Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fancy Nancy Tea Party aka Birthday Party #2

It's 8:30pm HI time...I'm beat...I mean totally exhausted. It's been a BIG weekend. Today, Eve's hula class had a big beach party. I did not know this prior to scheduling the birthday party, so it was a packed day! I got up this morning, made cupcakes, and did a mani/pedi for the birthday princess. Then, we headed to the beach for the hula party. It was at Secret Island, which is part of Kualoa Ranch. You take a boat across the ancient Hawaiian fish ponds to get to this island...then you are on a "private" stretch of beach. It was fantastic! Everyone had a great time! The kids all played nicely in the water and I got to lay in the sun...virtually undisturbed.

After this, we rushed home and got ready for the tea party! Eve had several friends over for her birthday here. The girls were adorable! I found a company that travels to your house, sets up a tea party, brings all of the stuff, dresses up the kids, does their hair and and makeup, and then cleans up. OMG...easiest party ever!!! Which was a good thing seeing as how my husband is in AZ doing photo shoots for the fall Gap Outlet windows...yep, I married a model!! The sad thing about that though, there are no Gap Outlets in unless someone sends us a copy, I won't get to see it!

Eve had a terrific much so that I just got a calling plea from her room saying that she'd had fun all day and was not ready for it to stop and was NOT ready to go to sleep.

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