Saturday, May 8, 2010

Martha Stewart I'm Not...

Someone was recently looking at a piece of furniture in our house and complimenting my work, so I think it overinflated my crafty ego. I’m trying to decorate the new house on a budget (Well, because I have to since all our money seems to go just toward the actual structure remaining over our heads.). The new, cool, hip thing is making something old new again and to use “found” items. It’s so very green. I “found” a metal dresser at a local furniture store the other day. It was a basic 5 drawer dresser, white metal that someone had painted a drippy brown with brass handles. Sounds gorgeous, right? It was every bit as horrible as you imagine, but I saw some potential in it. It was only $60 too…that didn’t hurt in the search for potential. The really cool thing about it for me…it was Made in Hawaii. I snatched it up from the nice, Asian, Jesus loving, furniture junkyard selling lady and CRH picked it up for me the next day much to his horror at the clutter of her store. He brought it home and I washed it up and took off the handles to prep it for painting. Here’s a before shot (should have left the handles on for this…but use your imagination).

Thursday, I spent hours working on this…mostly due to the cleanup. CRH told me NOT to paint it outside because of our weather. He did not tell me to tarp the entire freaking house. OMG this made the biggest mess ever and I think I’m still high from the paint fumes. I sanded it some first. My sister-in-law (who could give old Martha a run for her money) told me some basic steps on how to make over this piece. I sanded as much as I could and then I spray painted it candy apple (whore) red. My plan was for it to be a crimson color to match one of the stripes in my comforter, but it turned out more fire engine red. I now lovingly refer to it as the toolbox. Does this not look exactly like your Dad’s toolbox in the garage?? I painted the handles silver because I did actually like the design of them and it was cheaper than buying new ones. Overall, I’m kind of digging it. It’s got flaws, but so do I. I think once I decorate the top, it’ll be awesome. Although now, I kind of need a new comforter for the bed to match it….hahaha!

I know the blogging has slowed down a lot. We honestly haven’t been doing that much. I feel like I drive 1000 miles a day between my current job and carting Eve to Ka’a’awa everyday for school and back. We did go to Ka’ena Point last Saturday and we saw 4 monk seals, several baby albatross, and I found 2 giant cowry shells (which is cool b/c now I’ll stop coveting the neighbor’s). School ends on May 25th and we have a boatload of company coming this summer (yay!!!!)…so stay tuned for some excitement around here soon. I promise it’s coming!

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