Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eve's Birthday and a Fun Trip Home

We all (minus Eve) just came back from a super fun trip to NC. Eve is remaining there until the end of her summer break. She is hanging out with my parents and family and having a blast! She's camping with Nanna and her cousins one week and making the visiting rounds.

We didn't make the rounds so much this time, but thankfully friends and family made the trek to see us in Greensboro. It was so much fun seeing everyone. It was so not overly fun getting rid of the storage pod, but I'm thankful it's done and we're not spending so much money a month to store things that we don't want any longer. I discovered I was a hoarder in my former life. I kept opening boxes going and asking myself "WTF?". The real kicker was when my friends found the Santa toilet paper. Clearly, I'd gone over the edge at some point.

Our first weekend home we had a super fun birthday party for Eve. Sadly, CRH was in Vegas for his store manager's annual conference, but we managed to celebrate big in his absence. My parents and I took Eve to Myrtle Beach to my grandparents' condo for her actual birthday and she had a blast swimming in the pool and collecting seashells. We lack shells here except for just a few on very select beaches. The final weekend of our stay, in addition to cleaning out the pod, we celebrated Sam and Amy's upcoming baby with a baby shower. I was so thankful to be home for one of those and can't wait til the fall when Haisley arrives and I get to go back home to meet her!

Also, I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our friends and family that helped clean out the storage pod. You guys are awesome!!!

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