Sunday, April 4, 2010


I was completely unprepared for Easter this year. It just came up on me and wham! So, I crammed it all into the last few days. Thursday, I picked Eve and her friend, Mia up from school and brought them home to dye (paint) Easter eggs. Then, we met CRH at the mall after work to see the Easter bunny. Our plans that evening included Mia staying for a sleepover until Eve barfed her dinner back into her bowl in the middle of IHOP. It was one of those parenting moments where you just sit and watch, but can't really do anything. Mia is HORRIFIED by vomit, so she totally flipped herself around in the booth. It was really funny after the fact. It was scary right then though because Eve had a fever of 102. I freak when she gets a fever because the kid is never sick. Anyway, it was a short thing and she was ready Friday AM for the Girl Scout Easter Egg hunt.

Friday morning most of the troop and some of their siblings came over to the house for an egg hunt and games. These kids are so cute and we had so much fun!
Of course today was the big day. Eve got up at 6:45am to see what the bunny had left. She got a zhu zhu hamster, which I didn't even know about until our friend Lori mentioned it around Christmas. That's the great thing about living in the country on an island...the "in" toys don't really make it up here. Anyway, Eve had seen them at 7-11 of all places and fell in love with them. After the candy breakfast of champions, she went over to Mia's house for an Easter egg hunt. Then, she came home for lunch. CRH made us a delicious meal and we had some lovely friends join us. It was a very relaxing, fun holiday...loved it! Hope you all had a Happy Easter too!

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