdered sugar and shake well to coat.

Spread mixture evenly on wax paper and allow to cool.


The Hart Family is headed there this weekend for a little getaway! Getaway from what you might ask...we freaking live in paradise...but it's nice to have a little change of scenery...even here in paradise. We are taking the SuperFerry over tomorrow morning and will be coming back Sunday night.

I have to work 4 days next week...hope I'm ready!'ll be a busy week! Plus, I have to go get my yellow card to bartend and I have an interview with Singles of Hawaii. This is a part-time "hostess" position...hear me's not what you think. So, I was approved for unemployment, but part of the deal is that I apply for 2 jobs per week. I applied for an event coordinator job with this company a few days ago. They called me today to set up an interview. Apparently, I would "hostess" events and mingle with the single people that join this agency to help make them feel at ease. Here's what I get out of it...a free meal at the nice restaurants where they organize these events and the admission fees paid by the participants. I won't get rich doing it, but it might be fun (at the very least a free meal and some shopping money!). I could even move up to event manager if I'm good enough...everyone needs aspirations! I'm fine being a hostess. I don't want to have to overwork this part-time job thing.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dole, Dick Cheney, and The Devil

Yesterday Eve and I had a girls' day at the Dole Pineapple Plantation. What an operation they have going on there! We had fun...went on a train ride through the fields, toured the gardens, planted a pineapple crown, and went through the pineapple maze. The best part...the pineapple's this delicious pineapple ice cream! I bought us one to share...she didn't share so much.

CRH called me at lunch yesterday and said someone had approached him about working for Haliburton. I told him we would have to get divorced...until I heard what the base salary and benefits would be...then I decided to hell with my morals and hatred of Dick. :) I doubt he will pursue it...if he does I've decided to become a pharmaceutical sales rep and drive an Escalade with air conditioned seats...might as well both sell our souls to the devil so we can be together in hell.

In other news...Eve starts swim lessons on Monday at the Gunstock Ranch. She had her pre-test today and is pretty excited about it! Hula lessons resume after July I guess we will do that too.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Eve's Kindergarten

Today was the last day of Keiki Steps to Kindergarten...mixed feelings. On one side, I get one month with her before school starts and we don't have to get up at 6:45am everyday. On the other side, I really liked her having somewhere to go for a few hours a day and she really liked the socialization aspect.
Anyway, I went to pick her up today and we found out that our Geographic Exception form had been accepted and she will be going to Ka'a'awa Elementary School. Ms. Taylor will be her teacher and she will go to Nancy's afterschool on the days I work. Ms. Taylor apparently went to the prinicipal and asked for approval for her to stay in her classroom! We are very excited!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ah...the Mormons

Today I am walking from the bank to the post office in our town's little strip shopping center. I walk past what used to be a pharmacy. On the door is a sign...closed for early retirement. On the glass windows and doors covering them up...sheets of paper advertising Cialis. This is a town where you can't even buy alcohol, but apparently the ED drugs are in full swing...might be what brought on the early retirement!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Polynesian Cultural Center

This is the coolest place. We saw the Fire Knife Championship here last month and became annual members. This should interest you because when you come to visit, you get a good discount on admission. Admission is high for tourists, but very low for kama'aina (locals). Anyway, Eve and I went after school today. She and I wanted to see the canoe pageant and the IMAX movie. The canoe pageant was very pretty...also very hot...lots of complaining. There are many islands represented at this center. The Mormons started it as a way to preserve and educate people on the cultures of the South Pacific. BYU students work here and funds go to support them. ( a way I'm funding the Mormons.) So, each island has a canoe that floats in this daily pageant along the "river" was interesting to see. We did not visit the islands today...too hot (84 degrees)...little person grumpy.
We then went to the IMAX movie - Coral Reef Adventures. It was amazing! Very beautiful cinematography...must stop polluting our waters...we are killing the reefs with global warming, logging, and overfishing. Damn us...

