Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eve Hart-isms

I know I've been a bad blogger. We've been really caught up in school, work, and life, so if you were at one time actually following this...my apologies. I'll resume one day, like over Christmas break. Anyway, I had a interesting conversation with my kid tonight about voting I wanted to share.
Eve told me that her school is doing kids voting soon and she's nervous about who to vote for. I asked who she was thinking of voting for and she told me that she was obviously going to vote for the ladies and the people whose names she liked...oh yeah, and the pretty people. After explaining how politics differs from say pageants, I gave her a lecture on politics. We talked about when in doubt, vote Democrat (of course!). Then she asked me if Democrats are white. (Incidentally, Hawaii is the most racist place I've ever lived/been in and I'm from the South.) I said typically, more white people are Republican, but that a lot of white people are Democrat as well...noting that COLOR really shouldn't have anything to do with believing in what's important to you.
(Clearly, I've failed as a mother.)

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Nana said...

Give yourself a break! Eve is barely out of the womb. She will reflect your and her Dad's outlook on life - not the views of those around her. :o)