Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Haleiwa Bound

Changes are abounding at the Hart house. We are moving to Haleiwa next month! We found a house in Haleiwa that is less than what we pay now. It has 4 bedrooms, but the 4th bedroom will be our walk in closet, since there are NO closets in any of the bedrooms…very weird. The outside of the house is lavender, so Eve Hart loves it. There are 2 bathrooms, which I think will just be luxury style living again. We won’t be on the water anymore, but since I never go to this beach anyway and I’m always North Shore, that wasn’t a huge piece for me. This house is just off a main road, but more in a neighborhood type setting with some other kids around for Eve to play with! The downside is that because we are breaking our lease, we will essentially only get back ½ of our deposit. The new realtor won’t hold this place for us long enough to give a full 30 day notice…ugg. Also, it’s not furnished…so we have a house to furnish as well. My birthday is coming up though, so if anyone needs any gift ideas…HOUSE stuff please!
Here are a few more pics!
This is the huge semi wrap around porch where you can dine with us.

The Master Bedroom where guests will stay with their own private bathroom.

Obviously, the kitchen area where CRH will continue to prepare yummy goodness.

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