Friday, September 24, 2010

A Mouse In The House

Last night I came home to Eve being babysat by the neighbor...when I got in the door with my jug of wine, she suggested I go ahead and have a glass. I said "Um, why? What did you do?". Here's our convo:
Eve - Mama, I think you should have a glass of wine. We have a mouse in the house. I locked him in the closet.
Me - WHAT???
Eve - Yeah, why don't you have a glass of wine and think about what to do about this?
Me - Ok, sounds like a good idea.
Eve - 15 min time lapse yells from her bed- Mama...did you have some wine?
Me - Yeah, working on it.
Eve- So, are you thinking about the mouse situation?
Me - Yep...I think we have to move.
Eve - No, really...what are you going to do?
Me - I don't know....
Eve- Mama, you have to problem solve this!
In case you're not around us frequently, this exchange was particularly humorous because I tell Eve about 3,000 times a day to problem solve things.

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Elizabeth @ Southern Comfort said...

That is awesome! (not the mouse, but the response) She's turning into quite the sly chick :) I hope you all are doing well otherwise. I'd love to hear how this story ends... I'm counting on a follow up post. :)