Thursday, March 19, 2009

Amy 1, Flu 0

It has been a long, hard fought battle, but I think I can declare myself the victor. It was touch and go earlier in the week, but fortunately I didn't die. My poor child went into exile. My sweet, darling, precious, wonderful husband put up with a BUNCH this week. It appears that I'm not so nice when I'm sick...who knew? (This post was originally going to go very differently, feel free to ask him about his car at some point if you are curious as to the other direction which was funnier, but I decided to keep it nice...especially since it appears I've been a real bitch for the past many days.)
I did learn a few things this week.
1. The stomach flu really will help you lose weight! (If you can live through it.)
2. I was AMAZED after not watching Guiding Light for 10+ years to turn it on for less than 5 minutes one day this week and see 3 of the old actors...AMAZED.
3. I should never, ever leave the house without make-up. I rarely (never) do this, but today I just wasn't feeling it. I went to go pick up Eve from her sitter. The sitter looked at me and said "You look really, really pale.". Of course, I took this to mean "You look like ass!"...but she's Mormon and probably wouldn't say ass.
4. When you have the stomach flu, there really isn't a thing in the world the Dr. can do for you except give you anti-nausea meds. I had hoped for magic.
So, I'm better...thanks for all the get well wishes! Our friends, the Zinns, are coming on Wednesday for 10 days. There should be some fun posts coming about their trip and the stuff we get to do while they are here. Eve is so excited to see Ava and Cooper she can hardly stand it!

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kathy said...

Getting caught up with your blog Amy....
So sorry you've been gosh, it sounds like it was bad!
Glad to hear the worse is over and you're on the mend. :)