Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

Eve's spring break is officially over! The kids went back to school today for their typical school week, but this week is actually not a Furlough Friday. It's Prince Kuhio Day in Hawaii. I'm ticked that I don't get it off since it's a state holiday, but whatever. Gloria will be here Wednesday-Monday and CRH is off with her. Eve seemed to love Spring Break this year. Usually I'm very structured in her breaks with camps and stuff, but not this time. Monday and Tuesday she hung out with my friend, Khristy. She loved it! Wednesday, CRH took her to Makapuu Lighthouse to hike up and look for whales. They spotted some and had a very nice hike. Thursday, we signed the lease on the new place, took her to see the inside, and then she and I went shopping. Friday, CRH took her out on a boat with a friend of his cousin Ben's and they didn't see whales this time, but they saw sea turtles and dolphins. Saturday she had a class birthday party and yesterday I took her to the zoo. I think we crammed a lot in and she had a blast.
If only I knew what to do with her over the summer!! I don't have anything set up yet. It's been hard to plan with the move and whatnot, so I hope I haven't waited too long! I may have to ship her home to NC and shuffle her between family and friends. :) It would be cheaper than camp! I called the local YMCA near our new house to check on their summer camp...$450 a week. I almost hung up on the poor woman.

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