Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Remember How I Mentioned Changes?

Earlier in the year I mentioned that 2010 would be a year full of changes...I was alluding to this event, but hadn't fully come to terms with it and definitely wasn't ready to blog about it. I hope this is not how you are finding out if you are family or friends (if so, I'm truly sorry), but CRH and I are separating.
We did move this past weekend to Haleiwa together in the same house. I will NOT be blogging about the details of said separation, but we are living in the same house in our own rooms and co-parenting Eve. She is aware that we are in separate rooms (obviously), but does not know that we are headed toward divorce. We will likely continue this arrangement until I finish my MSW. We are best friends and we are trying really hard to hold onto that through this...wish us luck with that.

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