Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Normal Nice

Today was one of those really good days...it was nothing extraordinary, but just a good day. I woke up this AM and went to pick up the Pooh Bear. Eve has been at Khristy and Tracy's since Friday night and I missed her!! After picking her up, I went and worked out and then we came home for lunch. I didn't want to drag her to the beach and honestly I was a little red from the 3 previous days of basking. We decided to go to Wahaiwa Botanical Gardens today, which is a gorgeous park right in the middle of the ghetto of Wahaiwa...I almost turned around, but was glad I carried on. She had a great time walking around and photographing all the pretty flowers. We did lots of other random feel good stuff today like ordering her birthday cake, going to the library and signing her up for a summer reading program, and talking/webcamming with the grandparents. When CRH got home, we were out on the porch and our neighbor walked by with a 5 gallon bucket of mangoes. He offered us a bunch and said that since he now knows we like them, he would leave us some every time he collects them. I wasn't sure what to do with that many mangoes, so I decided to make mango bread...omg YUM. After dinner, we finally watched Alice In Wonderland. It was very different than what I expected, but good in a Tim Burton way. I'm happy that I rented it for $1 though instead of shelling out at the theater.
I realized to my horror today that I didn't post about Eve's Ho'ike last week. Good Parent Points - minus 10. Eve ended her 1st grade year at Ka'a'awa last Tuesday. We attended her Ho'ike at Kualoa Ranch and it was fantastic! The kids did an awesome job. I will post about it very soon, but now I must sleep for I have to return to work tomorrow.

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