Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fun Times in HI Before NC

Eve and I decided to take today to go to our local water park. She had a summer pass last year and begged us to go, but we never did. She went several times with a friend and with her Summer Fun program though and loved it. I decided that today was her day for us to go. I'm actually really gearing up to miss her this summer, so I'm pretty much doing whatever she wants right now.

We got there and rode a few rides and ate lunch and then it started raining. Eve was initially operating under the 'we're already wet' premise, but then went with the 'I want to sit under a tree and wait for it to pass' premise. I didn't love the later option, but when she decides that's what she's doing, that's it. I have NO idea where she gets that (must be her Dad). :) After the rain passed rather quickly, we rode some more rides and I actually convinced her to get on a really big slide with a huge inner tube and she LOVED it. We had an awesome day hanging out.

She finished the 2nd grade with fabulous progress and since CRH will be in Vegas for work over her birthday, we decided to take her out to dinner tonight to celebrate these things and give her birthday presents to her from us. We ate a fantastic dinner at Leonardo's at Turtle Bay and walked around just after sunset on the grounds. It was a fantastic end to a fantastic day! She and CRH leave tomorrow night and I leave the following night for NC.

Aloha for now...

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