Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello 34

Today is my birthday...Happy Birthday to me. It was a fairly low key day, except I got introduced to Jack freaking Johnson!!! I am a HUGE fan of his music. I worked out with my trainer today and it was a beach run day (NOT my fave...much prefer pavement) and after stretches, we looked up and Jack was on the beach with 2 of his kids. My trainer knows him, so he went over to say "Hi" and introduced me. It was freaking awesome! I didn't act like the crazed fan that I am...I maintained my cool...but in my head I was squealing!
After working out, I went to meet the cable guys at the new place and then headed to pick Eve up. I've had a great day of birthday calls, texts, and FB messages. Our friends, Bruce and Amy Jo, are coming over for a spaghetti dinner tonight. Last night, CRH made me a delicious dinner since he has to close tonight. Then, it's packing time...I wish it were Sunday already and our stuff was in the new house. My brother was laughing at me today saying how I should be a pro at moving by now. I think I'm a gypsy by his standards.

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