Monday, February 22, 2010

CRH LA Celeb Experience

CRH left HI today for LA. Apparently Chris Brown had been in Waikiki last week and flew back to LA on the same flight. As CRH was leaving LAX, he heard someone call "Chris", so he looks up...which is funny b/c he has a complete fit if you call him that and NOT Christropher. Anyway, the flash bulbs starting going off and he has told me that he's sure he'll be in next week's People because he was RIGHT behind Chris during this paparazzi operation. The funniest part was when he texted me to tell me that Chris had gotten into a huge black SUV, while he waited for the rental car van. Now I was personally amazed and impressed that CRH even knows who Chris Brown is, but as I type this I think we saw him on Punked one day, otherwise I have no idea how he even knows of him.
Back here on Oahu, they are filming Bethany's Story (aka Soul Surfer) with Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid, and Carrie Underwood. I saw them filming all weekend up here, including several driving scenes...which is really a large flatbed truck pulling the vehicle that is in the movie while the camera guys hang off and get the shots. It's pretty much a pain in the ass here though because we have ONE road and the truck is big, so it creates mad traffic. It took me almost 45 minutes to go 15 minutes down the road on Saturday...not loving that part.

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