Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Black Friday!

The Hart family enjoyed a fun day yesterday, well 2/3 of us did. 1/3 of us had to work insane hours, so I can't speak for him so much. We are VERY THANKFUL for how hard he works and continues to provide for us though.
Ok, so I decided that I wanted to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year. Previously, I have always been assigned pies (because I can bake like a champ), bread, or to bring the can of cranberry sauce. In the spring when my grandmother found out about our divorce, she said to me "Amy, how are you going to eat? He does ALL the cooking.". I have laughed and laughed over this, but I think it inspired me. I started cooking and I realized I don't suck at it either. I attribute this to watching CRH cook for years, but I've got it not so much down as coming along.
Our menu included Roasted Turkey with Artichoke-Sausage Stuffing, Green Bean casserole, Deviled Eggs (which CRH made), Rolls (ok, I bought those), gravy, and of course the can of cranberries (which I opened). Dinner would NOT be complete without our favorite, Nutella Pumpkin Pie. I started cooking Wednesday night and finished prepping Thursday morning.
Thursday afternoon, I went to my friend's house for Thanksgiving lunch and to pick up Eve Hart. We ate a delicious meal with their family and then I headed home to finish cooking our dinner. I was SO full, but I managed to put in a dent in this plate.

After dinner, CRH went to work from 7pm -7am and a friend of mine and I took Eve and 2 of her friends to The Fun Factory and to see Tangled. It was cute enough, but I'd rent it if I were you.
Today, we avoided the stores (except the grocery store for wine and Ace for cheap Christmas lights and both stores were desolate). I spent the day instead working my tail off with Eve and a friend rearranging her room. It looks awesome now, but holy crap I'm sore. I cleaned the house like company was coming (though no one is until January) and now I'm ready to decorate for Christmas tomorrow!
Hope you all had a great turkey day! It's been a hard year, but I have so VERY much to be thankful, friends, a job, my health, school, and less we forget my location!

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