Sunday, November 21, 2010

Minus Another Tooth

This weekend was soooo relaxing and fun. Saturday, I woke up and took Eve to a craft fair at a local school. She and I had fun walking around and looking at things. We gathered ideas and made plans for the holidays. I took her for a long beach walk Saturday afternoon and we picked up lots of cool shells and saw a sea turtle out on the beach. It was a perfect North Shore afternoon. CRH texted me as I was coming back with Eve down the beach and said he wanted to meet us with wine and apps for sunset. It was a gorgeous evening. On the beach, Eve's front tooth started bothering her. She bit into a cracker hard and it started bleeding some. When we got home, she asked CRH to pull it. Oh how thankful I was to have him here to do that....ewwwww. Today, she's down another tooth. I love this toothless smile. I'm happy all of her Christmas pics will be this cute smile.

Today we hung out and had a low key day. I actually woke up this morning thinking that it had to be Monday because I was so relaxed, but I was delighted when I figured out it was Sunday and I could go back to sleep.

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