Sunday, July 10, 2011

Living Like We're on Vacation

CRH and I had this philosophy working when we first moved here. We acted like every day that we were off was a vacation day and then life happened and well, it became a little less so. We are renewing that though and working hard to enjoy the island and be more active.

That being said, I spent 8 glorious hours on the beach yesterday doing absolutely nothing but sunning, eating, and drinking Coronas with my friend Greg and his gf, Rie. It was pure bliss.

Today was far more productive in the active department! CRH, Wendle, and I started the day with a farmer's market breakfast (yum!) and went to hike Sacred Falls. I love that place, but the chain link fence put up to keep people out vexes me. I've found a lovely path around it though and now I can just stroll on in. It's a pretty good hike (about an hour in) and then we hit this beauty.

After finishing the hike, we grabbed some Killer Taco burritos, beer, and hit the beach in Waialua. It was a fabulous end to an amazing Sunday and a great weekend. I feel very fortunate to have the fun friends in our lives that we have! And I'm pleased to report that Eve Hart will be returning to the island in 17 days because we are MISSING her!!


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Thanks, Pitchou!

myrtle said...

Wow! that was really breath taking.=D
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