Saturday, May 30, 2009

Birthday Party #1

I'm big on celebrating Eve's birthday...she's an only kid. I only have to do it once a year, why not max it out? It started today and ends next Sunday on her actual birthday. A bit much, probably...

Today was the first of four parties. I realized that we won't all be together again at home until June 17th, so it made sense to give Eve her gifts from us today before CRH left for the conference. She had fun opening all of her loot. The Easy Bake oven was a hit! She made a cake for us this afternoon (a quite tasty little cake I might add). That was her "big" gift from us. Tonight we took her to Jimmy Buffet's restaurant in Waikiki before we dropped CRH off at the airport. Eve had fun, got a butterfly balloon hat, ate her mac and cheese and enjoyed a birthday sundae...however upon leaving announced "I didn't come here to eat, I came here to see Jimmy Buffett". I felt her pain.

Tomorrow is her Fancy Nancy (thanks Verdicchio Family for the idea!) tea party with her Hawaii friends. It's a girls only OOh La La event.

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