Sunday, March 14, 2010

Waimea Falls and Sunset

I'm back...THE funk is over. Yesterday was a gorgeous day, as is today. Eve is officially on Spring Break and she and Mia have been spending every second (waking and not) together since Thursday afternoon. The girls were at Mia's yesterday morning, so I went to Rocky Point to lay out on the beach and to watch the surfers. I have a friend that is a surf photographer and he pointed Jack Johnson out to me in the water with his mega lens. He told me that we were sitting right in front of his house, so apparently he does actually live up here...a fact I was doubtful of since I've NEVER seen him before. I also saw whales up there too frolicking in the ocean.

When the girls came over here, I needed something to do with them. They are kind of played out of the toys here right now and needed a destination that wasn't the beach either. We decided to go to Waimea Falls. It's an easy walk and gorgeous with the flora and fauna. They took their baby dolls and pushed them along the walk. I'm sure the other people were highly displeased with this decision due to the noise of the baby strollers...yes, I was THAT parent. I apologize, but the girls loved it. On the way out, we saw one of the peacocks all fanned out. I'm sure there is a technical term for this, but I don't know it. Check him out!

After the falls, I took Mia to her Dad for the hand off and went to meet CRH and our friend Kevin at Papa'iloa to watch sunset. We haven't gone to see sunset in eons. It was a great day for it! There was a ton of photography going on out there at that time too. A wedding that we all swear was a shotgun wedding b/c the bride and groom looked like they were about 15, a pregnancy shoot, and a family photo shoot. It was entertaining to watch it all. The wedding shoot took place at the water's edge. I can't imagine doing that to a wedding dress, but you see it ALL the time here.

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