Friday, June 26, 2009

Good Beach Reads

It's been pretty ho-hum here lately...CRH is working like every day, I've just been hanging out doing my usual part-time stuff, and Eve's been at camp. She loves this camp btw...they are doing lots of fun stuff with the kids. So, no exciting news on our end at all...nothing.
I will tell you guys though about some hilarious stuff I've been reading. My friend, Lori, recommended Jen Lancaster's books to me a few weeks ago. The 1st one Bitter is the New Black is funny, but I started Bright Lights, Big Ass the other day and I've laughed out loud on numerous occasions. I was reading it on the beach yesterday by myself, just laughing my head off. I know the people around me thought I must be a total nut was funny. Highly recommend them...but they are total chick books (which you probably guessed by the titles).

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