An Unlikely Friendship

I have a new bff here on the island, Amy Jo. She's of the previously mentioned Amy Jo and Bruce who are buying our condo that we lived in before moving here. They are from Jersey and she's a born again Christian...really. I cannot figure out why this woman likes me...I'm loud and opinionated, I drink (and bartend!), I swear, and most of all I don't go to church. She seems to overlook all of this...maybe she's just extremely bored. CRH and I were talking the other day about why she likes me and we just don't get it...I mean we both think I'm AWESOME...but we aren't sure why she does. She's only invited me to church once, which I declined, and she has not pursued it since. Yesterday, she even went to the Dr. with me for Eve's ear infection (and subsequent ear flush). I have never had anyone go with me (except my mom), hell...CRH won't even go. She adores Eve and Eve loves her. I like her because she's sweet and kind, likes to go out and do things, and is a very positive person...maybe she's just praying for me like the rest of you. :) Bless her heart!


Holy Mother of God...I just got a SW chicken salad from there (with crispy chicken, of course and dressing). I cannot eat a salad without dressing...yuck. Anyway, it was 530 calories with said dressing...I could have had my favorite Southern Style Chicken sandwich for only 400 That does not add up...but I did get in some maybe in the end it was a better choice...and I skipped the Double Big Mac...who can eat that much food all at once?? Wash it down with a Big Gulp (7 Eleven abounds here) and you won't need to eat again for 3 days...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life is Like Vacation!

I got up this morning, took Eve to school, walked (and jogged a little!!) on the beach, and then I came home. From there, I went out on "our" beach. The beach in front of our house is non-existent at high tide, but at low rocks! I swear it was like I was on my own private beach...just me and a crab. Then, CRH woke up and came out for a while. We were sitting there and looked over at this piece of land that juts out into the sea and we decided to go see where it is...b/c there were people on it. We found it...Laie Point...and we will take you all there when you come. It is the most amazing spot! All I can say is "Wow". I went without my camera(!!), but after Eve wakes up from a much needed, forced nap, we are going and I'll be sending some is breathtaking!

PS - The grill made it through cooking last night, a rain storm, and it's still standing!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hear me roar!

I am blogging JUST to tell you guys how impressed I am with myself at this moment in time. CRH and I bought a charcoal grill yesterday (per my request). We have had gas grills for years and will very likely go back...but I LOVE a charcoal grill. I just do. So, yesterday was Father's Day and CRH came home from his surfing lesson a little wiped out. Instead of putting the grill together, we ordered pizza. Today I thought I would try and assemble it for him. Those of you that have known me for any longer than 5 minutes...know that handy I am not...BUT I DID IT! I put the grill together all by myself and it's standing up and appears to be in working order. We are having steaks for dinner tonight...I'll let you know if it makes it through.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


As a kid, I enjoyed this delicacy with ketchup on it...made in the toaster oven. I remember it vividly...hell, it's probably still in my stomach. As I recall, my mom never ate it...I can't say that I blame her. I wouldn't touch it now with a 10ft pole.
Yuck...why this blog on SPAM you ask?? The Hawaiians freaking love it! It is everywhere here. CRH and I were watching the Tony's tonight (Go Andrea and "In The Heights"!) and I was reading the paper when I came across a Burger King ad. It says "SPAM in the A.M. All Breakfast sandwiches and platters available with SPAM". You can get a SPAM platter or a Crossan'wich made with SPAM...really??

Father's Day!

