Thursday, December 11, 2008

Martha Stewart I'm Not

Since I have some free time today, I'll fill you in on the great cookie f"@k up. It was bad...really bad. I have visions of being Martha Stewart (ONLY in the sense of baking)...but I'm not and I need to learn to accept this and just keep Pillsbury in business by purchasing the slice and bake cookies.
I decided that since Eve will be gone next week during the last week before Christmas break, we would take cookies this week for her class. I should have just gone to the store and bought some since kids really could give a rat's ass if the cookies are homemade or not. I got really excited about 1) being able to make homemade baked goods here and being allowed to take them into the school and 2) baking these super cute Christmas tree cookies with Eve. I found this cute recipe in our local paper and thought she would be able to decorate them nicely for her friends. Well, she might have been able to had Mom not screwed up the cookies. I made the recipe verbatim. One of my errors was that I did not have sufficient time and I put them in the freezer to chill instead of the fridge. I honestly didn't think it would matter, but it must. Then, I realized I did not bring my rolling pin and I was too cheap to buy a $10.39 wooden crappy one at Foodland, so I used Eve's micro rolling pin...meant for kids to play with...not cook. So, I finally get the sticky dough all rolled out and this is what

I went back to Foodland and returned the $20.87 worth of decorations for these and bought a $15.99 cookie basket.

We did manage to make's a cross between the Kwanzaa thing and a Menorah (We didn't have the right colored paper for the menorah and well, we aren't Jewish, or black, or religious even...but since we had the flu a few weeks ago we had plenty of tp rolls...I know TMI).

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bob said...

Just as a tip, if you ever find yourself without a rolling pin again you can use a drinking glass.. just be sure to use lots of flour or powdered sugar. It works, I have done it (I messed mine up though, as I didnt use the powered sugar trick) I know it doesnt help for this go-round; but maybe you can get some sort of satisfaction out of knowing what to use if you get in that perdicament again.

Merry Christmas!
I hope Buddy made it home ok!
-Miss Elizabeth