Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What Next?

I'm almost finished with my MSW. I complete my practicum hours at the end of July and then it's time to start full time work. Actually since starting Flattery Designs with Bronwen and Eve, I would like to quit work altogether and make shell jewelry and driftwood creations all day...maybe one day. Check out our link to the etsy page on the right hand side of the blog! Things are slow moving, but they are moving and we've had several sales to strangers and quite a few sales to wonderful friends and family members supporting us.

For the ever curious, CRH and I are staying in our living situation until at least the first of the year and then we'll see where things are with our careers and such. Eve is starting 4th grade in a matter of weeks. I'm just going to take a proud Mama moment here and say that she is reading at an almost 7th grade level and is doing math at a 6th grade level. I know where she gets the reading from, but the math part perplexes us greatly as neither CRH nor I can do the basics...lol.

We continue to love, love, love the island and I'll try to do a better job of blogging now that school is finished. I am staying pretty busy with the extreme shelling and jewelry creating though!

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