Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ode to the S40

When I was pregnant with Eve, we had a Toyota Camry and a Saturn something or another. The Saturn was a 2 door straight drive car...not a fam car. I went and picked out the blue Volvo S40 one day while I was killing time at work. I fell in love with that car. Initially it was CRH's, but once my Camry lease ended I found him his dream car (yep, the Volvo wagon) and I took this one. We moved both of them here and in the past few years this one has been giving me some our relationship has been a love-hate one. We had to buy CRH a new car last summer when his died and so sadly we really aren't in a great position for mine to have died this second in time, but I would like to point out that this car did make it to over 200,000 miles. It needed gas, so it died on empty saving me $35. I was sure that it was going to die one day right after I'd filled up. It needed an oil change and a safety inspection this month too. I was going to go earlier this week and do it, but I've just felt like crap all week and was lazy...thankfully because it saved me $60. Finally, the car was nice enough to die about a block from my house. It needs a new transmission (along with many, many other things), so it's just not worth fixing. It's currently out under the mango tree...RIP dear Volvo...RIP.

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