As CRH pointed out, a gift giving season is upon us. He hinted (ever so strongly!) that he wanted surf lessons for Father's Day. He had his 1st one today in Waikiki. It was awesome...he rocked it! He totally got up the first time and many subsequent times...I was VERY proud. His instructor was an odd bird...told lots of weird stories about various injuries (most not surfing related) that he's witnessed since he was like 8 years was all very strange...but obviously a good teacher! Anyway, CRH said it was very hard work, but he loved it. I'm glad...he's a great dad and deserved something cool.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

False Alarm

We appear to be up and running with Internet! I'm not sure if it will hold out until the 25th, but we shall see!
Eve is loving her Kindergarten bootcamp...seems to be getting a lot out of the interaction! After her day at school today, we had a girls' shopping day! Her grandparents and great-grandparents had sent her some birthday money that was burning a hole in her pocket! We had a big shopping spree at Toys R Us and got a few extras at Kmart...big fun! While we were out, I accidentally closed the car door on her sweet baby leg - just barely grazed it when she was getting in. It didn't even warrant tears, just indignation that I was not paying attention. After our shopping had ended, we came back to Laie and went to Pizza Hut to pick up dinner. We were sitting there waiting for our carry-out order and Eve bursts out as loud as she can "Mom, my leg looks a lot better from where you hit me earlier!". I would have been MORTIFIED had I not been laughing so hard! I am sure DSS is on their way...wonder if they can find me in the compound??
LOVE the new house...miss the view. I woke up this morning to a big fat cane spider on the bedroom was probably plotting where it was going to bite me. It made leaving today much, much easier!

Monday, June 9, 2008

We'll be back after a brief message...

I called Oceanic Time Warner Cable and the fastest they can get a service guy out to the new place to hook up our Internet is June 25th!! So, there may not be any Hart Family Internet access during this time period...which means NO blogging! We will just have to resort to the old fashioned method of calling each other or you can check back at the end of June!

Wow...I'm so not ready!

Eve Hart is at her first half day of Kindergarten training! There will be no turning back on July more days of just staying home with us because we want her to play...who am I kidding? Of course there will be, but they will be less and less. :(

We took her into her classroom today, it's a bright, happy little room. ABCs and 1-100 on the board. They seem to be getting Smart Boards too...we love those things! Anyway, on the door is a sign that states..."I Pledge". It's this whole "pledge" about how guns and "ice" are bad and how harmful they can be and you are "pledging" to not touch these It's Kindergarten!! It's going to be a long ride!

So, we meet her teacher, Ms. Hilary Taylor, and make a parent-child craft together...which consisted of a picture frame with colored macaroni and gems...then, it was time for Mommy to leave! Daddy had to leave prior to craft time because of work and all. Ya'll will be so proud...I didn't cry! Not one tear...I wanted to, but I did not! Oh, Eve didn't either...although she did have much anxiety and did NOT want me to leave. I bribed her...told her if she let me go...we could do whatever she wanted when I pick her up!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Eve's Birthday weekend

It has been quite a weekend!

Yesterday, Eve Hart turned 5 years old!! We attempted to start the day with a hula lesson after opening presents and having breakfast, but for some reason there was NO hula yesterday...this was not met with happiness. From this point, we went to Sea Life Park to see the park shows and have a Dolphin Encounter. This is a really cool place! We got there hours before our we saw it all. I have sent some pictures detailing the's almost like you were there with us...except you could not take cameras into the water during the we had to BUY one of those and I can't scan it in yet. Anyway, Eve LOVED did we!

The "encounter" consisted of us getting in and petting the dolphin (a lot), kissing the dolphin, and dancing with the dolphin. We saw several shows...dolphins and sea lions. The park also is home to the only known "wolphin", who is part false killer whale and part Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin...a breeding accident.

After this, we came home and made dinner and a cake. I asked Eve if she would like to buy a cake (ice cream or otherwise) or bake one...she picked bake one! What a nut! So if you have seen the pictures, you know we are NOT master bakers. It was hilarious! She loved every second of it though. THEN, we had movie night and watched Underdog...cute movie...much, much better than the old cartoon CRH and I watched...back in the day!
It was a full day...we all crashed at about 10:15pm...exhausted!
Thanks to everyone who called and wished Eve "Happy Birthday"!

