Monday, January 10, 2011

School Is In Session

Well it's back into the black hole I go for a few months...I'll try to be a little better blogger this semester, but it promises to be super busy. I'll toot my own horn (because it's my blog and all) and tell you guys that I ended last semester with a 4.0. I hope I haven't gotten too big for my britches (I love that Southern-ism), as I've signed up for 18 hours this semester! Three of those hours are practicum and 3 hours are an online course that only meets for 1.5 hours a week and totally relates to my job, so I'm pretty psyched. I'm sure by the time I have assembled all of my syllabi Thursday night though, I'll be singing a different tune.
On a lighter note, I'll be drowning whatever emotion related to this semester that I have on Thursday night with my girls that are coming to visit this week! Becky and Bronwen are set to leave snowy, freezing NC for warm, sunny Hawaii this Wednesday. It's my final fun before descending into my hole. I'll post pictures before I go.

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