Saturday, March 7, 2009


When Eve was about 2 1/2 or so, Hello Kitty came to the Barnes & Noble store at Southpointe Mall in Durham. I assumed she would LOVE to go and see Hello Kitty...I assumed wrong. She was TERRIFIED of Hello Kitty's gigantic head. We sat and listened to a story and then HK came out for photos. Eve wanted a photo, but it is of her and I with HK and she's on the opposite of HK curled into my neck. She hated it...but she remembers it and has asked to go back to see HK countless times...and countless times I've explained that HK was a one time thing...sorry she was scared and missed it.
Well lo and freaking behold, I open Midweek on Thursday and it's the 2nd Anniversary of the Sanrio store opening at Windward Mall today...and guess what?? Hello Kitty is making a special appearance! So, she got a HK do-over. She loved it. :) We went to IHOP afterwards for chocolate chip pancakes...yum!

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