Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nanna's Visit

CRH's mom, The Nanna, was here last week. We had a delightful, relaxing visit and CRH was able to be off almost the entire time she was here. She arrived Wednesday night and we sat up and talked for a long time. Thursday we tried to go to the beach after they picked Eve up from school, but it was raining so we took her over to peek at the new house. Friday they had a beach day while I worked. Saturday, we all lounged at Papa'iloa beach for hours. We saw sea turtles playing in the surf, but not any beached. Sunday, we hiked to Ka'ena Point. For some reason, this is the only day I took my camera. It was a great hike! We saw albatross, baby albatross, 2 monk seals, and several whales. The seals were pretty active and playing around. It was a nice change since we usually just watch them sleep on the sand. This is what I love about this place. I mean seriously...how freaking awesome is that? I've lived here 2 years now and I still get like a kid in a candy store anytime I see sea life. I wonder if that ever subsides? Then, Monday they had lunch with Eve at school, did some shopping, and Nanna went back to Alaska to start her move back to SC. Thanks for visiting, Nanna!
Here are some pics from our hike! Our next guests, Ya-Ya and Daddy Roy, will be at the new place! Our official move date is April 10th.

"Baby" Albatross - still a pretty freaking huge bird!

Monk Seals - I actually took some better ones that day, but I love this one b/c they are "talking". According to the website about Oahu monk seals that I stalk, these guys are M&M and Ka'ena (n9 mark).

Whales - Loving the view those guys had, but would have hated (never made) the journey seeing as how I do NOT kayak.

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