Friday, February 26, 2010

Conversations with Eve

The kid is freaking hilarious sometimes. We had a hysterical conversation watching the Olympics yesterday that I thought was funny enough to actually post on here. Last night, she was eating her Vegas M&Ms (of which we still have PLENTY). She put one in my mouth and instantly recoiled.
Eve: "I haaaattteeee to feed you!"
Me: (laughing) "What do you mean you hate to feed me? Hell, that's why I had a kid so that someone will feed me when I'm old! If not you, then who?"
Eve: "I don't know, but that is gross."
Me: "Seriously, who's going to feed me? I fed you for years...hello, payback?!"
Eve: (laughing to the point of hysterics)"I was a baby. You had to feed me, it's different. I'm going to get you a chair with a fork on it".
Here's what I have to look forward to people...I better adopt one of those cute little orphans pretty soon.

Completely unrelated note: Yesterday I was at Papa'iloa beach and actually saw them filming Lost. Apparently they were just rehearsing when I saw them a few weeks ago, because yesterday it was taped off with a guard. I started to break through and run for it, but I thought since I was the only parent on the island...maybe I shouldn't get arrested.

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