Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sundays Freaking Rule!

This has been a very nice, relaxing weekend. Yesterday, Eve went to Jaylynn's birthday party (for 4 hours...thanks Nancy!). I went to the beach. CRH worked and went to see Transformers...snooze. I'm still very angry at him for making me see the 1st one. I declined to see this one. We did watch Revoluntary Road last night...hated it...a lot.
Today, I cleaned up and out Eve's room. We rearranged some toys to make it easier for her to play in there...AND she's actually in there playing right now. (I hope you guys were sitting down.) After this massive undertaking, we went down to the beach and floated on our inner tubes and then went shopping to CRH's store. It's 50% off clearance (plus my discount), so how could I not go?! I'm not one to openly discuss my size until I actually lose these last 10 lbs at which point I plan to shout it from the mtn. tops or go on Oprah and announce it to the world, but I will say that I bought a size today that I have NOT bought in almost 7 years. It was glorious. The heavens opened up and smiled on me today. Now, I promptly left Banana and headed to Godiva for their new ice cream truffles, but I'm going to try to space them out over a few days (yeah, right!).
So, the coolest part of the day...otw home from shopping Eve and I saw 5 rainbows...yes, I said 5!! Here are pics of 2 of them. I actually stopped and got out of the car to take them...GORGEOUS.
I heart rainbows.
I heart my pre-pregnancy sizes.
I heart my cute family and I really heart Sundays.
I hope you all had a great weekend too!

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