Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bragging Rights

Eve Hart came home today with her test scores for Math and Reading this year and we are super proud parents! At the beginning of the year, she was testing at a 2.4 grade level for Math. She finished the year testing at a 4.4 (in MATH!). In Reading, she came into the year testing at a 3.9 and went up to a 4.8! We are very pleased with her progress and we're thinking that maybe we were a little too hard on her teacher because clearly she's learned a lot this year! She'll be getting a lovely end of the year gift.

My grades were slightly less awesome. I took 18 credits this semester and I'm an "A" student. I had all "A"s last semester and I have all "A"s this semester, except for one class. I got a "B-" and I'm pissed. The professor (who I loved until this week) gave me all "A"s until my final, which he thought was a "D-". I'll own it wasn't my best work, but it damn sure was NOT a "D-". I even had a co-worker read over it objectively before I told him I'd already received my grade and he thought it was far greater than "D-" level as well. I'm not going to challenge it because this is a small island and this professor is a professional in the community with a lot of connections and I've heard that he holds grudges, but I am going to bitch about it to anyone that will listen. :) In the end, I still came out with a "B-" and ultimately no one has ever asked me about my GPA (thankfully).

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