Today, we moved stuff into the new house. It rocks! I think we are going to love it. We have mixed emotions about leaving here, but it's in the final sale it was inevitable. I'm just thrilled we found a furnished place that we like this much too!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot

Well, there is a down side to paradise it appears...staph. Eve woke up yesterday complaining about her leg. Now, my kid usually has some ailment or father, like daughter...but this didn't look right to me. It was sort of like a blister behind her knee...odd, right? So, I take her off to the Dr. for a look. It turns out that she has staph. This, along with strep and fungal infections, are quite common here in Hawaii...yippee! Dr. Smith referred to this as her "Welcome to Hawaii" skin that Mommy seems to have obtained as well. Tonight, I found a similar place on the back of my neck. Dr. Hart and I have confirmed it's pretty much the same Eve and I are putting ointment on our cooties 3x a day for 5 days. Fun times...

As it turns out, I also have to have a TB skin test for this new a bartender. Really? Ok, fine...maybe they can check out and confirm this is actually staph next week on me too, just in case Dr. Hart and I are wrong. The manager that called to offer me the job today told me about the free clinic where I can go get my TB skin test. When I told her that I have insurance and can go to my own Dr, she replied "Is it free for you to go there?" I replied "Well,'s a $15 co-pay." She could not believe that I would rather go to my Dr. and pay the $15 vs. go to the free clinic. I finally just accepted the information and directions quietly...still adjusting my mainland thinking...working on it daily...really. BTW...CRH thinks it would make a great (and hilarious!) blog to go to the free clinic and report back to ya'll on not happening.


I am now a bartender at The Crouching Lion here in Ka'a'awa. Things sure do come full circle sometimes, don't they? They called me today to offer me the job. I was worried because it had been a week. I thought surely I would be a shoe-in. CRH suggested maybe I have TOO much personality and that was why they had not that even possible?? Anyway, apparently I'm good...just had to wait a week.

So, I decided today to NEVER bother playing the lottery again...why would I? We have used all of our luck getting here.
1. We live beachfront in Hawaii (on the really pretty side, no less!).
2. We sold our house and contents in NC in less than a month during the worst housing market ever (ok, maybe not EVER, but in a really long time).
3. CRH is back in a job that he enjoys and that is MUCH less stressful.
4. I wanted to work as a bartender here...which is apparently a little bit hard to do...and now I am. BTW...this restaurant overlooks the ocean here too...the bar has great windows for ocean gazing!
5. Eve loves it and appreciates the beauty of it all.

My parents have pointed out that due to the way these things have all worked out, that we really must be meant to live here...I agree. Life rocks here on this little island in the middle of the Pacific!

Time Flies When You are a Mommy!

My baby will be 5 years old tomorrow! She is starting Kindergarten on July 28th...It seems like just last week I took her to day care for the 1st time (she was 8 months old) week she will be in high school...where does the time go??

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Healthier Eating

We pledged when we moved here that we were going to start eating healthier. We have a little...but not really. We don't eat fast food nearly as much (mostly b/c it's not convenient) and we are trying to be more active. At this rate though, the Domino's guy and I are going to exchange Christmas cards this year...because they deliver and CRH has been closing a lot this last month. All this is changing though...CRH is fully staffed again and is not closing every night! You see...left to my own devices...dinner is a chore! I've only lost 1 lb since we moved according to the scales at the Dr. last week and we have been a lot more active...but apparently you cannot still eat candy bars and brownies and lose weight even if you are exercising minimally. Damn it!

Sam and Amy are getting married on December 20th...that's 199 days before I have to fit myself in a beautiful dress...which is also very, very fitted. I understand fully that this day is NOT about me in the least...but I also don't want to stand up on the altar with 7 or 8 other girls (all in their early 20s) bulging out of this thing. I would also like to only have on minimal control top that I can breathe and I'm pretty sure she's going to make me order said dress by I must, must, must finish the weight loss crusade that started last May. I have lost 21 lbs since last May when I started Jenny Craig, but I am going the next 25 alone with better eating and exercise...and I would like to do it by September! I was watching Oprah the other day (b/c what else do I have to do?) when I saw her and Bob Greene (who I think is a tool) talking about drastic weight loss. They had people on that had lost massive amts. of weight just by diet and exercise. Some of them had been on programs (like WW..which is also the same concept), but mostly they were doing the abovementioned things. If they can do it, why can't I? Oh yeah, I lack dedication and will power...but this event is providing me with some much needed motivation!

