Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's a Good Thing

It's a good thing I didn't try to do my undergrad here because I would have flunked out hard core. I'm so distracted by Hawaii. This morning I took Eve to the Farmer's Market, which is awesome. It was the Cacao Festival and we sampled lots of yummy goodness. We ate tons of chocolate recipe concoctions to include chocolate raviolis. One of them was super yummy with pineapple in the middle and one was pink and tart, not my favorite but very interesting to try. Hawaii is the only state that has successful cacoa crops. Several places around us grow it and we could have taken a farm tour but I wasn't feeling that today. I'm not quite that granola yet. Next month is Cacao Month here with promises for more yummy goodness. Fortunately for me, it's rainy today so I can study this afternoon. Although there are still countless other things I'd rather be doing than reading about research.

I'd also like to say it's a good thing CRH agreed to still live with us while I do this degree. I appreciate it immensely especially after a week of trying it as a single mom. I have no worries about my ability to be a single mom after I finish this program, but it would be completely impossible in the process. I'm lucky to have friends here that are amazing and do awesome things with Eve so I can attend classes and study when he's off island. There's something to that whole 'it takes a village' thing. I'm happy for his return tonight though. We're getting along really well right now and things are peaceful and pleasant at the homestead. It's a shame we had to get divorced to become friends again, but I think we're both so much happier and in the end that's what's most important for all three of us. Last week was Divorce Day and ironically he was in San Francisco where we started our epic honeymoon adventure. We've come a long way this year. I feel good about where we're headed. I hope he does too.

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