Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holy Crap! It's a Flood!!

I woke up this morning to a sound that I have not heard since last summer in NC...thunder. It rarely ever thunders here...there's also very little lightening...except today. We got up to go to school and I learned that I should really watch the AM news or at least log onto the local news-weather station, but I wasn't prepared for this. Our back yard is flooded...Lilo's food was under water...seriously. I felt so bad for the poor soaked kitty that I let her in (finally). I couldn't take it anymore...poor kitty. Buddy has taken refuge under the neighbor's roof I think...that or he's swimming home from somewhere. Anyway, we leave for school and get around the curve from our house. There is a 6ft high fence right there that is almost totally under water. The SUVs and trucks in front of me were turning around on the very narrow one lane that was not totally submerged. We turned around...decided that the S40 just wasn't up to it. When we got home, our neighbor was coming in too and he told me that all the schools on this side of the island are closed (duh!) and that it is likely they will close our road soon...good times. The school is in fact closed (I called after getting back in). I'm not sure how or if CRH will get to work today or if we will be able to go tomorrow. Now, the largest crisis of the day is that I am going to have to cancel my hair appointment...omg! I have been holding off getting my hair done for weeks now so that it would look good for the I'm going to have to go next week when I get home...crap, crap, crap.
This is what our front yard looks like...we may have a pool by the end of the day!

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