Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Worst Pain Ever

I was told around 3:30pm today that my Daddy is in the hospital. He has suffered a massive heart attack. When the news first came it wasn't good...they didn't expect him to make it. It's gotten a little better, though he remains in the Cardio ICU in an induced coma from what I can tell. They plan to start bringing him out of said coma at 11pm EST tomorrow to assess the damage...Eve and I leave the island to go back home tomorrow...I've never been this sad in my life. I don't pray and it seems VERY hypocritical to start now...but I am asking (begging) those of you that do pray...to please do so. I cannot imagine my life at 33 without him...I'm not finished yet.

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Anonymous said...

Dar Amy - I'm just seeing this now and it's been almost a week since your father suffered his hear attack.
I'm lifting him, your mom and all of you up in prayer and will continue to do so.
I lost my own father to a heart attack when I was 30. I surely know how you feel.
All the best to you and your family and it's my heartfel wish that your dad is recovering and feeling better.