Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Belated 40th Birthday!

I'm so totally on island time these days, it's gotten ridiculous. I love it. It is the way I was meant to live. Ok, enough excuses though. CRH turned 40 last week! For his birthday, I was going to rent a stand up paddle board for him for the day. The morning of his birthday, I called the place and they didn't have anyone available to meet us to rent a board. I would like to mention that on this particular beautiful, sunny day I think their staff was all out surfing. ;) Anyway, I reserved one for the weekend so that we could all go but sadly CRH's work schedule changed. Today was the day and we went out this morning for several hours. It was tons of fun. This was his first time and only my second. He caught on quickly and ended up paddling me on the front of the board down the river for about an hour. It was gorgeous! We saw tons of turtles while we were out too, both together and separately. Incidentally, we remarked how this was the first time we've done anything involving a paddle since our unfortunate outrigger canoe experience of 2000. I guess now that we're getting divorced, it was ok to try it.
So, I highly recommend this activity now on the Hart Family tour when you visit. It's so easy (mostly, depending on the surf) to rent a board for the day and it's a great peaceful, fun workout.
Happy 40th Birthday CRH!

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