Sunday, May 10, 2009

Best Mother's Day EVER!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you that are Moms. Good Lord it's a hard job...I think we should get a week or a month. Anyway, today ROCKED!! I woke up this morning to a lovely array of jewelry from my family, a flock of baby chicks that my parents sent via Heifer International, some wine from a friend, and plumeria strewn across the kitchen island. It was delightful! We talked to my family this morning...wished everyone Happy Mother's Day. CRH made biscuits and gravy for breakfast (hate that the weekly weigh in is tomorrow...) and then we went to Hanauma Bay to go snorkeling with our friends, Norm and Eileen, that are visiting this week.

When we got to the bay, the parking lot was full and there is NO other close parking, so we turned around and literally drove right back by and it was in we went. We finally bought Eve a decent snorkel so she was happy to come out with us today. We are out there swimming around seeing cool fish - parrotfish, Humu Humu, surgeonfish, wrasse, etc. and CRH wanted to go on the other side of the reef, so Eve and I were heading in...turns out swimming against the current at 5 years old is a little hard. On our way back, I spotted out of the corner of my eye a SEA TURTLE!!!! I almost had a heart attack...seriously. I really want a good underwater digital camera (alas), however in a most fortunate turn of events I had stopped this morning to pick up a new underwater disposable camera. I almost broke my arm trying to snap pics of this turtle and hold onto my kid to keep her from drowning. It was fantastic!! He swam around, poked his head up, dove down, ate some reef stuff. CRH got to see him too on his way back was so amazing. I was so excited that I even called my parents from the bay to tell them about it.

I went back out later to another part of the bay with Eve's new snorkel board (which I'm not a big fan of btw) and this lady starts yelling to her boyfriend that she sees a turtle. Well, I swam over there as quickly as I could and stalked this guy (the turtle) for a long time. He was just hanging out and eating reef stuff too...swimming around...doing turtle stuff. These creatures are so awesome...I love them.

After the bay we did my favorite lunch spot, which is Kona Brewing Company. This has become sort of our thing. We go to the bay and then there for lunch. It was just a wonderful, relaxing day. Pics of the turtle will come once I get the film developed... I know that's so 2001.

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Will look forward to seeing the turtle cool! :)