Sunday, November 28, 2010


Thanks to the awesomeness of the Norfolk pine tree, I was able to put up our Christmas tree this weekend. If you put up an imported real tree in HI this early you will have a pile of dead needles by Christmas, but last year I discovered this delightful variety. The really cool thing about this tree is that it's fairly "green" for a real tree. You also only have to water it like twice all season and they do NOT shed needles. So they cut off the top of these giant trees, allowing the tree to continue growing. Yesterday, I took Eve and her friend, Leah, to pick out our tree. Normally, I go alone and look at every single tree and very carefully chose the BEST one. This year, I let Eve do it and our tree is sooooo crooked, but she picked it out. I will allow my OCD self to love the tree anyway. I'll just turn my head when I look at it each and every time all season long.
CRH and our friend, Kevin, went diving yesterday. I took Eve and Leah to a local resort with my friend, Robby, and played in the pools and hot tub. When we all arrived home, we started decorating the tree. CRH and Kevin initially put up all the lights, until we went to plug it in and over half the strands did not work. I realized those two bright lights had NOT plugged boy ends to girl ends and they had just tucked things around., I unwrapped the lights and Kevin and I redid it all because CRH declared himself done after that fiasco. The rest of the tree decorating went very smoothly and the finished product is our lovely Charlie Brown, crooked tree.

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