Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sacred Falls

Happy Valentine's Day to all!
The Hart family woke up today, chatted with some of our family, and hit the trails. Sacred Falls is a waterfall about 5 minutes from our house. On Mother's Day in 1999, sadly 8 people died during a rock slide. The City and County closed the falls after this to public access and technically the only way you can get to it is if you take a helicopter tour over it...whatever. Even though the trail is closed and the gates are locked and there are numerous signs saying "Keep out", "Park is Closed", "Falling Rocks", we decided to scale the fence and go up. Well, I actually had a total panic attack while trying to scale said fence and walked wayyyy around it with CRH to get in...but I digress.
The hike to Sacred Falls is gorgeous! It's a 4 mile round trip hike and it's totally worth it. It's long (took us 4 hours), but one of the easier ones to get to on the know if you don't mind the potential for rock slides and all. When we arrived, we were the only people at the falls. It provided some excellent photo ops and CRH and our friend, Kevin, got into the falls for a swim. Apparently, the water is FRIGID. I stayed warmly sitting on a rock (presumably one of the ones that slid in 99). Eve finally got up the courage to go in, so the men folk swam her over and they sat in this little cave above the pool. She did not want to go under the falls...I can't say that I blame her....brrrrr.
As we were hiking down, a woman stopped us and told us that a few rocks had fallen near them in this one area. Hmmmmm, there might be something to all of those signs after all, but I'm pleased to report we did not witness any of this.

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