Saturday, June 20, 2009

Car Shopping

I hate it, so I try and make it as quick and painless as possible. We spent 3.5 hours are the dealership today, but left the owners of a red '06 PT cruiser convertible with only 9K miles on it. CRH's car has been dying a slow and painfully expensive death for about 2 years now. We have slowly fixed and fixed, each time saying "It's cheaper than buying a new car." Well, when he called yesterday I knew it was time. He had just put in a new radiator like 3 months ago to the tune of $500. The light came back on this week...that didn't go over well. Then right before we left for vacation, he discovered that he could no longer open the trunk...seriously. THEN, yesterday he called and was yelling about the seems it would not start. CRH does NOT yell...ever. I yell, but not him. He called AAA and discovered the fuel pump was bad. That was the final straw.
Here's some funny stuff for you. I did an AMAZING job of holding my tongue today b/c 1. I knew CRH wanted this car and 2. the aforementioned hatred of car shopping...had I said what I wanted to we would have left without the car and would have spent tomorrow in yet another dealership...yuck. So, CRH does not do large purchases. He gets very anxious and nervous and grumpy and well, you see where this is going. I usually always "handle" these things. He did a good job of the initial part but when it comes time to negotiate, he has to leave the room. The finance manager (who was an older Asian male) was not pleased with this. If he asked me ONE more time where my husband had gone (after I'd already told him like 5 times that I would take it from here), I was going to punch him in the mouth. THEN he's talking to me and explaining the warranty (which I did end up purchasing) and told me in a very condescending tone that as a housewife I should really look at how this would impact us best financially in the long asshole. Why do car dealership people SUCK?? The sales guy was actually very nice...I'll give them that...but this guy was an idiot.
I forgot to bring the camera this morning...still very scattered after getting back from our SUPER fun trip to I'll post a pic of the husband in his snazzy new wheels tomorrow.

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june hart said...

I think my Hart (J) and your Hart (C) must have been separated at birth! We arrive on the island 7/1/09 and have four whole days to buy a car. (Ugh!)