Sunday, March 1, 2009

Miss Eco-Conscious

After my kid went to church today with the neighbors, she came home and went to the beach with Mom and Dad...this is our form of church. We were laying cheek to cheek on the beach mat enjoying the sunny day when she made the statement "Hey Mom, let's pick up the glass on the beach so I don't cut my feet." I actually responded with "No, I'd rather just lay where you walk.". I instantly felt when she persisted with "Mom, you don't want me to cut my feet do you???"...there was NOTHING to do but get up and say "Of course not dear..." and proceed to pick up glass...the Hawaiians sure are litter bugs. We (I) picked up a HUGE handful of glass off the stretch of beach in front of our house today. That was our good deed of the day...although I really shouldn't get to claim was HER good deed.


Nonni said...

Quick! check the Daisy Girl Scout book.....picking up trash/glass on the beach is bound to be a requirement for some type of Ecology badge!!!

Amy said...

Lol...I love it...she can earn a badge before it even starts! I better be careful though...don't want her cheating and having the other girls hate her (all the way through school)!

Nonni said...

Miss Eve Hart is NO Katherine Graves!!!!