I am trying very hard NOT to be the mother that is always on a diet and has a 7 year old who thinks her butt looks big in her jeans. I really hate those mothers and think it's highly selfish of them to project their weight loss issues so profusely that their kids pick them up. That being said...I have caught myself heading rapidly in that direction. I doubt Eve Hart will ever have to worry about her weight, but then again I was little like that too at her age! SO, I am trying to not use the words "diet" and "fat"...instead I'm taking the approach of "This family needs to eat healthier"....b/c really who doesn't?

In SHOCKING news today, Eve Hart ate not 1, but 2 baby carrot sticks at lunch! Did you read that right?? My kid ate a carrot!!!! Two carrots!!! This is freaking huge! Those of you that have shared a meal with us know what I'm so excited about! She has actually been trying new foods. I am hoping you were all sitting when you read that one!

There will always be some form of chocolate in this house...I can't give it up totally...but we are working hard toward a healthier us! Wish us luck!!

Election 2008

Wow...looks like Obama is all know I was pulling for my girl, Hillary. Alas, it seems like no longer an option. You have to admit though...regardless of your party affiliation...this has been an amazing and historic event to have lived, let's just hope this poor man lives through his presidency! Of course, Hawaii is all about him...thank goodness I had the sense to not put my Hillary 08 stickers on the cars until it was really said and done. Ok, got to go look for a job at campaign headquarters here.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Coconut Telegraph

Jimmy Buffett has a song about the Coconut Telegraph. It's about Key West and the small town's applicable here.
The BIG news around this part of the island today was THE wreck. Apparently at approximately 6:30am, there was a wreck on the Kamehameha Hwy in Kaaawa. Someone hit a telephone pole and knocked out the power along this side of the island, also closing the road from Kaaawa to Kaneohe. You would have thought a tsunami had hit. OHMIGOD, everywhere from Kaneohe to Laie (and probably further!), people are talking about it. I'm sure it will be on the evening news as well...hell, not much else is going on. Anyway, it's been funny listening to people talk about it...and a refreshing change from hearing about the drive by shootings and homicides in Durham!

Here are the actual facts of the incident from The Honolulu Advertiser...should you be curious about the big event along the windward side of the island today! It appears full order has been restored.

Traffic flowing again in Kaaawa after 8-hour blockage
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Advertiser Staff

Traffic flow has been restored on Kamehameha Highway in Ka'a'awa, eight hours after an egg delivery truck struck a pole and blocked the road in both directions.

Darren Pai, spokesman for Hawaiian Electric Co., said the delay was mostly because of the difficulty in removing the truck that ended up in both lanes.

The truck has been removed and traffic is being contraflowed through the area, Pai said.

HECO crews are still making repairs and expect to be there for the rest of the day, he said.

Electricity was knocked out to about 100 customers as a result of the single-vehicle accident that occurred at 5:16 a.m. today near Ka'a'awa Beach Park.

All power was restored in Ka'a'awa at 11:11 a.m., according to Pai.

No one was injured in the vehicular accident, according to the city's Emergency Medical Services.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sea Turtle

We went to see sunset tonight and Christropher spotted a sea turtle swimming near the shore. He waded out with Eve and got a pretty good cool is that? Have I mentioned that I love living here???


Willie Nelson

Here's a funny story if you know my Dad. I put in the 16 greatest hits CD on the way to the grocery store tonight. Eve didn't choose it, therefore she wasn't happy about it. She said "I don't like this music, Mom." (Now she actually does...but was just being her stubborn self.) In an effort to get her to get over it, I said "Papaw loves Willie Nelson and he would probably cry if he heard you say that." To which she replied, "Mama, I can assure you that Papaw does NOT cry".