Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not Much Happening Here

I know that you guys must be bored to tears with me right now...hell, I'm bored with me right now. There has been NOTHING going on around here worth blogging about. It's been super windy, pretty rainy, and yes mock me...a little cold. I managed to squeeze a few hours of beach time out this past weekend, but not since. I'm hoping for a gorgeous weekend. We've just been living though...working, going to school, etc.
CRH and I looked at a new potential house in Haleiwa on Tuesday. We really liked it and are going to turn in our rental app tomorrow. The only snafu is that they will only hold a house for a week and we have to give a 30 day notice at our current location. We can't afford rent here for 2 places, so I'm hoping if we pay a deposit they will hold it. It's been vacant for a few I'm betting they will. It's a 4bdrm house, but there are NO closets so we are going to turn the small 4th bedroom into a walk in closet. It's about the only way to get one here in Hawaii anyway.
I've laid off the stalking of the wildlife lately too since I haven't been on the beach, but I did see a monk seal on the beach in Kaaawa yesterday on the way home. Today I spotted whales off Shark's Cove. I was driving and almost wrecked the car I was so busy looking at them!

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