Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh My!

So much has changed since I last blogged...sometimes this is just overwhelming to write down and other times it's very therapeutic. Well again without a lot of details, CRH and I are officially moving residences apart from one's just time. This co-existing thing wasn't working for me. I'm guessing from his recent actions that it wasn't working out so well for him either.
My bff, Cheryl, left tonight. OMG I miss her already and can't wait for her to come back...although after the drama that has unfolded in this house over the past week...I'm not sure she will. :( Anyway, we had a great time. We get along SO well and just's super nice to have those people in your life. I'd post pics from her trip BUT the desktop seems to have a virus (what else....really???), so they will come when they come. We did lots of fun stuff to include lots of beaching, snorkeling, Waimea Falls, Waikiki, trying to go to Pearl Harbor twice (seriously), and just drinking and talking. I think it was good for both of us.

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